Men perceive women primarily based on their looks. When you see a cutie walking by you, what do you notice? If you’re a straight, regular dude then it’s her figure, face, and style. You rarely preoccupy your mind with thoughts of what she’s doing, whether she’s an accountant or a nurse, or anything else.

You can take that same girl and change the scenery from the street to the bar to the airport to the mall and your perception of her will only marginally change, if at all.

So what do women notice in men? I’ll use two recent examples from my life to paint you a picture.

1. In My Zone


One of my current gigs is personal training at an upscale city facility.

While I’m training my clients here, the amount of eye-fucking that comes my way from the women around the gym is too high to be measured. You’d also be surprised at the number of women that “forget the wifi password” or “want to know where the water fountain is”. They see a familiar face that also happens to be a figure of authority at the location, and they’re interested.

2. Out Of My Zone



On a different note, I’ve recently picked up training Muay Thai at at local gym. It’s mostly men that train there, but there are a handful of girls– some of them quite attractive. Do they give me the same devious stares that the cardio bunnies and soccer moms at the gym throw my way? Hell no, they take their flirting at aim it at the instructors. And that’s fine by me– I’m here to learn how to fight. But the picture this distinction paints is of the utmost importance for men to recognize. It clearly illustrates the following concept:

Know Your Value At Your Current Location

If you’re at a location where people know you and women seem to take extra notice of you, then it’s probably a good place to approach and get results. If you’re at a location where you’re a relative stranger amongst regulars, then it’s likely you’re just wasting your time if you try to game.

It’s also important to also recognize the middle of the spectrum. Public places like malls and airports are usually neutral. In these spots you’ll be perceived primarily based on your looks. I want to make it clear that you’ll still be evaluated on your looks at the aforementioned places, but assuming you’re not Beavis or Butthead, and you know how to dress, then they shouldn’t be a barrier to success.

By focusing your time and energy on gaming or refraining from gaming, depending on your current location, you’ll see far better results and waste far less time. More importantly, you’ll avoid the confidence hit that a lot of guys suffer when they’re at a location where they have little value, and they consequently see no results. Don’t make the mistake of lowering your own valuation of yourself because you’re at a spot full of dudes who all the girls already know. But at the same time, if you see something you like, don’t let it stop you from trying.

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