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December 12th, 2013

Top 5 Best Responses For When A Girl Says “I Love You”


As it goes in a playboy’s life, he will experience at least once or twice, at the minimum, the girl who falls in love with him. If girls never fall in love with him, then he’s not doing something right. I never advocate leading a girl on, because there’s plenty of ways to keep her in your stable, without crushing her heart. A true master at game, can learn to navigate the treacherous waters of ‘love’ and still maintain his position as a free, independent man who has many lovers.

A girl who falls in love is a girl who has not been tainted beyond repair emotionally and one who still has hope in real true love. In order to handle a girl falling in love with you, it’s often best to have experienced having your heart crushed into oblivion. A great boxer will never be a great boxer without having sparred for hours on end and experiencing an ass kicking. In the same vein, most great playboys have experienced the feeling of ‘love’.

Is it simply a chemical reaction to another person and the euphoria of the newness of the relationship, or is it really an emotional reaction grounded in reality?  I put ‘love’ in quotations, because the definition of ‘love’ is one that can be debated at another time and is not pertinent for this discussion.

For a true playboy who experiences many women and understands their need for emotional connection, he can understand how to react to when a girl drops the L bomb on him. Generally, a woman will say these words within 3-4 months of meeting a man, whereupon they have interacted sexually already and have spent multiple hours together. Depending on the girl she may say it sooner or later, but a good gauge is around the 3-4 months period when the relationship is quite fresh.


Here are my Top 5 Best Responses To ‘I Love You’. These will save you from committing to a girl if your only goal is to have her for a lover and you choose not to lead her on.

5.  ”I Love Me Too”

This is a golden response when said in a carefree and playful manner. When a girl says ‘I love you’, and it’s not in the heat of passion when you two are entangled in a heap of blankets and body sweat, you can generally assume that she is being sincere. Now, remember that women are led by their emotions, so a statement of ‘love’, can simply be in the manner of how she’s feeling in the moment. Do not believe that when she says this initially, that it is her profession of real undying love, similar to what your mother would tell you. A mother’s love (when in context of one having a good mother), is not the same as a lover’s love.

Oftentimes men become vexed and discontent because they are seeking a mother’s love to be duplicated by a lover. I have fallen into this trap before and it’s simply not realistic, nor necessary for a man to live happily.

By stating ‘I love me too’, to the girl, you’re simply reinforcing that you are indeed, quite lovable, but you’re not allowing her to let her words affect you in the moment. Men show love through ACTIONS and women tend to show love through words and expressions of emotion.

She will love you more for showing that you can restrain yourself from saying it (even if you ‘feel’ it) and be attracted to you on an even higher level.


4. “You Have Good Taste”

This is similar to the previous mentioned response, in that you are putting your ‘blessing’ on her professing her love for you, but you are not falling into her frame. Maintaining frame is the foundation of game. The moment you fold to her whims and desires based on her request, then you lose the individuality that she is so attracted to.

3. “Of Course You Do”

Dialing it up a couple of notches into the cocky range of expression, this response is classic and can be used to great effect when combined with a smirk and a wink. A great playboy knows that he is a man of great value and that women world-wide desire him due to his ability to live a great life, provide them with the emotional roller coaster they crave and rock their world in the bedroom with abandon. This response simply affirms facts.


2. “I Lust You Too”

Supposing that you may actually like this girl and would like to see where it goes and perhaps you’re considering her for a Long-Term-Relationship (LTR), but are not ready to confess your feelings, then this response is excellent. There are two parts to these simple four words that take her on a mini-roller coaster:

1. “I”

The moment that “I” comes out of your mouth, her brain will instantly finish the sentence with “love you”. She will immediately believe that you feel the same towards her, but alas here comes the drop on the emotional roller coaster.

2. “Lust You Too”

When the L word drops, and in this case ‘Lust’, then instantly her brain goes into a conniption fit of shock and wonder. Using the word ‘lust’ is in fact truthful, because one would assume that you are attracted to her physically and is also tinged with humor. In order to make this work, the playboy should pause for dramatic effect, look into her eyes seriously and say “I lust you too”. She will more than likely play slap your arm and/or burst into a shocked laughter as well as an outburst of phrases along these lines: “You’re an asshole!”, “I can’t believe you said that!” etc.

A great playboy knows that she is in fact now even more drawn to you and will commit to you even more in the hopes of having the unattainable.  Human nature is designed to want what we cannot have. Chasing the illusion of a dream is often more powerful than attaining the dream. There is a reason why many great men upon accomplishing a worthy goal, feel empty shortly after the initial ‘buzz’ of completion subsides.


1. “I Know”

Never have two words, when spoken plainly and without emotion, can conjure up a symbol of manliness, self-control and confidence, then these two spoken in response to “I love you”. It is not a mistake that the best response is also the one with the fewest words. Only two words in comparison to the aforementioned responses which have four words each.

Women want a man who ‘gets them’, ‘who just knows’ and who knows how to push their triggers of lust and desire. There is a reason why words are so powerful in stimulating the female brain, as runaway best-selling novel 50 Shades of Grey have proven. By simply stating in a calm. deliberate and confident voice, that you know she loves you, you’re signifying that you are steps ahead of her and that it’s okay for her to confide in you her ‘love’, but that you feel no need to respond in the same manner.

Remember, Playboys-In-The-Making, it is okay to ‘love’ a woman, but it is even better to be loved by many.

This has been an excerpt from my upcoming Playboy Playbook, a life guide for every man, that will be released this month.

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