The line on cheating girls is pretty firm around these parts. If she does the dirty on you then she’s done. Period. There can be no going back. Once she has consciously chosen to violate the boundaries of your relationship — whether spoken or not — then she has disrespected you as a man. If this happens, then simply wish her luck, send her on her way, and never speak to her again. Simple. If you give her another chance then she won’t respect you and the likelihood is she’ll just hop on the next alpha cock to swing by on the carousel behind your back.

What should you do, though, if the boot is on the other foot, and you are the one who has eschewed the steak at home for the nice juicy 22-year-old hamburger at the pool party with the long legs and the cute ass? Many guys who take the red pill and get into game, realizing that female dating practices are more duplicitous than they had previously been led to believe, decide that they may as well pursue their own self-serving strategies. These men date girls concurrently and build harems. In doing so, they run the risk of being detected, particularly if they are relatively inexperienced. This can lead to problems, especially if it is the guy’s preferred girl who has found out.

In such circumstances, what should the alpha male do?

Always Deny

The first point, and probably the most important, is that when confronted about an infidelity, real or imagined, you must deny everything. Coming clean simply does no good to anyone. Christian McQueen’s 25th law of pussy states:

#25. If you get caught cheating, always, always, always deny. Deny until death and she will eventually get over it.

This is vital. To do otherwise serves no purpose — she will be hurt and your relationship will not be salvageable. Also, and perhaps more importantly, the true alpha should not be accountable to a woman or compelled to answer her every question. And the irony is, she doesn’t want full disclosure anyway. So deny and give her the choice either to accept your story or to bail: it’s up to her.

Caught Red-Handed

How about if you are caught red-handed? What if she actually saw you in the act with the sultry Spanish chambermaid at the Standard? Or if the evidence against you is otherwise so compelling that you cannot possibly deny what’s happened? What do you do in this instance? My advice, based on personal experience, is that you say the following:

‘So you caught me. It is what it is. I appreciate you won’t want to see me anymore, so I’m going to go now. Goodbye.’

Don’t apologize. Don’t feel or act guilty — after all, you only followed your biomechanical instincts as a man, and therefore you have nothing to feel guilty about. Don’t explain. Whatever you do don’t attempt to negotiate, however much you like her. Simply pack up your things and get the hell out of there.


Why do I advocate such an extreme course of action? Well, for a start, to apologize, try to wheedle your way back into her affections or otherwise  atone or ‘set things right’ is immediately to fall into her frame, and that is the very last thing you want to do. Male infidelity, when discovered by the female, presents an interesting paradox. On the one hand, it demonstrates a lot of things about the perpetrator that are perversely attractive to women: preselection by other chicks, bad boy tendencies, dark triad characteristics, etc. And in theory a man with a truly alpha frame ought to be able to openly sex other girls without his main squeeze complaining (think sultans, rock stars, celebrities, film stars, and those sports stars who’ve publicly cheated and had their wives ‘stand by them’, unwilling or unable to kill the golden goose of alpha).

The problem though — and this is something I had a particularly nasty experience of in my pre-red pill days — is that coming clean also puts you dangerously on the back foot. And if you’re not careful, this can lead to pussified, beta behavior that will get you dumped quicker than you’d flick a fat chick left on Tinder.

caught cheating

Several years ago, I got caught on a dating website by an ex-girlfriend. The evidence was cut and dried—she knew that I’d been cheating. Because I was into this girl (she was unknowingly my ‘main girl’ in a soft harem) I apologized profusely for my ‘mistake’ and did everything I could to ‘make things right’—taking her on holiday, out for nice meals etc. My strategy seemed logical enough—basically I tried to counterbalance the ‘hard takeaway’ (in game vernacular) of my  ‘alpha’ cheating behavior by dialing up my softer, more romantic side. You’d think this would work, right? Wrong.

At first things were okay, and she seemed to appreciate the increased attention I paid her. But after a while I got caught in a negative cycle. Time and time again she would bring up my infidelity. On each occasion I reacted by doing something nice to try to make her feel secure. Ironically, this achieved nothing more than framing me anew as a beta provider.  It was a losing game. In the end, she lost attraction for me and ended the relationship for good.

How much better might things have worked out had I simply walked out without a second glance, or an apology. True, I may never have seen her again—but that would have saved me six months of hellish tantrums and jealous nagging, not to mention all the cash I dropped on her in that period. Alternatively, though, she might have come back to me, having had time to reflect and reassess the situation. Actually, this outcome is more common than you might think. I’ve had girls come back to me after I’ve cheated on them since, because I have learned to develop a frame of ‘my way or the highway.’ And it is a truism that girls are more attracted to men who treat them badly than not.

So next time you get caught out cheating, simply mile, shrug and walk away. It will either save you a whole deal of pain, or it might just enable you to reestablish the relationship with the right frame and the right balance of male-female domination.

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