As I mentioned earlier this week in one of my tweets, I started reading The Rational Male’s new book (which I am very much enjoying so far). Early on he describes the value and benefits of what he refers to as “competition anxiety” by females. Rollo states that it is one of the more powerful tools a man can have, and based on experience I fully agree.

In Theory

The book does a great job of breaking this down. Essentially, the idea is that if a girl believes another girl may “get” you in whatever sense that may be—sex, relationship, wife and so on—she will subconsciously be more attracted to you. We’ve all heard many variations of this. For example, how sometimes married men are deemed more desirable or how showing up with a girl at a bar makes it easier to attract more girls (girls attract girls). It is somewhat a form of irrational jealousy at its root—a girl wants what she doesn’t have simply because another girl has it.

In Practice

A few of my own life experiences clearly substantiate this theory:

The Roommate:  Two years ago or so I had just came back from a long trip to Europe and needed a room to crash in until my next trip. Two girls I found online were looking for a third roommate. The place was big, the girls were cool, the location was prime and the price was right. I specifically recall actually turning on some game principles to make sure they wanted me in there as the roommate, and it worked.

The first night I was there I went out with some buddies and got drunk. I never made it home but slept on my buddy’s couch. The girls however thought I went home with a girl. When they asked me about it, I just smiled, didn’t answer and went in my room. The next night I had a date with a girl, as I did the following two nights with different girls. One I brought back.

Within the first week, one of the roommates essentially threw herself at me and we hooked up (bad idea on its own, but nonetheless proves this immediate point). The other one had a boyfriend and kept requesting to see my penis and asking me if I was some sort of sex god. I barely even spoke to these girls during that first week—it was all a result of their perception that other girls want me.


Ukraine:  I alluded to this during Roosh’s interview with me about my Eastern Europe trip this past summer. In Ukraine and Russia, girls are highly competitive and jealous. Some of the stories are stated here so I won’t repeat them. But it happened frequently. The same virgin I mention in that story I parlayed into another bang when a girl who did not respond to my texts saw me out with her, and then literally waited until almost 5am until that one went home to jump in a cab with me. Other girls who blew me off would come back and talk to me after seeing me chat with other girls.

My iPhone:  As terrible as this invention has been for dating culture, I’ve found a way to utilize it for some good. Last year a girl sent me a text during the date and I had accidentally left my phone out. My date saw the text and kept asking me who “Yulia” was and she got noticeably warmer towards me after that incident. My brain started working and realizing the effect this had, I started implementing a variation of this.

I don’t blatantly leave my phone out like that date but tweaked the strategy to be a bit more subtle. Contrary to popular opinion I usually try to show up to my dates earlier than the girl for a number of reasons. While waiting for her, I’ll take that time to send out numerous texts to people I owe responses to, to girls I need to follow up with, to coworkers, friends, etc.

I put my phone in my pocket and start the date. After about an hour or so, I will be talking about something that requires a photo to better understand the story. Naturally I will need my phone to show the photo, so I pull my phone out and almost every time I will have several texts waiting for me in response to the texts I sent out before she arrived.  On the iPhone, these show up on the home screen and since most girls are text whores themselves they know what those green little icons mean.

A minor but calculated tactic, it leads to the predictable response from the girl of “oh Mr. Popular!” or something along those lines, which I ignore and proceed to the photo I was showing. The seed however has been planted and whether true or not, she now believes there are other people, and more importantly girls, trying to contact me.

In Conclusion

There are many, many tools in one’s game that leads to continued success. This is a small, yet very effective one. The key however is to be subtle and indirect. If you start bragging about how many dates you have lined up or girls you are banging, it will come across as blowhard and insecure. The less you speak and the more she sees, the better off you are.

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