In Alaska in the early 1990s, the population of halibut was in decline. The authorities tried to stem the fall by increasingly limiting fishing to certain periods of the year, to the point where there were only a few days left per year in which fishermen could legally catch halibut. According to Overfishing by Ray Hilborn, under this system there were “incentives for fishermen to buy ever bigger boats in order to beat the others to the catch” (p. 39).

They were “forced out to sea by a limited season. Gear losses were high, wasting both the fish hooked to it and money for replacement gear.” On those few days, fishermen would make a mad dash to get as much halibut as possible – after all, that was the only time they could do it. “Two thousand or more boats might enter the fishing grounds, regardless of weather conditions, each setting excessive amounts of gear in a make-or-break race to land a full year’s catch. [Source]”  If these fishermen were more cautious, they would be left with an inferior catch, or none at all.

The Men of Today

Men today are in similar straits. Today, men resort to unhealthy spending for just a glimmer of female attention. The sailors setting out on a mad dash for halibut, risking their expensive equipment, remind me of one of the wolf-packs of men prowling the nation’s clubs throwing down hundreds of dollars for bottle service in the hopes of catching something. Consider the modern woman and you’ll see why. Nowadays, any girl who is somewhat young and attractive has a veritable conga line of men jostling for her attention. Facebook, texting, Snapchat, Instagram, OKCupid, the club, the bar, and so on. She double- and triple-books her schedule just to ensure she gets a constant flood of validation from men, girlfriends and even the waiters and bartenders she loves to order around.

 American men: alone, spendthrift and driven to drink

When a strange man meets a woman like this, often he has one single solitary date in which to have sex with her. Else, the week after their first date, she… has no openings in her schedule.  She has to work extra that week. Her friends are scared that they’ll lose a member of the slutty single sisterhood and have convinced her not to go out with him again.  He voted Republican in the last election. Whatever the excuse, his impression on her will fade with time; given a week without face-to-face contact, he will be such a distant memory that she will turn him down to get cupcakes with Bertha. She will suddenly not ‘find the time’ for a second date, unless they had sex on the first one. After a steady diet of one night stands, Twilight and Mad Men, she may even subconsciously consider him a pussy for not banging her on the first date. After all, a couple months ago she had sex with that cute guy in the bar that night, so if it’s taking “so long” to have sex with this new man, maybe “it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Grandmaster of the Thug Life, Niccolò Macchiavelli

This fatalism of women attests to the words of Niccolò Machiavelli, that “she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly.” Ironically, it’s the liberated woman who most rewards the sexually aggressive man – a man who fails to ‘seize the day’ will get left in the dust. She calls pickup artists ‘creepy,’ and then succumbs to his charm. A fling of mine loudly shouted”grossss” when the phrase ‘pickup artist’ was mentioned somehow. I sniggered silently. The modern woman is like a toilet in the coach section of an airplane – wait one moment, and you will find her occupied, with a long queue of men waiting to get in; and her condition will only worsen with time. 

The Conditions Ahead

The fate of Alaskan halibut fishermen has improved, thanks to the implementation of private property rights for the fishery. That of American men has not. As Western women grow increasingly flaky and unable to emotionally connect with men, the ‘hook-up culture’ will predominate, and courtship will be as antiquated as chastity. 

The modern woman knows nothing but lust – a long and storied sexual history, a commitment to her career above all, and her steady consumption of chick flicks ensure it. Where before she would care for the family of her birth, and then the husband of her choosing and the children from their union, she now lives for herself; with no one to care for and nurture, her femininity becomes unexpressed and marginalized. She can hardly care even for herself, judging by her failure to cook well and clothe herself becomingly.

She chooses men like she hails taxicabs – whichever one is suitably appointed and is in the right place and right time will do. Unless he is inordinately famous, powerful or good looking, she cannot long for a man before she has sex with him, so numb is she to feeling affection. If a man wants to continue enjoying a given woman’s company, he must act quickly and aggressively to have sex with her. She is a grain of sand coursing through his fingers – if he blinks and loosens his grip, she is gone.

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