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April 21st, 2014

All Women Are Nymphomaniacs Who Crave Rough Sex


Anyone who disagrees with the title of this article need only take a trip to their local supermarket. At the checkout you will find women’s magazines, emblazoned with headlines offering women “Your Ten Best Orgasms Yet” or “How To Find Your G-Spot”. Men’s magazines (for filthy perverts) are foil wrapped on the top shelf. Girls can get the latest sex tips and titillation from the same checkout that granny buys her bag of carrots, 10 year old grandson in tow.


If women wanted to be more discrete about their thirst for orgasms, you can be sure laws would be in place against those magazines. The dildo is the best-selling sex toy, which is strange since men—not women—are renowned for masturbating. In the film “Nymph()maniac” we learn from the lead (nympho) girl that the human state can be summarized in one word: ‘hypocrisy’. I think I’d agree, with the caveat that it be applied by default only to females; males do from time to time have a reasonable amount of integrity.

One of the things that irritates Red Pill men the most, is the double standard of sluts who play hard to get and put on the good girl attitude, while giggling with their friends about all the different lays they’ve had, often behind the boyfriend or husband’s back. A recent article by Law Dogger got me thinking into a better approach to the eternal female problem.

Granny glances at the magazines, recalling her prime years of riding cock with a wry grin. She’s not offended or campaigning for less overtly sexual material in supermarkets as you might expect. Nearly every woman has one dalliance, one cheat, one quick ride on the merry-go-round and the exceptions are due to:

a.) Health issues

b.) Religion, family, or peer pressure

c.) Having a husband or boyfriend that’s consistently amazing in bed

Healthcare—and especially women’s sexual healthcare—is vastly improved. Religion is an out of date and dying dinosaur, peer pressure is almost inverted today and that brings us to point C, the man in question.

Game and PUA proves to us that women are horny sluts and will bang if handled in the correct way. The question remaining is what you ought to be doing once you have her naked and splayed on your couch or bed, groaning and begging for you to take her with wanton abandon.

In a ONS, a possible (and amusing) solution would be to shame her and send her home. That might make her think twice about fucking random strangers, but few men will cut off their nose to spite their own face, plus its unlikely women will get the message, instead choosing to slander the man concerned. As Roosh noted in a comment recently, a girl will reject you after you reject her to avoid having to accept her shortcomings. This tactic does work with a regular girlfriend though. Getting her naked and horny and then switching on the TV and cracking a beer, will have her in a tail spin. Her demon/hamster will go apeshit. It will reveal if she’s patient and sweet or totally self-centered. This is the female ‘acid test’.


Pandora’s Box

Head-games aside, women are far more sexually open and sexually adventurous than they used to be. They are fascinated with sex, as we can tell from their magazines. The lid has been taken off Pandora’s Box and guess what? There’s nothing inside. You can put inside whatever you want. The answer was on the lid all along, a small note stating : “All Women Are Nymphos”.


Books like 50 Shades confirm this, as does the plethora of women’s porno literature available online, covering subjects such as gangbangs and rapes. There are as many female subscribers to these sites as there are males signing up for video. With the 50 Shades movie scheduled for release in summer 2015, I’d say that red pill men everywhere should start researching and investing in a personal armory of sex toys, rope, gags, tape, gloves, anal lube, and whips. The battle of the sexes is not fought in the nightclub or bar, that’s only the opening shots. The real battle is fought in the bedroom.

Women want to experience insane mind blowing gang banging sex. Rollo Tomassi’s most excellent article, Saving the Best outlines a real life example in great detail. She might be a prude in marriage to prove to her husband (and herself) that she’s not a nympho-slut, but she’s had her dalliances (in this case a bisexual gangbang). I’d extrapolate and say that women are terribly sexually repressed and don’t even know it. Even if they are busy riding a different guy each weekend, chances are they are still not getting the depth of sexual satisfaction they crave.

Men talk about the sex they’d like to have, women never talk about the sex they’ve actually had. This makes it difficult to know where a woman’s boundaries truly lie, but we can certainly hazard a guess from Rollo’s article and the odd porno. While I’m certain that deep down, most women want to commit to one man, and are better off avoiding multiple dicks, when the lights are out and the doors shut, and you’re that man—you can have just about any experience you want with her, including bringing others into play. There are no limits.

In a recent article I discussed the “do not bend the spoon” concept from The Matrix. Another red pill movie is Fight Club. In one small scene we find Tyler (Brad Pitt) interrupted by Edward Norton as he fists Marla with yellow rubber gloves on. It could be glossed over as nothing more than a humorous scene, but it has been my approach to having sex with women ever since. I’ll give you a quick example.


My baby momma was shit testing me for months. I assumed it was a natural way of trying to drive me out so she could breed with someone else. I tolerated it, did my own thing, but also guarded her and kept the relationship with her and my daughter alive. One evening she phones me saying she’s got a very stiff back. I’ve suffered from back pain for years, and I know enough about physiotherapy to fix it. It’s also a good excuse to get her naked and give her ‘a good seeing to’, but I do not approach it with the ‘I’m going to get laid’ attitude. Neither do I approach it like a White Knight rushing to the rescue.

I arrive around 9pm just as my daughter is going to sleep. I open my laptop bag containing my collection of sex-toys, including the Hitachi massage wand. I start on baby-momma’s back and get her relaxed and move onto the thighs and then down to business. My intention is to deliberately NOT have sex with her, yet leave her wasted, passed out in a puddle of her own juices.

This is what I proceeded to do. I felt like I should have pounded her once she was half unconscious, but it was a question of losing the battle to win the war. Self-control is a wonderful thing. Next morning she’s raving on the phone to me, even telling her friends about my techniques. I wonder if a cock is actually adequate to bring a woman to full satisfaction. It really needs some serious tools, at least a couple of hands: hence Tyler and his yellow gloves.

She let on that’s she quite happy for me to tie her up and pound her every which way. She said she’d like to be disciplined even if she objects. Once you’ve got her warmed up and lubed up, you can truly treat a woman like a farm animal. A fine mix of pleasure and pain is what she needs to reach the best climaxes. Remember that a vagina is built to birth children 4-5 times the size of your average penis.

By not trying to bend the spoon, here I am in a situation that benefited me. You see women are dominated most easily when they are most sexually satisfied and since they don’t know where their own limits are and are often too passive and unimaginative to find out, you will simply have to push the envelope. If you start gently pushing her boundaries you’ll probably be as shocked as she is satisfied. Most girls are happy somewhere in the bondage dungeon, with several women involved, just before you draw blood and get into pissing and shitting. Being alpha is not just about the approach, it’s about what you do afterwards. If she’s seeing other men, it’s because she’s seeking that mind blowing sex (most likely unsuccessfully, since ‘dudes’ don’t push it nearly far enough.)

Porno shows us what a woman will do with incentive, in porn some combination of attention whoring and money. Other women are motivated by different things. Game allows you to motivate them: after the panties come off, you do as you please, but you must do it right. Pumping your load out in 5 minutes does neither you nor her much good. My baby momma for example is adamantly straight, and even a little disgusted by lesbianism, but when pushed, especially during a 2-3 hour session, she agrees she’d like to try another woman in the room, if nothing else but to please me. “Thanks honey, we start tomorrow.”


La Donna Manca El Catso

In Italy they have this expression for bitchy housewives, which roughly translates as the woman needs some dick. Now I am not saying that I am amazing in the bedroom, far from it. Perhaps I’d get a 6 or 7 for effort. Sure there are other guys better than me, but by putting the emphasis on pushing her limits, and leaving her wasted from her own orgasms and forgetting about my own needs, what happens is my needs are more than fulfilled. She’s jumping for more and inquisitive about all kinds of extra ‘activities’.

Law Dogger talks in his article about this lame date he had at a girl’s house and how she opened the door in sweat pants, had lame friends, bad attitude, texted her other boyfriend in front of him, fucked him like he was battery operated and then expected him to leave. My solution to that situation is to patiently wait until the bedroom door is shut and the panties are off and go to town on her ALL FUCKING NIGHT. If she wants to play open warfare (or even if she’s mild as a lamb) you still want to go nuclear and get the yellow rubber gloves to work. You might not want her shit on your dick, but sorry boy, you’re at least going to have to get your gloves soiled. The ass is also an erogenous zone and the key to making her feel filled with that pain/pleasure sensation she needs. (You can also get to the G-spot quite nicely via the rectum.)

As Morpheus says to Neo: “When you are ready, you won’t have to dodge bullets”. The point is to be like water that cannot be punched or shot. Punch some water and all you get is a splash back in your face. Men are ruled by their hormones they want to bang the girl. This is their undoing. All the focus is on getting the lay, so the endgame becomes distorted. The endgame shouldn’t focus on ‘your’ sex.

The white knight beta is like a frozen block of ice. He’ll crack before he ever gets laid. The alpha is like a hot puff of steam. He bangs entirely for his own agenda. What we want is to find the balance in the middle and that only comes from wisdom, practice, intelligence, composure and skill. You also need to have a goal. If you want to run about serving women and never get laid, then white knighting is the way. If you want to run game every weekend, bang different chicks—go for it, but if that passes into hating on women, hanging out with losers, catching diseases and missing some of the best advantages of having a woman in your life, it becomes questionable. Catching fish purely for sport is ultimately just an expensive pastime.

In the middle ground we have the ‘Zen Warrior’ that women fall hard for. The George Clooney example is one, and in this case he relies only on good looks, charm, wealth and fame. He might be crap in bed, but no woman would ever experience that, because they are besotted with the idea of having sex with him. On the other hand I’m not as famous, good looking or wealthy as George Clooney and certainly not as charming. However if I can persuade a woman to get into bed with me, what she will experience will have her calling me. Not because I’m any good, but much like Tyler in Fight Club, I just don’t give much of a damn about chasing tail, AND I want to see her in a state of total rapture losing her mind – then I know I have won.

The game is not over when the cock goes in (as most men suspect), it’s over when she passes out AND calls the next morning for a repeat. This is why a ONS is a little pointless to me, because I want to win the whole war, not just a quick banging match. You simply cannot go to town on a woman first time you meet her, you need to stretch her boundaries (pun intended) over a few sessions—sessions where she’s openly phoning YOU.


The Cunt

A woman is built not only for child birthing, but also for intense gang banging sex. A man can only do so much with his little ‘sports-car’ wiener, where her cunt is built like tank. You have a 9mm pistol, she has a hell fire missile launcher. It’s not unimaginable that back in the caveman era, a woman’s best defense against attack and her best shot at provisioning was allowing multiple men to pound her all night long. She is built for it, hence the rape and bondage fantasies seemingly ingrained into a woman’s psyche and instinct. She might not need it every day like you want your quick nut, but when she needs it, elbows deep all night will be fine. The Houston 500 became 620. If a man did that he’d be lucky to make double figures.

The wise zen monk becomes a mirror, a clear lake in which women can see their own inner nymphomaniac. After catching a glimpse of that all they want is to jump him. If she tries to reach out and grab him, he just slips through her fingers. Will she make you cum in ten minutes, leaving herself feeling used and bitchy or will you bang her all night until she’s walking sideways to work next week? Forget about getting laid, forget about the bang and the nut, think instead about the victory to be had on the battlefield. You want her unconditional surrender. You want her calling you back to give her more multiple orgasms, NOT calling you back because she wants to start a relationship with you. Relationships are for women—let them deal with all their nonsense. If it’s over, she should be handing you across to her BFF, as an opportunity not to be missed.

Your mission should you chose to accept it is to fuck her silly until she’s enslaved. Feminists, mothers, girlfriends, even self-professed nymphos are painfully aware of this and that’s why they try to shame and criticize men. They are scared of letting go. There is a good reason for this: orgasms produce oxytocin and dopamine (heroin and coke). Get her addicted to the high dosage and she’s all yours.

I’ve found—as many others have—that by getting very sexually overt and quite aggressive (at the right moment), she will do almost anything your perverted heart desires, and love doing it. This will then extend into her supplication in everyday life. If she’s misbehaving it’s because you have her on the wrong path or no path at all. In a previous article I mentioned that women are more like animals, due to their sexual role of birthing, etc. Nature forces a woman to give herself up to the reproductive process. As much as women want to try and take control and be in charge, what brings them the greatest peace is letting go of the last vestige of hope they might have of achieving this. The only way his happens is during sex. Fucking her senseless is how you tame her.

Don’t be too alpha or too soft. Be clever, charming, smooth, and cunning until you’ve given her the first orgasm of the evening. Then get the rubber gloves out and go to town until she surrenders to the rapture absolutely and completely, and don’t let her make you cum, at least not until you’ve been at it for 3-4 hours and she’s passed out a couple of times. If you are with her all weekend, hold it until Sunday and she has to use her mouth because her pussy is too sore (swallowing is another way to get her hooked). Play her like she’s a musical instrument. Ride her like you’re breaking in a wild mare. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and buy yourself some tools. When you are done, don’t forget to throw in a light dusting of affection. You can’t be all bondage and no sweetness.

My only problem now is that I have wild nymphos phoning me for sex 2-3 times a day and it’s all become rather tedious. Sex is no longer them doing me a favor, but them begging me for a favor. I literally feel like I have farm animals to tend to.

Perhaps it’s time to go meditate in the mountains for a year. In the meantime you’ll know how to deal with this:


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