The pickup artist world and the manosphere are packed to the brim with articles on how to attract women.

Some of these articles offer a certain tactic you can use. Others provide word for word scripts to be used in a particular situation. Others even analyze, in depth, the particular psychology behind specific words, actions, and body language tendencies.

I won’t go as far as saying that these articles have absolutely no value, because they do. But I will say that they do far more damage to the average Joe’s game than good. Far and away the best way to improve your game is to focus on improving yourself. Lift to get fit, read to learn, and try lots of new things. The women will come.

Don’t spend all your time reading about how to get pussy. I made this mistakes years ago, and I see many other men making the same mistake today. Without possessing a certain confidence and actually talking to women, reading about it in too much depth will backfire and actually hurt your confidence and your game. Instead shift your focus to yourself and then take a simplistic approach to getting women.

Step 1: Approach


Fuck an opener. Whether you’re at the bar approaching girls you don’t know, or at a regular spot approaching girls you’re somewhat familiar with, just be straight forward.

Make some small talk (or don’t), tell her you think she’s cute, and then ask if she wants to hang out. If yes, get her number. If no, tell her to take it as a compliment and move on.

Step 2: Setup Date


Fuck text game. Roosh provides the most effective script in his text game guide (see the yellow box below this post to get it).


Simply text her a couple days later and ask her how she is, and if she responds then ask her if she wants to hang out later in the week. If yes, suggest a place and time to get drinks. If no, move on. For the first date stick with drinks—no need to get fancy or creative. Also, pick a bar near your place.

Step 3: Date

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Show up to your date and make small talk mixed with playful touching and teasing. Have a couple rounds, pay for them (this makes for an as frictionless as possible experience the first time around), and then suggest grabbing another drink back at your place. If she likes you, she’ll come, even if you don’t bang that night. Either way, take her back to yours, pour a couple drinks, start kissing, and then quickly escalate. If she won’t come back, then try again, but if after 2 dates she won’t then I’d move on.

All you’re doing is asking for, and going after exactly what you want at each step of the process. I strongly advocate against worrying about game in any further detail until you’ve had some success – and even then it’s not necessary. As you put yourself out there time and time again, you’ll quickly develop confidence because you’re more and more familiar with the process. You’ll also develop more and more resistance to rejection and move on without missing a step when things don’t work out.

Spend the majority of your free time improving yourself as a man. Maximize the efficiency of the time you do put towards getting women. And don’t let the inevitable rejections and flakes get to you.

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