A German political party has recently found itself in the media spotlight as a result of a pornographic affiliation. The source of that affiliation is Ina Groll (aka “Kitty Blair”), a pornstar featured in many of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany’s promotional campaigns. Groll has been relieved of her duties by the NDP, though not merely because of her pornographic career (which everyone had been aware of). Rather, it was the revelation of Groll’s participation in a specific scene that ended her budding career as a political campaigner. In that scene (contained in “Kitty Delivers Sperm”, one of her recent movies), Groll had sex with a black male actor.


Ina Groll, who goes under the porn name ‘Kitty Blair’, had been widely featured in a high-profile campaign by the National Democratic Party of Germany (NDP).

She encouraged men to join the party by standing outside election polls dressed in revealing outfits. As the face of NPD, Ms Groll attended promotional events and starred on posters, while making friends with many senior neo-Nazis across Germany. But the blonde model has now been fired after senior NDP officals watched her latest porn film – and discovered she had slept with a black man.

Party officials were apparently willing to turn a blind eye to Ms Groll’s career choice, which saw her star naked in a number of adult films.

But they could not ignore her sexual encounter with the black male in her latest movie, titled Kitty Discovers Sperm.
And once Ms Groll’s actions were made public, a Facebook page was even formed to remove her from the party.

One member of the party wrote: ‘Those who sell their body for money and disgrace their race have no place in our party.’
Following lengthy discussions and a party meeting, NDP officials decided to sever all ties with the porn star.

This kind of thing perplexes me. Groll was a hardcore pornstar known for pushing some boundaries on camera, but none of that was enough to get her into trouble. These men were willing to associate with this woman when she’d been known for participating in numerous gangbangs and engaging in regular ass-to-mouth and urination play on camera, but a single scene with a black male was too much to take? A woman who gets pissed on and willingly slobbers all over unclean penises that have recently been removed from her posterior is fit to serve as the face of your political party, but a woman who has plain old intercourse with a black male is a problem?


Such aversion to interracial unions is not rare, but is it rational or is it just another limiting belief? Red pill males have different views on how the mating game should be approached, but I honestly think that these variations have no impact on the final answer to that question.

Let’s say that you’ve recently taken the red pill and seen the world for what it is. You decide that, while the truths you’re coming to understand about the nature of the modern mating game are not easy to come to terms with, you are going to accept them and make the most of them. You intend to “enjoy the decline”, as they say. What does such a man have the gain from the availability of interracial pairings?


A whole lot. The modern mating game has been defined by the prevalence of women who are becoming increasingly free and open in the spread of their sexuality, a trend that is very good for young men looking to enjoy themselves and find sexual gratification. These women come in all colors – any given young man in this position can expect to often run into young, attractive, sexually free women who are not of their given ethnicity. A man who is not open to interracial unions severely limits his romantic options and decreases his potential to receive the sexual gratification he might be seeking. Broader options lead to more opportunities for fulfillment.



Granted, not all red pill men are like this so let us consider another scenario. In this hypothetical, you have come to understand the truths about the nature of the modern mating game and you still don’t like them. Unlike our previous hypothetical male, however, you don’t merely decide to “enjoy the decline”. You want to resist it by embracing a more traditional approach to masculinity and romance. You want to find a good woman and raise a good, sizable family in accordance with this. What does this man have to gain from the availability of interracial pairings?


The answer is the same as before: a whole lot. Women who desire a more traditional approach to relationships and family formation exist all over the world and do still persist in great numbers, but they do not all share the same ethnicity or race. A man looking for such a woman only increases his chances of success by remaining open to interracial unions. This reality is especially pertinent for men of certain backgrounds: if you’re a western male of, say, European heritage, you stand to gain more than many men of other backgrounds in other parts of the world by broadening your horizons in your search for a more traditional partner. You come from a part of the world and belong to a demographic in which traditionalism (along with the women who prefer to abide by it) is arguably less common than anywhere else: looking outside of the box ought to be your imperative if you want to make that traditional approach a focus in your romantic life.


At the end of the day, men truly concerned with self-improvement have little to gain by opposing interracial unions. We live in a world that is more connected and accessible than ever before, and that means that our planet’s many diverse populations are more interconnected as well. Our predecessors seeking romantic gratification had to hope that they’d find a suitable mate in their town or region. Now, men can transcend those boundaries in search of what they really want.

Why erect another boundary in the form of race? Many dialogues in the manosphere attempt to do just, and I believe this to be a mistake. Any man (regardless of his background) truly concerned with romantic self-improvement should have no time for such limiting beliefs. I see men wasting tremendous amounts of energy getting upset at the prospect of interracial unions, but where does that get you? Why not spend that time and energy transcending cultural, racial and geographical boundaries and gaining access to a world full of attractive women who are interested in you? Why not spend that time and energy broadening your horizons and increasing your chances of finding what you want romantically? Why waste time getting upset when you can be getting yours and making your own romantic self-improvement a reality?


There are entire continents filled with women who may not share your ethnicity, but may potentially be more capable than others of providing the kind of relationship that would make you happy. Go find them. The world is your oyster, and you should treat it as such. Broaden your options, find what you want, and make it yours. Don’t let inconsequential distinctions get in the way of your improvement.

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