Donald Sterling’s biggest mistake was not what many people claim it to be.  It wasn’t that he made racist remarks past and present, while owning a sports team in a league dominated by African-Americans.  It wasn’t even the mistake that he got caught making racist remarks to the directed to the same culture of people that makes him millions of dollars on a cell phone recorder.

No, Sterling’s one mistake is so simple that it slaps those in the face who understand male/female dynamics. Sterling mistake was that he never learned game. He never needed it.  When you have billions in the bank, you don’t need it to get girls.  However, you need it to keep them in check.

This situation demonstrates that while fame game may be the most powerful allure to a woman out there, having game is just as important.  If Donald Sterling had an ounce of game in him, he probably would not be in the situation he was dealt this past weekend, which now includes a lifetime ban from anything related to the NBA, and a mountain of pressure to sell his team, the Los Angeles Clippers.

To start, despite his enormous wealth, Sterling got married.  Granted, she is the mother of his three children, but with his wealth it was foolish to allow her access to all of his assets.  Certainly, as his wife hit the wall and began aging, Sterling yearned to take advantage of the pussy being thrown at him which comes with the territory of being worth billions of dollars.

Take a look at his wife—you certainly can’t blame the man.  The mistress is definitely an upgrade, though with his dough he he could still probably do better.


v st

More than likely, Sterling could have gotten away with having a mistress and maintaining harmony in his marriage, but he didn’t follow the golden rule of having a mistress—to be discreet about it and deny it to his grave.  Had he done so, she probably would have turned a blind eye to the whole thing.

However, Sterling rationalized that to keep his new hot piece of ass around, he needed to lavish her.  This was not limited to the basics, but instead, he outfitted her with a $1.8 million duplex, and filled out the garage for good measure to the tune of two Bentleys, a Ferrari, and a Range Rover.


I know us car enthusiasts are thrilled to see her using the Ferrari to its full potential.

v st ferrari

Apparently, Sterling still thought this wasn’t enough to keep her around, because he then gave her permission to fuck black men and do whatever she wanted in the bedroom:

“The audio recording has a male voice – identified by Stiviano and the NBA as Donald Sterling – chastising Stiviano for posting pictures of herself with black people to her Instagram account and admonishes her for wanting to be seen with black people. The male voice on the recording says that Stiviano can do whatever she wants in private, including having sex with black men, but should not post photos of them to the internet or bring them to Clippers’ games.”

Sterling was basically the wife to his mistress, willing to look the other way as long as she kept it in private.  He should have followed his own advice in his original marriage, because as soon as his own mistress was out in plain view for the world to see was when his gracefully aging washed-up wife struck back.

Sterling’s estranged wife, Rochelle, naturally does not like her husband giving out public gifts of affection in the form of expensive Italian sports cars, so she sued the mistress for the values of all the lavish gifts Donald had bestowed on her.  Rather than recognizing the need to jump ship, Donald continued his relationship with her.  He was so unwilling to walk away from this particular vagina (and into any number of willing new ones), that he set himself up to get played by her.

And play him, the mistress did.  Both women had superior game to Donald Sterling, which is why he will ultimately end up the sacrificial lamb in the court battle over what is truly peanuts to the Sterling family.

Celebrities have it easiest, but they also get played the easiest. The next time you wish you could had fame as a DHV, just remember that fame without game ultimately makes you the real game.

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