The short clip above shows the growing business of introducing American men with potential Ukrainian brides, something we’ve highlighted here in the past. Five comments:

1. How can American women compete with a girl like Galina (0:30). Answer: they can’t. I’m greatly enchanted by Galina’s body, hair, smile, nails, flinty voice, heels, carefree personality, and—most importantly—the desire to please a man. She didn’t even use the word “fuck” once. No wonder American women are so quick to shame men who go abroad for women—there will be less beta males to tolerate their slovenly appearance and entitled attitudes. Comparing Galina to your standard issue American woman is like comparing Grey Goose to moonshine.


2. The Ukrainian brides were much nicer to the older American men than the Ukrainian girls I approached in Kharkiv clubs. I had to work like a dog to get some love from them. It’s nice to know that if I’m ready to marry, their initial demeanor towards me will improve.

3. Amazing dance move at 1:17.

4. The ugliest broad in the entire clip is—yup—a feminist (1:24). What a jealous, moon-faced hag.

5. A dating consultant said of Ukrainian women: “If she’s beautiful, why should she be poor?” Damn straight. Along the same vein, if a man has money, why shouldn’t he have a beautiful woman?

I don’t know where I’ll be in life when I’m past 50, but I’m pleased that one option can be going to Ukraine and marrying a woman half my age who will serve me as long as I can provide for her. I can live with that.

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