I spent most of my high school years on the internet, not playing video games like the rest of the kids my age. The first thing I would do after getting home from school was log on to a social networking site and start talking with friends, both from real life and those I knew solely online. I’d spend hours messaging girls I thought were cute and I’d flirt with them.

I didn’t share similar interests with my peers in high school so I turned to forums to learn from those wiser than me. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere, but truthfully this wasn’t the case. The internet is the loneliest place one can be. If you’re bored you can send out a few messages and have any kind of conversation you want, but every one you meet is a single serving friend. Rarely did I actually meet up with someone.

On the internet you don’t experience the same nuances of social interaction as you would in person. You don’t see body language, you’re not good at adapting to the randomness of a real life conversation, and you don’t need to empathize. This complete disconnect from actual human interaction was present in the back of my mind, but it only truly ever hit me a few times.

The first time I ever had a girl get naked for me was on my computer screen. I’d met this girl on a social networking site and moved things over to MSN. We’d chat all the time and eventually she expressed what she felt for me. I knew something was wrong with this even then. One day she asked to show me her new dress, I accepted her webcam invite and she started giving a sexy strip-tease. First she let the thin straps fall one by one off of her shoulder. Slowly she slid out of her very nice, tight, black dress. She stopped at her bra and told me how naughty she felt. I couldn’t be more excited.

The dress came off and naked she sat back down in one of those wooden kitchen chairs. She began typing, asking how much I liked it and if I wanted her to continue. You can guess what I said. Afterwards something bugged me about the interaction, something felt off. I’d just had my first ‘sexual’ experience over an internet connection.

How does this all relate to game you ask? Well first of all fast forward to the present. You can’t find a person today without a Facebook account and many people are turning to online dating to find quick love. I’ve begun to realize that online game is more detrimental than beneficial to one’s progress. This is even more applicable to guys who are just getting into game or guys who don’t approach often.


Benefits To Online Dating

  • It’s easy to “approach” mass amounts of women
  • You know the woman are available and looking
  • It’s much easier to sit around pounding your keyboard instead of going out into the real world
  • You can fill your calendar up with relative ease

Disadvantages To Online Dating

  • You only get 1 on 1 social practice during a date
  • If you don’t go out and interact in the variety of places women can be found you get rusty and you don’t improve
  • The girls aren’t as attractive, and if you see an attractive girl you can’t help but wonder why she needs to go online to find guys
  • You are more likely to reflect on successes/failures if they happen in real life (if you don’t get a reply to a message you think nothing of it, but if a girl is unreceptive to your real life approach you spend some time figuring out why)
  • You get too comfortable and rely on the internet to get pussy

A man does not improve himself by being lazy and relying on the internet to get laid. He can’t be bothered to waste even 30 minutes messaging girls on the internet if he wants to improve himself. This is because he’ll get complacent and won’t reflect on his failures and successes. I’ll leave you with a challenge to eschew online dating for a month and with a post by Hooligan Harry over on the forum:

Lift your skirt and grab your balls already boys.


This “Facebook game” and online dating shit is fucking homosexual. Unless you are in a country and don’t speak the local language, there is no reason to be doing anything online.

You need to get over this crutch and these social media and online dating threads need to get destroyed now. If you cant get over your fears to approach women everywhere then its always going to be a struggle. And anyone who says they do both is talking shit, because no man who has overcome his fear of approaching women is ever going to waste his time chasing women he has not put his eyes on yet.

If you rely on online game your approaching goes to shit. You won’t realize it at first, but one day you’ll see a girl in the supermarket looking confused at all the types of tea she can buy and instead of smoothly executing some day game you stumble and stutter through the interaction leaving with your dick in your hands and a box of terrible tasting tea.

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