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February 23rd, 2014

How To Respond When Your Girl Wants To Be Exclusive


Fellow cocksmen, I am beyond sure that at some point in your journey into the undergarments of the assorted females of our planet, a lady friend or two has taken it upon herself to push for an “upgrade.”

Maybe she was a fuckbuddy who suddenly started hinting at dates, flowers, or other activities which require you whip out your wallet instead of just your glorious cock. Maybe she was a girl you were dating, who decided to differentiate herself from the others by hinting at monogamy or exclusivity. Or maybe it went beyond just a hint, and she flat-out said to you “Stop sleeping with other girls or we can’t hang out anymore.”

I was educated on how this game is played before I ever arrived at such a crossroads, so I did not make the fatal mistake that many men succumb to. But I realize that many had their education come the hard way, after falling for this trap and being burned. It almost always starts with an ultimatum.

If you are ever given the “Monogamy Ultimatum,” you have a couple options. Let’s explore how each one plays out.

1. You Cave Like A Bitch And Buy Into Her Frame

While often camouflaged as “because I love her” or “because it’s the right thing to do,” many men will gladly jump on the monogamy grenade. At that moment, the relationship is inevitably damaged; her expression of powerlessness via ultimatum turned into your expression of supplication, and now the precedent is set for the rest of your relationship that any time she demands something, you will give it to her simply to silence the shrieking.

Soon after, there will be more hints and pressure. First, to move in together. Then, to get married. Third, to have a baby–and finally, to stop dodging the guy trying to serve you the divorce papers. And by the way, if a woman like this divorces you, she’s doing you a huge favor and saving you from a lifetime of misery.

So don’t go for Option 1–it will never serve you, and more importantly, your woman will lose a tremendous amount of respect and attraction for you.

2. You Evade The Question

While better than Option 1, filibustering like a Congressman to avoid the issue at hand will ultimately not serve you in the long run. Sure, you’ll get to bang her some more and keep her hamster wheel spinning. But eventually, she will press the issue harder and louder, applying every ounce of feminine rhetoric to get you to cave to her demands.

Now it must be noted—the longer you evade, the better. You can keep tension quite high this way and have plenty of explosive sex with her while she tries desperately to please you enough to upgrade her. It’s not a terrible option. However, Option 3 takes the cake 100% of the time.

3. Say No

Without question, this is the option which not only best serves your own interest, but the relationship dynamic as a whole. She wants a man with boundaries, who knows what he wants and will not compromise to make her happy. Ironically, this is what actually makes her happy–being in the presence of such a man who favors her but favors himself even more.

Now, there are a few ways to do this. I’ve done them all, and they all work. Which version of “Say No” you choose depends on your temperament, abundance, and whether you woke up with a case of the fuckarounds that day.

3a. Just Say No

Firmly and with no hint of expression, just say “No” to her. Once the initial shock and tingle wears off, she will probably try harder and demand an explanation. Stick to your guns and say, “No, I will not be monogamous with you.”

Like all the ways to do this, just saying “No” puts the ball in her court as to whether she wants to keep sleeping with you on your terms. In my experience, 99% of the time, she will continue to fuck you happily while knowing her place.

3b. Mock Her For Asking

More fun and impactful than simply saying no, you can always raise your voice a little and loudly remind her that you explained to her early on you’re not looking for that kind of relationship. (You DID remember to do that part, right?) Some chicks aren’t that smart and can’t figure it out on mythical feminine intuition alone. Some need to be told point-blank, and the best reason to do so is so you can throw it in her face later.

“I told you what was up, and you said it sounded great. What we have is great. Why are you trying to ruin what we have by going against what we agreed on? Now I don’t even know if you like me for me anymore”

This is guaranteed to put her on the defensive, qualify for your affections and make her completely forget about what she was demanding. You have flipped the script. Congratulations, sir. Today, you are a man.

However, there is nothing quite so manly, so perfect in its wisdom and application, as…

3c. Dismiss Her Silliness And Leave Immediately

Ah, this takes the cake. If you understand that monogamy (and on a greater scale, relationships at all) are really just a shit-test designed to weed out the weak from the strong, then this will be easy. When you don’t take her seriously and know with absolute certainty that this move will procure you more pussy from her, for a longer time and on your terms than anything else, you can pull this off with style and panache. Here’s how you do it.

“I understand. I think you’re awesome and I’ve had a great time with you. If you ever change your mind, my door is always open for you.”

After that, while the horrified look on her face begins to cement into a Gargoyle-esque likeness, get up and leave.

She will go “Wait! Where are you going? Are you serious? Can we talk about it?”

Do not fall for it, young padawan! Continue your mission. One foot after the other. As the door closes behind you, smile to yourself; pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and count the hours down in your head until she comes crawling back desperate to fuck you. No woman wants to lose a guy who fucks her well because of her own bullshit, and she will VERY quickly course-correct.

The best part of all this is, in my experience as a womanizer, this will only happen once per girl if you do this properly. Once she has seen that you will dismiss her demands and potentially go find another female, her respect for you will skyrocket and she will do her absolute best to keep you in her life in whatever capacity YOU see fit.

It is an all-around win. You respect yourself, she respects you, the sex continues and there is no question who has the most Hand in that particular relationship.

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