I received an interesting email the other day…

Your writing has changed my life because it’s changed the way I think about relationships. I used to think, what I need to do is fall in love with a woman and she’ll be my best friend and we’ll fuck and raise kids and laugh and hold hands on the beach, for the rest of our lives. Well, three divorces and numerous heartbreaks later, and with the help of your book and blog, I’ve realized the following:

1. “True love” is bullshit manufactured by Hollywood. All human relationships are transactional and center around the exchange of something: money, sex, food, shelter, power, status, whatever.

2. All relationships eventually fail because the exchange breaks down. She has kids and doesn’t want sex any more. They both get bored. She goes out with her old college boyfriend and fucks him. He realizes he’s being used or isn’t getting what he wants any more.

3. All women (maybe all men too) are liars, unreliable and unfaithful. They will sacrifice everything for a lie.


4. The Hollywood ending of lifelong (or even long term) relationships is the worst lie of all. It’s not that every marriage ends in divorce, but they all end. I know lots of long-time married couples (I’m a single dad) but very few where they still sleep together; probably more where one of them is having an affair; and almost none of them where the husband and wife are even friendly with each other.

Bottom line, it’s crazy to treat relationships like they’re even potentially permanent. It’s a wave you ride til it runs out and you can catch the next one.

Anyway, hat’s off to you Roosh. Keep up the great work, you’re a real inspiration.

One thing I wanted to add is that as long as a woman has unlimited male choice, and is not punished for leaving her current partner, the modern idea of a “relationship” can only mean something temporary and convenient. Why work so hard for one when it will barely last?

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