A few weeks ago, yoga pants made the news. Lululemon’s founder and chairman made a simple, but true statement – buy clothes that fit you.

This caused a ruckus. The national media came in to save the day, and defend all those poor souls who couldn’t fit into the company’s signature product. This led to the resignation of Chip Wilson, Lulu’s founder. Apparently it caused their stock prices to fall, too.

Honestly, I don’t care. All this fiasco did was remind me to appreciate the finer things in life. Like Lululemon yoga pants, for example. Yoga pants in general are great, but Lulu takes it to the next level. Below are 5 reasons I think Lululemon is awesome.

1. The staff


In a world where being fit is becoming more of a dream than reality for many people, I appreciate that Lulu practices what they preach. I’ve never walked into one of their stores and not had a smile across my face. The girls that work their are fit – and they’re all decked out in Lulu gear. It’s a win-win combination. I’m sure it boosts their sales more than a little bit, too. Both to men, who drool over the counter, and women, who are jealous and idolize their looks.

2. Dat Ass


There’s nothing more refreshing than walking down the street or across the gym floor and having a tight butt in your face. It will reinvigorate your energy and mood. Lulu is adding value to society by increasing the natural beauty we all encounter in our daily activities. This is a classic example of a situation where everyone wins.

3. Pants Don’t Lie



Sure, yoga pants can have a tightening effect, producing an overall smoother image than what the flesh holds, but only to an extent. If you see someone similar to the image above walking around your neighborhood, it’s safe to say you should stay 100 feet back – for your own safety. Yoga pants can perform a small favor here or there, but not miracles. And if you see the Lululemon logo, rest assured, she is fit – as our friend Mr. Wilson confirmed.

4. The Message


Lululemon is at the forefront of women’s fitness. I don’t have any statistics, but I imagine their branding is responsible for getting millions of girls off their ass and into the gym, or yoga studio. Yes, it has an air of exclusivity, but one that motivates people to make healthy choices in order to join.

5. Their Men’s Clothes


It’s expensive, I know. But it’s awesome. If you’re in shape, it will fit very well. Moreover, while it’s meant for the gym and exercising – it’s classy enough to be worn as casual daytime clothing. Also, it’s extremely high quality, will last a long time, and many of their items are made to be odor-resistant – so you don’t have to wash it every time you wear it. And none of this even touches the fact that it all looks amazing.

So while Lululemon has gotten it’s share of hate lately, I honestly find it to be a great brand. I had to give it the recognition it deserves in these dire times. It compliments fit people’s shape, improves their look, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and is high quality. What’s not to like?

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