I’ve had my share of slumps, which I consider to be a lack of sex for a month or longer. They are usually due to four reasons:

1. You live in a seasonal city that empties out for a month or two at a time

2. You live in a small town and don’t have new prospects to approach

3. You’ve fallen ill (hepatitis, mono, HIV, etc.)

4. The law of averages

The last one will be the cause for the bulk of your slumps, where your bangs will bunch instead of being equally spaced. Unless you’re a full-time player, it will be extremely common for crickets to chirp in your bedroom if you’re not a fan of relationships. But let’s say that you’re playing full time but still not getting laid. Here are two ways to get out of a slump:

1. Lower your standards

2. Approach more girls than your baseline rate

There are no other ways. You can learn new moves or routines but you’ll still have to do one of the two in order to get laid again.


The issue with lowering your standards is that you have to still want to bang the girl you approach. You can approach a fatty, think it’s going to be easy, put low effort, and then get handed a rejection that shatters your confidence. Instead, you must give the lower standard girls your regular game and make an honest go of it. As long as you use the boner test, there is no reason to feel shame upon a rejection. You should give it your all for every approach you make assuming you want to have sex with the girl.

There’s no way to completely avoid slumps. They are a fact of every player’s life that serve the benefit of allowing him to reflect on his most recent bangs and what he did right with them. As long as you don’t freak out or totally re-shape your game, it’s just a matter of time until experience vagina again.

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