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February 22nd, 2014

Infants And Toddlers Are More Intelligent Than Feminists


A young child, even from the age of 18 months, is acutely aware of it’s sexuality, with toddler boys seeking out guns and cars and being more tuned to logistics, orientation, and counting. Girls ignore those exciting toys in favor of dolls, toy prams and mommy type games. Young children cling onto their favorite toys as an identity marker in early life, with girls especially prone to have a favorite teddy they want to have with them like a baby. They copy mom, but boys don’t have this urge.

Feminism has failed in its cause to validate women precisely because it seeks to validate females by competition only in male realms of education, qualifications, science, politics and so forth rather than empowering women to be mothers and partners with men in the grand human scheme.

Feminism would be more accurately termed “masculization for females”. The term feminism is a perfect example of what George Orwell would call Newspeak. A word that appears to have one meaning (with a positive connotation) but in fact carries a negative and socially harmful—even controlling content to it, whilst having nothing to do with what the average person might actually glean from the term on face value.

Nothing in the aims and treatise of feminism works towards more feminine woman, appreciating the feminine energy, or supporting the cause of women who want to be real mothers, wives and ‘all woman’. Rather, women are encouraged to cease feminine pursuits and seek male orientated higher education and careers—or be written off as old fashioned or suppressed. Men never suppressed women, they just operated within natural laws. It’s the feminists that operate unnaturally by trying to shoe horn women into male roles whilst feminizing males.

Polarity Not Equality

The entire universe is created from polarity, right down to the electron orbiting the proton. What feminism does is suggest to electrons that they turn into protons. This would obviously cause the breakdown of matter, rather than the equality of the particles. The universe is not about equality, it is about polarity. It is what it is and you cannot change its innate nature.

If any feminist wants equality, champions women in military combat roles or any other such nonsense–the logical conclusion should be to remove all sex-based categories in sport, which is not going to happen, simply because the female physical anatomy makes her weaker than a man. That’s before we get into the female’s hormonal setup which fluctuates wildly across the calendar month and doesn’t have the same quantity of the essential testosterone, that makes males more competitive, have higher stamina, and be more suited to arduous or physically demanding tasks. Men also tend to make better team players, pushing each other to excel, and being able to handle put downs as an incentive to succeed, rather than simply bitching and back stabbing each other.

Trying to deny the very real polarity that exists between males and females is something not even children are stupid enough to attempt. Men don’t die younger because they are male, they die younger because they take more risks and drive themselves far harder than women do. An aging man is far more useful than an aging woman, who after 50  is more prone to hormonal dis-balance, depletion of bone calcium, weight problems, uterine and breast problems, muscle loss and so forth.

The Female Is Becoming Obsolete

Genetic engineering is now capable of creating clones, splicing genes, eliminating genetic diseases, fertilizing eggs in a test tube, even clearing out the genetic contents of an egg and putting in an engineered DNA set. A large part of what takes place in the uterus is now possible in a lab. A uterus is only needed for the incubation period. Fertilized eggs have been implanted into the uterus for several decades now, removing 50% of the function of the uterus. All science needs is a means to incubate the fetus to term.

A part of that has already been taken care of with incubators meaning babies can survive from as young as 21 weeks into gestation, rather than the normal 40 weeks. We could say that around 50% of the uterine function of incubation has been removed. Although the science is still shaky and immature babies are known to suffer health issues later in life, the first airplanes were also wobbly. As incubators improve and breasts no longer needed to nurse the young, not much of the female is left.

Why would anyone breed females with weaker bodies other than for their reproductive capabilities ?

In the feminist’s world of equality, all a female physical body has to offer besides a nice pair of tits to look at and a cunt for some sexual pleasure is a uterus to gestate new babies in. Once that component is taken care of by science, females are in big trouble, since they are not actually equal. They have not worked to make themselves valuable. Rather they have tried to compete in male-dominated fields where men will always dominate. A feminaizi or a man cunt as I like to call them is useless when compared to the advantages that any male naturally has. As men get increasingly irritated with the gibbering female entitlement, and as men continue to develop the science to replace the uterus completely, women may find themselves written out of the history books (though they’re barely in it as is).

I’m not sure what kind of science fiction, dystopian future this might produce, but frankly it’s more scientifically possible at this moment in time, than a warp drive or teleporter. Perhaps the odd tycoon will breed himself a female to enjoy sex like a fine old cigar, but it is entirely possible that men might just get fed up with women and breed only males.

Women do have some great qualities, but they have not worked on enhancing, appreciating or fostering their feminine talents. They should be more wary that feminism sets them up in a hopeless battle of competition against men. Men are brute force problem-solving creatures and if the female conundrum continues much longer, we will solve the issue once and for all by simply obsoleting females. This will be an unpleasant, unnatural world—an aggressive world that lacks the soft female warmth that we all love so much, just as the feminist’s version is a sterile, emasculated and uninspiring existence that red pill men and women would rather die in than inhabit.

If the truth be told many of the hardened feminists simply have penis envy and would rather be men. Why else would they tell women to ignore their natural born sexuality and seek to compete with men? In truth most of what men have accomplished has been done out of love for their families and men’s accomplishments have been nurtured and supported by women. Feminism on the other hand ignores natural polarity and pedestalizes women into selfish ‘you go girl’ egoism.

While men might go down in history for their inventions and achievements, any great man will tell you that the woman at his side and his family was extremely important in pushing him forwards. Whilst he might bask in the limelight he always knows his accomplishments are not solely his own. Real feminism would recognize and encourage this most natural state of affairs instead of trying to fight it. Men love women precisely because they do what men cannot, and women love men for being men. The president’s wife may not be commander in chief, but she’s surely risen to the height of FEMALE accomplishment as his wife. There is no glass ceiling, there are two separate staircases. It’s not that complicated. The battle of the sexes is the most pointless and childish squabble, that even children do not engage in.

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is originally from London. He has traveled the world, speaks 4 languages and although sporting a degree from one of the finest engineering universities in the world, he's never done an honest day's work, preferring to live by his wits. He is a perpetual insomniac and rarely wakes up before midday.


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