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April 24th, 2014

The Mistress Method


Perhaps the most effective way of maintaining a healthy relationship in a LTR, is through my custom Mistress Method. This is a method that I have perfected over years and used successfully as well, providing both a happy LTR for the girl(s) involved while maintaining my sexual needs.

The gentlemen reading this right now, who don’t desire to run the roads into late in the night chasing notches, will see the benefit of this method. While you may desire one girl to call your ‘own’, you will find as it always happens, that you will grow tired of just having one sexual outlet through her. The solution is of course, to have a side dish to your main meal. That side dish comes in the form of a mistress.

To start, the girl you select to be your mistress, must be a girl who is content with being a side-girl. There are no exceptions. If you like a drama free life and don’t want to get caught up in the drama that can arise from juggling another girl behind your main girl’s back, then choose a girl who is okay with that setup. We’ll use Jeff as an example of how this would work.

Jeff is a 42 year old man who has a 28 year old girlfriend. She’s sweet, has a good character, is helpful to him, physically attractive and overall is a good catch. Her name is Patty. The only problem is, is that Jeff has grown tired of just having her as his only sexual outlet. They have dated for a little over a year and while it’s been smooth sailing, Jeff needs some outside pussy. One day while heading home from the gym, Jeff spots a young girl (Amy), 21, with a body to die for. She’s hot, sexy and he approaches her. She gives him his number and later he sets up a night to grab drinks together.

The date goes well and Jeff smashes the new pussy he has been craving. After the initial date, Jeff sets up to meet her again and she agrees. She’s all about having fun and Jeff is a fun guy. Jeff meets her and comes clean. (Note: this type of game is different then building a harem. When building a harem, one should not be obvious about his other girls and shouldn’t reveal everything, but when getting a mistress, it’s good game to be upfront on what you’re looking for.)

Jeff explains he has a girlfriend and everything is good, but that he’s looking to spice up his sex life with another girl. Amy says she understands and besides she’s not looking for anything serious anyway. She just wants to have fun, have new experiences and enjoy her college life. Perfect.


Now you’re thinking, “Yea but what’s in it for Amy?” What’s in it for her, is that she gets to have new experiences with an older cat who can show her a good time once a week, or maybe twice a week.

He’s NOT paying for her companionship, but instead shows her a lifestyle that she’s not accustomed to by the younger guys. Instead of going to a college party and playing beer pong, she’s getting picked up by Jeff and taken to a hot club to pop a bottle. Instead of trying to get into a college bar where the frat boys are begging to fuck her, she’s getting picked up by Jeff and taken to Malibu for a night in a nice hotel. The difference in him directly paying Amy and just showing her a good time is key.

There has to be something that is a hook for her. Now Jeff may have the sexual prowess of a male porn star and after the first fuck, Amy is down for whatever, as long as she gets to get fucked by Jeff on the regular. This happens too, but I’m writing this situation based on what I have seen, experienced and what is realistic.

Jeff now has his main girl Patty, who he is considering marrying if all goes well after another year or two and maybe popping out some kids as well, but he now also has his sexual needs taken care of and for minimum energy expended. Amy can date who she wants and fuck who she wants, but at the end of the day she’s still fucking Jeff.

Amy is young, impressionable and her thirst for new experiences have even caused her to want to delve into threesomes with another girl. Who more perfect to share that experience with than Jeff, who clearly is nothing more than a guy who’s fun, fucks her and doesn’t judge her. This opens up even more opportunities for Jeff to get his rocks off with Amy in new sexual experiences.

An arrangement of sorts like this is a great way to stay drama free, expend little to no energy in maintaining the outside girl and still have your main girl.

Obviously, this type of situation doesn’t come without it’s own risk of your main girl finding out about your mistress, but I’m about to break down exactly how to keep this on the down low and keep your risks minimum.

Risk Mistress Management

Here is a list of what you need to do to keep things on the up and up with your main girl and still have your mistress. At one point with your main, it may become obvious you have a mistress(s) and she may choose to look the other way. That is almost a perfect situation because then you have your main girl who keeps the house and tends to your kids, while you still have outside pussy.

  • Keep a separate phone for your mistress only. She has the number and no one else. It can be a cheap throw-a-way phone.
  • Store the phone somewhere where it’s literally impossible for your main to find.
  • Only meet with your mistress no more than twice a week.
  • Never have your mistress to your place of living: house, condo etc.
  • Never let her know exactly where you live. If she knows and one day gets mad, she could show up and bring the house down, especially if your GF lives with you.
  • I would highly suggest using a fake name with your mistress. It’s just fucking and a little hanging out anyway, no reason to get personal.
  • Always get a hotel room, or stay at the mistress’s apartment, house or condo.
  • Always shower, scrubbing yourself clean of that fresh, new young pussy smell that hotties have, before meeting your main girl.
  • If possible, always plan to hang out with your mistress, so that after you hang out with her you have downtime before seeing your main girl. This gives you some downtime to chill out and regroup. Rushing from fucking your mistress will only cause you to forget something and show up with makeup on your neck etc to your main girl.
  • If your mistress rides in your car, search the fuck out of it before your main girl gets in it. Girls are sneaky as hell and also tend to be messy. One dropped lipstick between the seats can wreak havoc with your main girl.
  • Avoid certain parts of town when with your mistress. Always take her to spots that none of your social circle frequent. The further out of the way, the better.
  • Avoid any daytime activities. Only hang out at night when it’s dark.
  • Always wear a condom, or even better, personally escort her to the doctor to get implanted birth control.
  • Have a pre-talk that if she ever gets pregnant, you”ll pay for the abortion and make sure she knows it’s not an option to have the kid. Granted, if she absolutely wants the kid, there’s nothing you can do, but still make your point.
  • Don’t get into long phone calls and text message paragraphs. Keep it short and about logistics.
  • Keep it fun, light and always about having a good time with your mistress. You don’t get serious and she won’t get serious, especially if you’re only seeing her at most twice a week. Girls are down to fuck too and this will keep her emotions at bay.
  • Keep your game tight with her, but don’t over game her and get her wrapped up in you.


Always cover the angles so that you don’t reveal your mistress to your main…but, if you slip up and she accuses you of cheating, here is the #1 Rule to Follow. You ready?


Whatever you do, don’t confess. A girl will rationalize your behavior away regardless of how obvious it is that you’re cheating, if you deny, hold frame and have sufficiently gamed her.

Having a mistress isn’t for everyone, but it’s worked effectively for men for decades, so why not you? No matter how sexy your main girl is, every man desires new pussy. Be smart and have your cake and eat it too.

Honestly, in your youth did you dream about living in a nightmare of a relationship? Solve your girl problems today. Go here.

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