Relationships in modern America are suppose to be a one-course meal. As a man with the finest taste in women. I know I want at least one excellent course.  Yet, society indoctrinates women to cheat as much as possible but men must stay 100% faithful. It’s common for men of the highest echelons to be cheated.

As a man who has juggled multiple chicks at the same time, I have learned about girls trying to creep on the side. Here is 9 tips on how to successfully find out if you have been cheated on:

She is super secretive about passwords

This is a simple tip that many men forget. Women will use any lie for you not to have her password, even if you’re doing tech support for her. The password could indicate the multiple ballers she’s trying to get a paycheck from.

She often uses incognito mode on her browser

Most cheating that involves electronic communications leaves a log. The log can incriminate you especially with common cheating sites like Ashley Madison. Web history/cookies can doom her plans on boning multiple men.

She creates a buffer zone

She will create a scenario where she can’t contact you normally. A few hours a week she’s “volunteering” is her excuse to stray. This would be the time where she’s messing with her old sugar daddy. When she’s madly in love with you, there’s no buffer zone whatsoever. The presence of one should be a large warning sign.

She wears sexy clothes for others but not you

The change of wardrobe of a woman who’s with a beta schlub having sex with her cheater is obvious. For example, say you notice that she’s going to a fancy corporate dinner for work. She has repeatedly told you that she hates high heels and grooming for a passion, yet she’s wearing 5 inch stilettos. When women want to have or keep something they value, they try extra hard. Especially with their wardrobe.


Her affections become mixed

A lot of drama comes when your girl tries to treat you like a side piece. She is taking the route of switching affection output, so she starts to treat you worse. The average American hypergamous women who cheats can’t handle being nice continuously.

Her girlfriends are cheaters or sluts

It’s simple but if her girlfriends are cheaters, she probably indulges with them and does the same stuff they do. Birds tend to hang around other birds.

She’s an expert at using Google Voice

This tip is more America-centric, but there are be apps that can do the same thing. Google Voice allows you to forward calls to your real cell phone number and block certain numbers from calling you during certain hours. This makes managing which dude can call and message her easy as pie. It also saves all of the SMS/pictures sent, so if you have the password, you have material that will help you concretely break up with her. Here is google’s help page to understand how it works.

She starts using cash

Paying with a credit card leaves an evidence trail while cash leaves no record. If she starts to carry a lot of cash on her, this is probable case for an investigation on cheating.

She stops licking your perineum

A woman who is cheating will stop doing the things you love. The sensual licking of your testicles or perineum will be stopped. Or maybe she stops giving anal. A woman will not put effort in to sex if she is getting it good from another man. If the sex is getting whack on her end, suspect something

If a woman wants all the privileges of monogamy, she must not break the simple rule of not being the town’s cum receptacle. If you’re getting cheated on, move on.

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