I’m 39 years old, engaged to a woman I’ve been with for five years, reasonably happy, and I have 18 month old daughter. My fiancé is 27 years old. She’s 5’7″ and 120 pounds. She’s in shape, and if you didn’t see her with our daughter, you’d never know she had a child. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never slept with a woman older than 28. Yes, I stay in shape. Yes, I can carry on conversation. No, I don’t talk to my shoes.

When those women chased me, I simply had enough sense not to say no. If a woman wants to fuck, she will fuck. It might as well be you if you’re unattached. Those are my bona fides, and the reason I feel I have a certain authority to say what I’m about to say. I am here because it is one of the very few websites that speaks out on a variety of issues with absolutely no bullshit. Patchfur’s recent article is a perfect example.

I’m also writing because of something that happened last week. I met up with a longtime (male) friend for late night coffee and conversation. At one point during the night, a young friend of his came in. The lad was absolutely devastated by his recent lack of success with a particular young woman. Now, I’ve never personally been a fan of the whole “red pill blue pill” terminology, but in this case the young lad was so blue pill he could have been a smurf. What, specifically, can we as older (perhaps wiser) men do to wake up those who are willing to listen?

Here are five “go to” points for young men trying desperately to improve themselves and escape the ball-less hell modern society is attempting to force on them…

1. Society has led young men to believe they have to ‘fight’ to get a woman.

The whole concept of ‘fighting’ in this sense is false in that it has absolutely nothing to do with getting a woman, and everything to do with being foolish. If she isn’t responsive in a reasonable amount of time, take your balls and go home. If you want to ‘fight’ for a woman then learn how to ‘fight’ correctly. The following is straight from “The Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership”:

“Know yourself and seek self-improvement”

“Be technically and tactically proficient”

When it comes to fighting, few have the reputation of the United States Marine Corps. Notice however, that neither of those two points has anything to do with another person and everything to do with you. Being technically and tactically proficient means knowing when, where, and how to apply yourself, to apply your skills, and how to achieve maximum effect. It also means doing it right every time. Quite simply put, if you don’t have the time to do it right, then do you have the time to do it over? Make these two points your religion, worship them daily.

2. Stop getting friend zoned.

When I first started dating my fiancé she said to me once: “Sometimes I feel like you’re the only real friend I have. Everyone else seems so two-faced.” I looked her straight in the eye and calmly, gently, but firmly said the following: “Honey, I’m not your friend. Friends do things for each just because they’re friends. I am not your friend. I want something. I want you.”

Men get friend zoned, because they allow themselves to be friend zoned.

Do. Not. Allow. It.


The thing to realize is that you have the power. She wants the friend. She wants the safety that society has told her comes without commitment. She wants the half-boyfriend she can emotionally dump on without paying back in to the emotional bank. Do not allow it. If she won’t accept it, take your balls and go home.

3. No one has any more control over you than you give them.

This isn’t strictly speaking ‘game’ but it’s important. Many women will attempt to manipulate you to some extent. Yes, this is bad, but it’s not world ending.  Most women don’t even realize they’re doing it—it’s so deeply ingrained in our society. Indulge her if you choose. Do not indulge her if you choose. Just realize that it is your choice. Practice saying ‘No.’ Don’t let her be the man. Amen.

4. The woman you’re after is often swarmed by betas, but don’t compete.

Do something to provoke her interest, then withdraw. Repeat as necessary. If you’re trying to break out of your ‘white knighthood’ and you need that fighting metaphor, think of it as guerrilla war. Make a rapid, fast, and effective attack and then just as rapid withdrawal. It won’t matter how many men swarm her at that point. The one man she’s thinking about is the one who is not paying attention to her. Sad but true.

5. Stop caring if you get laid or not.

Seriously, just stop caring. Several years back there was an attractive half-Asian girl who would come into the coffeehouse. Every guy in the place was trying to get her into bed. Except me. I might have been interested, but I had a new casual hookup at the time (a nice Russian girl). I wasn’t willing to fight the land war in Asia. So I avoided the drama.

One day she approached me and asked if we could talk. It seems every guy she knew in the place was telling her to avoid me because I would just try to fuck her. I found this ironic, as every guy telling her this was trying to fuck her. She knew it. I knew it. I laughed and told her quite simply that she was a beautiful girl, she seemed like a nice person, and if she wanted to go back to my place and fuck we could do that right now. Or not, but when she decided that it was time, well, that was entirely up to her. We ended up talking in the coffeehouse for several hours that night. We ended up talking even longer later that night.

Never apologize for liking sex. Never apologize for wanting women. Never try to hide it behind a false face. Throw your dick on the table (not literally) and tell them to take it or leave it. But if you listen to nothing else, listen to this: stop caring if you get laid or not. Stop caring what the betas say. The more they try to shame you, the better your image appears. Use it to your advantage. Without realizing it, every beta in that place had painted me as a man women loved to fuck. Every warning against me, it just made her wonder what other women saw in me. The fact I could carry on a conversation. The fact that I made no denials. All of this increased her fascination with me. Do not apologize, ever, for what you want and like. Always be consistent. By not caring if you get laid or not, most women will seek to make you care about it. Always talk to the woman first as a woman, and her vagina will follow. Why? Because she will want you to care about it. Don’t.

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