If you’ve been reading ROK for a while, you may be familiar with my advocacy for the necessity of the redpill for young men. I’ve insisted that game is necessary for them, and provided several examples in order to illustrate this point.

Today I’d like to change things up a bit. I’ve spent plenty of time talking about the young men who are operating incorrectly with regard to game and the embrace of the red pill. Now it is time to talk about a young man who is doing things the right way.

Meet Adnan Januzaj:

Adnan Januzaj

Januzaj (pronounced “yan-ooz-eye”) is a 19 year old professional footballer (soccer player). Born in Brussels to parents of Albanian heritage, Januzaj currently plays for Manchester United in the English Premier League, one of the world’s biggest teams in arguably the world’s most popular football league. Despite his young age, he has been able to contribute regularly this season as an 18 year old (he turned 19 last month).


This ability to perform at such a high level so early (this is only his first professional season) has led many to consider him one of the brightest teenaged talents in the game, with the expectation that he could become a superstar in a few years’ time. He is already being compared to the greats of the game.


The kid is a star with the world at his fingertips. He’s young, he’s got a bit of fame, and he’s rich. Naturally, this has led to plenty of female attention, some of it from ladies with less than noble intentions. One could be forgiven for maintaining a great deal of concern for the youth and his ability to deal with all of these pursuers without getting taken advantage of. Such concern would have been wasted on young Adnan, however. He knows exactly what he’s doing:

No bedroom revelations to embarrass young Adnan, thankfully, but rather the source of student Melissa McKenzie’s dissatisfaction was the £30,000-a-week star’s choice of venue – budget chicken joint Nando’s.

Melissa, 25, was also peeved Januzaj turned up in tracksuit bottoms and trainers and let her pay for parking after she had allegedly picked him up from a street corner where his mum had dropped him off.

‘I’ve never met anyone so stingy in my life,’ Melissa told The Sun. ‘I was so excited for the first date. We met on a social network site and I got all dressed up and even got my make-up done – costing me £30.

‘I expected him to come to me in a flashy car, but I ended up driving him about in my old blue Fiesta and I was left to pay and display. Then he said he was taking me to Nando’s – my face fell.

‘I usually go there for a quick bite to eat with my mates. I didn’t expect to be going there on a date with a Man United footballer, especially in my dress and heels.’

The paper reports that Januzaj did fork out £18 for dinner before the evening moved on to to a three-star hotel, where the pair watched The X Factor.

Melissa claims the forward then asked to be driven home at 9pm, and alas the romance ultimately led nowhere.

In a world increasingly dominated by incredibly desperate and needy young men willing to do anything and everything to impress even mediocre women, I think young Januzaj has given a good account of himself here.


Melissa Mckenzie is the picture of female entitlement. She complains about where Januzaj decided to take her and how much he decided to spend, as if this kid is obligated to spend extra money on her just because he has it. The way she speaks, you would almost assume that this female is automatically worth the extra cash, just because she happens to be going out with a dude who can afford it. What makes her worth it? Why is she so special? What did she do to justify all the money and attention she seems to feel entitled to?


Too often these questions go unconsidered in our society. This is because young men in our society have a tendency to simply assume a responsibility to throw money at attractive women regardless of what they’ve done (or not done) to prove themselves worthy of it. The fact that these females look alright and possess vaginas is enough to convince these young men to spend a lot on them. This type of supplication is common, and it builds entitlement in many young females: they come to expect and, to some extent, demand a high price for their company because they understand that there are plenty of simps out there ready to pay it. Men with a very strong sense of how to build real attraction in these women (read: men with a lot of game) can overcome this demand, but it is not easy to do and has gotten harder as more money has been thrown around. Thirsty simps make the game harder for everyone.


Young Januzaj, however, has proven so far not to be part of that problem. The kid’s play was perfect. This entire debacle exposes her as an entitled attention whoring gold-digger. She was just in it for the flash and the cash, and when she didn’t get it (and she was so very certain that she absolutely deserved to get spent on lavishly with money she didn’t earn from a kid she barely knew), the first thing she did was run off to the media to try and earn her 15 minutes of fame. He saw right through her and treated her precisely as she deserved to be treated. She was worth very little investment, and he made sure not to provide much.

Adnan Januzaj

In quickly doing away with this gold-digger and neglecting to invest substantially in her as she expected, Januzaj displayed a good understanding of red pill reality. Unlike most young men blinded by blue-pill delusion, he didn’t simply assume the need to wine and dine a decent looking female simply for being female. Whereas many young men supplicate and almost desperately seek to buy the affection of the women they pursue with money or unearned praise, Januzaj stood strong. He waited for her to prove herself worthy of a serious investment, and she quickly failed the test.

Here’s hoping that more young men come to embrace and understand such sensible processes of romantic thought. Young Januzaj has provided an example worth emulating. Play on, my youth. Play on.



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