If you’re a guy without life experience, you think money is the end-all-be-all for getting laid, that you don’t need to work on your appearance, social skills, logistics, and so on. You think that any American man can go to a poor country like Ecuador and score with only models. 

If you’re a guy who has been around, on the other hand, you know that it gets more complicated. Poor girls don’t primarily want sex from rich guys, they want his resources. To lock up those resources, she will dangle the prospect of sex until he gets whipped for her. This is easy to see in places like Colombia or Ukraine, where certain types of girls string along foreigners while maintaining sexual relations with local men (here’s an example).

The best way for a guy with game to get laid is to meet a lot of women who want sex. But women who are poor don’t go to the nightclubs (without men). Women who are worried about survival are less horny. Women who don’t have a job lack reliable internet access to use dating sites. In other words, poor countries and poor women mean less notches.


When the economy is good and job prospects solid, girls don’t seek comfort and stability in men, they seek fun and casual sex. They avoid monogamy  This is why there is no shortage of one-night stands in the United States, England, and Scandinavia even though the countries are rich (problem is they lack quality). Love tourists need to find a sweet spot where the economy is good but the quality is high. I think right now that place is Central Europe, specifically Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and the Balkans. By the time Western culture destroys Central Europe, prosperity will have moved eastward to Lithuania, Romania, and Ukraine, making them economically sound enough to sustain love touristy.

The crisis that is enveloping Europe is bad news for love tourists. While the world adoption of Facebook and smartphones is a worrying trend, what concerns me most is poverty. You simply can’t pick up girls who don’t go out. You need a strong economy for them to visit places that you also spend time in. This means that every time you hear news that Europe is doing poorly, your job just got a bit harder.


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