So you’ve gone on a date or two with a girl and you’ve been unable to bang her. Maybe one of you is underage or doesn’t have an ID so you couldn’t take her out for drinks, or you just have bad logistics so you couldn’t take her back to your place afterwards. Or she simply just wasn’t DTF. You’re frustrated by your lack of progress and need a sure fire way to cut to the chase and isolate your girl in a sex location. What do you do?

Guys in their late 20’s or above will often use the classic “wine and a movie” at their place on the 2nd or 3rd date to seal the deal, but this is simply too mature a date for a young girl. After all, the wine that young people drink these days usually comes straight out of a goon bag. Instead, I have always told my peers to bring girls over to their place to “hang out” and smoke weed. It’s that easy. It never ceases to amaze me how few young men actually think to use smokeups as a swoop move.


If your place isn’t available due to strict parents, ask your friends if you can use theirs. If you have a dormmate, ask nicely if he can disappear for the night. If a girl smokes often (unlikely),  tell her to come over for a “compression session,” which is smoking up in an enclosed space where none of the smoke can escape. This only elevates the high further, and can also be done in the backseat of a car (great isolation move at house parties) or in a tent in your backyard. Do whatever you need to do to get her to a place where you can bang while she’s fried and in the mood.

Smokeups can even be used to easily isolate girls that you know well from school or college without having to do any official dates. This is because meeting up to smoke weed can be rationalized as just friends hanging out and does not have the romantic connotations that coming over for “wine and a movie” does. But of course after some flirting, weed, and touchking, one thing leads to another and your belt is notched. What better way is there to get the hottie from across your dorm hall over for some floorcest?

Lastly, the way to frame a smokeup date is to pair it off with another activity. For example, “Let’s smoke weed and watch a movie”. After it finishes put on some chill, relaxed music like The xx, The Weenkd or Erotic Lounge as you ramp up the escalation and seal the deal.

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