When a man first takes the red pill, he accepts a burden: he will have to provide for himself. He acknowledges that women won’t be showing up, knocking at his door, and begging him for sex.

This, of course, is true for the chumps that haven’t take the plunge yet as well. The difference is that they haven’t accepted this burden. They still live under the false pretense that women will find their way to them. Somehow. Someway.

Even when a man knows what he must do, he may still struggle to see it done. Game is challenging at first– demoralizing, even. I know plenty of men who haven’t had the balls to persevere past the initial phases of rejection. But if you do persevere past a certain point, you’ll reap the benefits of your time and effort. You’ll enter poosy paradise.

This article will cover exactly what this critical inflexion point is, and how to use it to your advantage.

Stage 1: Fear


Imagine you’re out at a venue with many attractive women. It’s one of your first nights out with the explicit intention of gaming girls.

You notice everyone who looks your way, and feel the weight of their eyes on your shoulders. As you scan the room you notice a cute girl standing alone by the entrance. She’s on her phone. She must be waiting for someone, you think.

In a room full of groups and pairs, this seems like the easiest catch of the night. You tell yourself, just do this one approach. Just go say hi.

And so you walk over to her and use that one opener that you memorized for tonight. “Hey, you seem cool. Are you friendly, too?”

She glances over at you and smiles. “Yes, I’m Jess. What’s your name?”

She continues to reply warmly to your questions, but you feel like you’re running out of things to say– the clock is ticking. After a few minutes, you can’t take it anymore. “It was nice to meet you. I got to go back and find my friends.”


This scenario is all too common. You struggle to even approach a single girl, and when you finally do, all you can think of is how to exit the interaction. It’s like you don’t even want to talk to her. In fact, you really don’t. It’s uncomfortable for you, and so you take the first exit you find. Or maybe she responds very well and you put it off and take the second or third exit that presents itself. Either way, you rarely extend an interaction past a few minutes and never push for rejection beyond the act of approaching.

Stage 2: Comfort

dos equis guy

I’m at the grocery store talking to a cute little brunette.

“Well, I have to finish up my shopping list and head home,” she says and walks away.

I’m frustrated. How dare she walk away? I was just getting started. And that’s when I realized I had crossed the bridge. At one point I would’ve breathed a sigh of relief when girls excused themselves like that. But not today. Today I wanted to keep going.

I also realized that girls often excuse themselves because they’re the one who’s nervous. Sometimes they fold under the pressure of an attractive man who’s seemingly randomly approached them. And that is their burden to carry. Not the man’s.

Don’t look for a way out. Stay as long as you can.

I passed the point of no return when I consistently and genuinely wanted to stay in, and advance conversations. Up until a certain point, I was always looking for a way out. I would approach and bounce. Then I would approach, try to get a number, and bounce. Then I would approach, touch lightly, and bounce. Then one day I stopped looking for a way out. I began to try and extend every interaction. To see how far it could go, rather than flee in fear.

Do you prematurely bounce? If so, recognize that it’s holding you back. Even when you’re nervous or uncomfortable, push on. It will raise your tolerance, and eventually you will crave it. Take the role of the aggressor– let the women be nervous.

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