Before you dismiss this article and conclude that it doesn’t apply to you, keep reading—it applies to all of us.

I won’t be hating on women either, so if you clicked in hoping for female bashing, you won’t find it here. I’m writing this article to caution you, and to remind myself, against the dangers of depending on women for validation.

You must be cautious and avoid falling into the trap of allowing women to rule your life. This doesn’t only mean to avoid taking orders from your wife and not be her bitch. No, men allow women to drive them crazy and control their thoughts via many other means as well. Below are the most common.

1. The Crush


This is the typical trap that men who haven’t taken the red pill fall into. They live in a fairy tale world where they endlessly search for the one.

One day they notice a sweetheart at work, or meet a friend of a friend, and they fall in love. They start to dream of going on adventures with this girl. They start to picture their wedding and fantasize about raising kids together. She’s perfect, they think. They haven’t even flirted with the girl, yet her presence has already established complete control over their mind.

If this is you, realize that you’re investing time and energy into someone who’s done nothing to deserve it. Ask her out and begin to date her or get rejected. Either way you can move one with life.

2. The Girlfriend or Wife

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Everybody has a friend who pussy-whipped. He barely hangs out with the boys. Worse yet, he spends all of his free time with his girlfriend or wife.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a girlfriend or being married. There is something wrong, however, with ceasing to cultivate your own personal growth and any other relationships because you have a partner. You must realize that you can only depend on yourself in the long run. If you fail to dedicate time to improving your mind, body, and career you’ll pay for it in the long run.

If this is you, schedule time into your week to spend working on yourself, whether this means hitting the gym or just reading in peace. Also, don’t forget your male friends.

3. The Ex



Putting your ex on a pedestal is a trap that’s all too easy to fall into, even when you didn’t do so before or during your time together.

If you had a good relationship, then you undoubtedly shared a number of memorable experiences. It’s normal to romanticize the best parts of the journey, and forget the forgettable parts. This often cultivates a weak mindset, where you believe you may never find another girl as good as your ex and subsequently fall into a depressed state. In other words, the memories of your ex dominate your thoughts and establish control over you.

If this is you, the remedy is twofold. One, you must meet and date other women to alter the false sense of reality you’re beginning to develop. Two, you must take advantage of your newfound free time and use it to read and refocus on your own personal goals and development.

4. A Lack of Women


The symptoms of this are strikingly similar to that of the crush. This is the man who hasn’t been laid in years.

Sometimes this causes him to forego the possibility of meeting women and altogether accepting defeat. This is bad. What’s worse is if he dreams of women but fails to act on it. Either way, women, or a lack thereof, have stained this man’s life. His fear and lack of confidence have built a wall around him, limiting his own self-worth as a man.

If this is you, you simply must approach women and go after what you want. You can’t let your current state of scarcity dictate your future with women.

5. An Abundance of Women

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This is the player who puts all of his time towards bedding new women. It sounds great, and it is great on some level. But there’s a grave danger.

If approaching, dating, and banging is all you ever think about, you’re at risk of losing sight of your own best interests. Your life is full of women, yes. Your life also revolves around them. They’ve gained complete control over your thoughts and your actions.

If this is you, allow yourself to take scheduled breaks and evaluate non-women related goals, such as things related to career, fitness, or travel.

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