Let us consider, for purposes of game, the greatest though the most infamous passage in all political philosophy:

He who neglects what is done for what ought to be done, sooner effects his ruin than his preservation. For a man who wants to make a profession of good in all regards must come to ruin among so many who are not good. Hence it is necessary to a prince, if he wants to maintain himself, to learn to be able not to be good…For if one considers everything well, one must find something appears to be virtue, which if pursued would be one’s ruin, and something else appears to be vice, which if pursued results in one’s security and well-being. (Chapter 15, The Prince)

For such unflinching realism Machiavelli has incurred the enmity of ages. People have loathed him rather as they might the weatherman who tells them to prepare for natural disasters. Evil reigns in human affairs, yet the majority live by rosy illusions, and instead of confronting reality as it is, they’d rather despise or persecute a person who sees it undraped, that being so much more convenient, as well as a righteous way to vent their spleen (to repress which is so crucial to civilization).

Still, it remains true that there is a necessary limit to just how well we can rationally treat other people. While we may act on the highest sentiments in our relations with trustworthy friends and family (though even here, of course, we are not safe from the the possibility of suffering), these sentiments cannot reasonably be extended to humankind in general, whom, since we do not know them, we have no reason to trust. Our friends and family and colleagues depend on us for their own well-being. Hence self-interest is checked by the same, to at least some extent. It is not so with most other human beings, and that is just why throughout history nations have, whenever possible, viewed one another as sources of possible gain. “War,” Thucydides said long ago, “is a matter not so much of arms as of money.”

The Machiavellian understands that, from the workplace to romantic relationships, if you always do what is right or just, while assuming others will do the same in respect to you, then you are sure to bring about your own undoing. The reason is that human nature is essentially self-interested and deeply corrupt, its worst parts made all the more powerful by social structures and other circumstances far beyond our control.

After this bit of foreground, I want to discuss the value of what I shall call Machiavellian game. Just as “it is necessary to a prince, if he wants to maintain himself, to learn to be able not to be good,” so a player—or any man who wants to get laid regularly without paying for tail—must learn not to be good to women, for the dark truths described above are especially applicable to them. Now it is a truism here at ROK that attractive women have a lot more options than we men do, options that result in endless flaking, games, fickleness, and innumerable other reasons not to count on The Second Sex. But it is also true, irrespective of these superior female options, that a man must run Machiavellian game because of the very nature of women. Let us, then, have a look at this nature.

Understand The Nature Of Women

1. To begin with, women are driven above all by a boundless narcissism that transcends all social conditioning and that silly academic cant called “patriarchal objectification.”

For no matter the time and place in which she lives, the supreme desire of every woman is to be like Helen of Troy: to walk into the room and watch with haughty delight as all the men fight over her and all the women look on with vicious envy: “She thinks she’s so cute, but look at her ankles—so thick!” “I know, right! She probably had a boob job, too.” “Didn’t she tell Jen so?”

This boundless narcissism is the reason why most attractive young women today live to be on display. “Follow me on Instagram,” reads Nikki’s Tinder profile, and don’t those 246 duck faces just make you want to bring her home to mom? If only you could “keep up”!

Just about every good looking young woman now sets her Facebook profile to the public setting. If you say hello to Brittany on the street she will probably deem you “creepy,” but she is happy that any number of strangers can see just how pretty she looks online—the more “likes” the better.

Or consider the staggering number of women who do porn, looking with seductive glee at the camera as they imagine the innumerable men who will see them gagging on some stranger’s cock.

In short, the narcissism of women is not only limitless; it is frequently perverse.

The narcissism of attractive women finds them in a state of quasi-sexual arousal even when they have no desire to have sex itself. It is easy, and a lot of fun, for a 22-year-old stunner to go out this Saturday night with her tits and ass hanging out, and to let half a dozen men buy her drinks, each of whom will get a phone number, though never a text back. Having rough sex (some of it perhaps floating around the web) with her FWB(s?) every other night, and with several other men texting her incessantly—some of them studs, some of them even high value men—she has no desire to get pounded on this night of YOLO. Still, it is a turn on to be on display, and psychologically intoxicating to be fawned over while she is.

With an ego so vile as to deserve a special place in hell, and overwhelmed with male attention, today’s hotty is highly receptive to Machiavellian game; that is, to a sexy sociopath with all the swagger of Robert Deniro in the scene in Goodfellas where he walks into the bar and, all wit and bravado, slips everyone a bill. When I pull hot young chicks at my weekend bouncer gig, it isn’t because I say, “Hi, you look really pretty tonight; could I take you out to dinner sometime?” It is rather because I say cocky, somewhat insulting things like: “Did you come here right from church in that skin-tight dress? Good to see classy women still exist!” “Hey, I remember you from last weekend; still need a personal trainer?” “You know you’re violating our dress code again; didn’t I tell you last weekend was your final warning?” “Hey, sorry I flaked on you the other night.” And so on. The pussy being wet from my (rare) boldness and humor, it’s now a matter of transitioning to small talk and logistics. Of course, the flaking and games are still prevalent and inescapable, but this approach is unspeakably superior to that of any generic beta, who merely gets in line to be walked on, that poor well-meaning yet unwitting fellow.

2. The second defining characteristic of women is that they are, at bottom, shameless prostitutes.

Is there a stunner alive who doesn’t believe she is entitled to free drinks, dinners, and so on (even though she has her own job, place to live, car, etc.)? And what is this sense of entitlement if not a willingness to trade pussy (or rather, what is best for women, its mere possibility) for material ends? Deep down, even if only unconsciously, all attractive women think of themselves as commodities, and in regard to men their main question, even in 2014, is how much they can get in return for spreading their legs or allowing you to pursue them as you hope to get some. How many women there are in our age of “equality” who simply do not feel right about having sex with a man unless he has bought them dinner first! With the exception of college-age girls, whose biology has not yet led them to consider the looming wall of their 30s, 8s and up are forever expensive; and this reality differs in degree, not in kind, from the more straightforward one of simply paying a whore to suck your dick.

3. The final defining characteristic of women is their lack of any sense of justice (I refer interested readers to my article on this subject).

Don’t be fooled here. Yes, women are all smiles and “awws” at the sight of puppies and kittens, and in many instances more compassionate than men, but in all this they driven by mere instinct, by their genetic endowment as nurturers. In order to do the right thing in a rational sense, whether it’s keeping your word, following through on a plan, or whatever, a person must have a mind that can analyze what should be done, and the steady resolve to carry out the action. Women, however, tend to have neither ability.

They are generally devoid of a sense of justice for the same reason that they don’t excel as philosophers and composers: a powerful analytical faculty, backed up by a constant will, simply isn’t there. You met a hotty and ran such superb game that she offered you her number and made you promise to hit her up. You did, but still she flaked. Why? There may be any number of reasons, but in any case, letting you know what’s up is not something any attractive woman takes seriously. She’ll shrug it off like the sweet text from the lawyer who spent $200 taking her to dinner last night (her boyfriend thought she was watching a movie with Jenna, herself a soulless cunt happy to cover for her BFF).

Women are similarly heartless when it comes to cock-blocking and undermining their girlfriend’s relationships out of jealousy. Indeed, the female lack of a sense of justice seems closely related to the narcissism that is her driving force. Many a woman who is not getting enough male attention may thereby incline to persuade her girlfriend that the great guy she has been seeing is “not right for her.” The neglected 5 will wear the mask of concerned friend skillfully; in truth, she is driven by malicious envy of the 8, that more successful attention whore.


Simply understood, Machiavellian game comes down to knowing that most women are bad, and therefore not to be treated well or shown any interest other than sex. It is most effective when you can work up a charming and exuberant air. I myself find humor to be very useful to this end. You may want to spend some time thinking up a number of cocky and witty openers, and then more cocky and witty lines with which to follow. Be patient, however, with the obtuse vampires. You’ll meet with many “huhs?” since understanding an inventive joke requires at least half a brain. As a great French aphorist put it, “All wit is lost on a person who has none.”

To run Machiavellian game is to assume as a matter of course that the pretty woman you just met is a wicked beast and that any sweet exception will actually turn out to be the same. For when it comes to “good girls,” exceptions tend to be ephemeral illusions. Nor can anything be done to change the inconstant and unjust nature of women. The wind blows, and now your sweetheart’s feelings—that vague bundle of confusion—change and she “just isn’t feeling it.” Too bad you didn’t get a prenup! Your cynical older buddy warned you, son of man.

To be sure, however, in some failed relationships it is simply human desire itself that is grimly at work. The good girl is really still that, but, like you, she was duped by animal passion, which tends not to last, and which is by nature a kind of novel game put before us: a ghost of pleasure and happiness to chase, lest our days be more lonesome and dreary.

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