I’ve already written a couple of posts talking about the necessity of game, and for good reason. Whether it’s preventing the maintenance/expression of absurd levels of neediness or combating gargantuan levels of insecurity and self-hate, game (and red-pill knowledge in general) has a valuable and positive impact on the lives of many men. Sites like ROK have a key role to play in spreading valuable lessons and making men more aware so as to help them avoid the misery and embarrassment often inherent to life without the red pill.

There’s a more serious side to all of this, however. The internalization of the red pill and the lessons that come with it does more than just get guys romantic results and prevent embarrassment. It saves lives.

Members of a Westminster family said Monday they are mourning the death of a 1-year-old girl who was shot by her father.

Merrick McKoy, 22, allegedly shot his daughter to death after an argument with the child’s mother at her home at 7030 Stuart St., according to a news release from Westminster police.

McKoy also shot himself an unknown number of times and was taken to St. Anthony, police said. Police did not release an update on McKoy’s condition.

Kim Phanthavongsa told her family that Mc-Koy, her former boyfriend, shot their daughter Mia and then shot himself about 9 a.m.

Phanthavongsa had a restraining order against McKoy, police said.

A young man falls in love with a woman and has a child with her. She decides to move on from him and he cannot cope, because she’s his world. Like most beta males, he’s invested everything he has emotionally into his relationship with one female, and now the child has compounded that investment.


He’s never taken the red pill and doesn’t understand anything about the need for self-improvement, the possibility of meeting other woman, or the fact that he has no hope of sparking this relationship again. So he keeps pushing until things get out of hand, forcing a restraining order. Eventually, he escalates toward more violence and takes himself and a child with him.


Meanwhile, in Japan

A 23-year-old man was arrested on Thursday at Hachijo Island after police suspect that he murdered a woman in Chiba Prefecture. 22-year-old Shiori Yuasa was stabbed with a kitchen knife on Wednesday at around 4:30 p.m. in the shopping district of Ichikawa. She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The investigation revealed that Oka [the perpetrator] used to date the victim and had an altercation with her last September when he tried to get back together with her. At that time, he called the police himself to let them know that they were arguing but they only gave him a verbal warning at the time. Yuasa then transferred houses together with her 3-year-old daughter and fiancée to avoid any further confrontations. But in late October, Oka was once again detained by police in Ichikawa for unruly behaviour. He is expected to be charged with murder as there are no other suspects in the crime.

Man meets young girl. Young girl decides to move on. A man who has taken and digested the red pill will understand that this young girl was not the only girl in the world. He’ll understand that he can move on and find another girl (or girls) in time, and be happy. He doesn’t stake the entirety of his life and future on his relationship with a single female. But Hayato Oka had never taken the red pill, and the price was Shiori Yuasa’s life.


Meanwhile, in California

A Southern California man was convicted Friday of the murders of the father and sister of his ex-girlfriend and the attempted murder of her mother in a fiery attack that prosecutors say was an ill-conceived attempt to reunite the couple.
Authorities say Murtaza killed the relatives of Shayona Dhanak, who was a college freshman in 2007, after she blamed her decision to end the couple’s two-year relationship on her devout Hindu family’s opposition to her dating a Muslim.


Prosecutors say an obsessed Murtaza wanted to kill the family to eliminate them as an obstacle to the relationship and drive Shayona Dhanak back to his arms.

Another young man fell in love with another pretty young girl and, as is typical of beta males, made her the center of his life.


shayona dhonak

Her family rejected him and, eventually, so did she.


Men who’ve taken the red pill understand that such a thing would not be the end of the world. They understand that rejection happens for a variety of reasons (some less palatable than others) and is inevitable. They understand that, as men, they must get used to that rejection and learn to move on from it. Murtaza never took the red pill. As a result, he invested all that he had emotionally into his relationship with a single girl, and showed a willingness to destroy everything (his life, his friends’ lives and the lives of her entire family) in order to get her back.



And in Baltimore

A police officer was apparently having a difficult time coping with the fact that his ex-girlfriend was moving on with her life. She and her new boyfriend–a beloved firefighter– had just come home from a Halloween party when they were killed.
Hoffman and his new girlfriend, 26-year-old Marie Hartman, were gunned down inside his Glen Burnie home around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

A red pill male not only understands how to deal with rejection, but accepts the fact that he cannot control female sexuality. He understands that women are not obligated to abide by the limits placed upon them in the minds of men who have put them up on massive pedestals and expect them to behave accordingly (chaste, like a princess awaiting her betrothed prince). Women will date and/or fuck who they want how and when they want, and he understands that there isn’t much he can do about that except adapt to it and focus more on his own romantic life instead of hers.


This police officer had never taken the red pill. He couldn’t accept his ex-girlfriend’s progress following the end of their relationship. He couldn’t accept the fact that she’d decided to start fucking someone else (which she was perfectly within her rights to do, having broken up with him). She was HIS special princess, not Andrew Hoffman’s. She was supposed to save her sexuality for him—it belonged to HIM.

The result? Everyone dies.


Young, sad beta males who’ve failed to take the red pill and live their lives shrouded in blue-pill delusions are not just embarrassing: they’re deadly. The emotional turmoil stirred up by their blue-pill entitlement and insecurity not only threatens themselves, but all of those who surround them.

Game, and the digestion of red pill truths that come with it, is necessary because its alternatives, if left unchecked, can prove to be more than simply depressing. They can be fatal.

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