“Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.”  – H.L. Mencken

Misogyny can be a dilemma for the Western player practicing game. Growing up, many of us learned that sexism is evil. We loved, respected and even pedestalized our mothers and sisters. Some of us had contempt for misogynistic men before we took the red pill. However, it is hard to deny that many misogynists do well with women.

So is sexism useful for players? Some in the manosphere argue that misogyny is helpful for developing tight game. Krauser uses “cheerful misogyny.” Other players disagree. The gentlemen at Third Millennium Men argue passionately against misogyny.

Will Misogyny Help Or Hurt Your Game?

Can you love women and still be a misogynist? Is sexism wrong? Red pill men should look beyond moral questions of whether misogyny is “bad” or “good.” The only question you should ask is this: will misogyny help my game? The answer is yes. Misogyny will make your game tighter, especially in relationships. Embrace it and become a misogynist.

I do not advocate or condone hatred or abuse of women.  Love your mother, sisters, and all your female relatives. However, be proud to be a misogynist. Reject feminism and the laughable premise that women are equal to men. Do not take silly and frivolous females seriously. They should be sheltered, protected, led, and dominated. However, do not hate them. Hatred is counter-productive to your goals.


When Should You Use Misogyny?

Like game itself, expressing misogyny is an art. The typical Western feminist woman can only take so much sexism at once. Be sure to display it at the right time and in measured doses. Convey your misogyny selectively and only when it benefits you, usually after you have slept with her and she’s highly attracted to you. Thus, it is an effective harem management tool.

How can you express your misogyny? Tell her:

  • If she gets fat, you will leave her.
  • You support the loss of her voting privileges (once states repeal the 19th Amendment.)
  • Her career and college degree do not impress you.
  • You do not care where she has traveled.

Tell her that she had better be useful and available in the bedroom and the kitchen. You expect women to sacrifice their careers for the sake of staying at home and taking care of the children.

  • Insist that she cook and clean for you.
  • Make her buy you food and do your laundry.
  • Insist that she be available to you sexually at all times.

This list will get you started, come up with your own ideas and learn to weave your personal style of sexism into your game.

Be A Loving Misogynist

Always be happy and teasing when showing misogyny. Be a loving man and treat your women well. Never be hateful. Express your sexism with a light heart and a twinkle in your eye. Although they will never admit it, women love a happy misogynist.

With enough practice, misogyny will become a part of your personality and help your sex life.

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