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December 10th, 2013

Men Should Assert Their Dominance Over Women Through Anal Sex


A couple of weeks ago I went to pick up an old friend of mine who’d been in jail for 20 years. (We’ll call him Jake). Jake was the driver in an armed robbery and unfortunately a security guard was shot and killed by one of the gang. I won’t defend his involvement – there are better ways to make money than criminal brute force. He was young and stupid, now he’s old and sorry. The time Jake served was extreme considering he was only the driver, never carried a gun and never went into the building. The media picked up the story and the judge gave sentence according to mob rule.

Jake missed parole due to squabbles in prison and did more time than he deserved.  I suppose he’s one of those guys that just finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He probably would have done great in the army. Jake’s a hard alpha, like a character from a Guy Richie movie, but he needs a leader to keep him in line. I guess that was the appeal of a criminal gang.

So he finally gets out and obviously he wants to go party because life has passed him by (he was 24 at the time of the crime, but now he’s nearly 45). The best years of his life have been spent locked in a tiny cell in a maximum security facility with all the psychotic and violent goings on that that involves. I didn’t even want to ask – he chose to talk about it freely, in part to debrief himself.

I tried to run one of those Al Pacino type scenarios – We got him all new clothes, and went out on the town – a bar and then a restaurant, onto a nightclub, finally a strip joint. He’s wide eyed at all the new technology and fashion. The music, the changed social environment. 1993 was a long time ago. We didn’t have cell phones, internet, laptops, iphones, flat panel TVs, DVDs, GPS, email, SMS, the list goes on and on. Other things like gay rights, or in this case openly gay behavior in the club, dress codes, piercings, tattoos, open lesbianism and general lose sexual standards started to catch his eye.

We’re sitting having a coffee the next morning and Jake made this remark that both stunned me and opened my eyes at the same time.

“I thought I was getting out to freedom, but I feel like I’m in a much larger prison. Even the women behave like jailbirds these days.”

“How’s that?” I replied.

“Well the number of people with tattoos to start with. Tattoos used to be for jail birds and military boys. Today everyone seems to have one. The aggressive attitudes in the clubs, made me feel like I was in the prison cafeteria and all the homosexual behavior and lesbian looking women around town, it’s like everyone is a jail bird.”

The social attitudes of ‘feed me, feed me’ where an entire generation seems to believe the world owes them a living, the gay and women’s rights and the overriding social pressure to be politically correct and not mention or criticize minorities, lifestyle choices, sexual orientation and so on and so forth.  The heavy handed anti-terrorist laws have been put in place to make you feel all cozy and safe; in one sense you are free to do as you please and in another sense you are in a low security jail.

He had failed to pick up girls a few times during the evening before we relented and went to the strip club. We went on to talk about how aggressive the women seem to have become. He doesn’t look bad for a guy of his age, and he’s ripped having little to do but pump iron all day. Obviously he’s dumb to game and the whole hypergamy thing that has taken control of the lizard brains, but he was still more shocked than you might have expected. I related to what he was talking about having been shielded myself inside an LTR for seven years.

The conversation wandered about as we tried to wrestle with a solution for all the world’s ills. It’s always fun to try to ‘save the world’ since it’s an impossible task – so instead you come up with some comical and insane suggestions like roving death squads.

His idea though has a certain amount of merit. As scary it might be, we do live in more and more of a ‘jail’ type environment, we just don’t realize it. Web sites like Prison Planet sing a similar song. The reality of social decline and restricted freedoms is more than apparent if you truly want to look at it in the cold hard light of day. Sure you might have a safety net, but is it stopping you from falling or forming the walls of your cage?

“Life has become like living in a jail”

Many people have tattoos, exaggerated tribal or gang type codes, and a hostile (or what we at ROK might term an insecure) attitude. People curry favor with those in power to make their lives easier. Could be a boss, a landlord, someone in authority. Higher up the food chain in politics and government it’s no different. Women have become masculinized, creating what Jake termed “men with tiny dicks”. There is a general feeling of not having to take responsibility for yourself, the safety net of ‘the system’ is firmly in place (although to ROK readers it looks more like a cage) – it makes people behave in certain ways that are very similar to the population of a prison.

He explained to me that one of the ways in jail that guys dominate each other and push someone into submission is with the use of sodomy. Even the guards do it. Obviously it’s a certain niche in the prison. Some guys steer clear of it, others have authority and control through brute force, with financial favors, or with the guards, or having connections to drugs, luxuries, illicit cell phones and so forth. Others just keep their heads down. But he explained there was a hierarchy established in some groups in the prison, through the use of having a bitch, especially amongst lifers. It’s not just a sexual thing, or gay – it’s a question of creating loyalty and having someone to cover your back and run errands and favors for you. The bitches gained many benefits they might not otherwise have had access to.

“The answer is to fuck your bird in the ass, then she’ll be your bitch”

In times gone by, women were submissive to the male in large part due to the sexual act. The emotional response to having another human being penetrate your body and deposit their genetic fluids inside it is not to be overlooked in terms of establishing a power structure. I can hear the feminists howling rape as I write this, but it’s not entirely the case. The alpha in the pack from gorillas to buffalo maintains his group of females in part because he is the one that mounts them. If he doesn’t they will stray and find another male. The gay crowd often have a top and a bottom in a relationship and the top is definitely the dominant where they do.

While women are hardwired to be submissive to their man, the internet is on fire with married men complaining about how aggressive, cold, demanding and so forth their wives have become. Clearly the power structure has collapsed. Women are not happy either—they are crashing about in men’s lives and bouncing from one divorce to the next. Vaginal sex is now seen as nothing more than a pleasurable pastime for women. It no longer carries the weight it once did. As Goldstein confirmed from experience in his recent article, finding a girl who’s a virgin or who truly holds sex with you as something precious, meaningful and treasured is increasingly hard if not impossible. If you find a sweetie, you can be sure her friends are in her ear steering her towards feminism and man hating.

Whereas before a woman having sex with a man meant to some degree she had given herself away to that man, that she was now under his umbrella, today it is virtually meaningless—just a quick mutual genital massage. Sodomy on the other hand is still an act that has not been entirely pushed into the realm of indifference like regular sex has. You can most certainly find girls that are anal virgins.

I then related this back to an experience of my own, where an ex had got curious about anal sex from watching porn. She started asking to try it. She came out with this strange idea that although she’d slept with 5-6 different guys, she knew her husband would be the one she’d give her ass to. We freely had anal sex for many months, until we both passed over it as a ‘phase’. For that year, the relationship was amazing. She was  literally my bitch. She did what she was told. I’m not the super player or ultra porno guy, but thinking into it more, I realized another experience of anal sex I’d had with a prior girlfriend who also turned into my bitch.

I was trying to think into why this might be and you can laugh at my theory, but the connection of the rectum to the digestive system which is in many ways the emotional brain of the human machine is clear and present. When someone says ‘he hasn’t got the stomach for it’ they mean it both literally and metaphorically. If you look at the intestines they look a lot like the curls of the brain. Being stressed or nervous can literally shut down your digestion, make you throw up or lose your appetite. It’s an emotional group of organs. The kidneys and lungs for example are a more logical organ, they just process all day long. The expression tight assed is another that springs to mind.

When a man is sodomised in jail, it’s not just the stigma or the act itself. As Jake explained – another male has taken control, and possessed his emotional state, both physically and psychologically, he therefore becomes submissive, at least until he’s been nailed by 20 different guys, then the whole thing becomes as much of a moot point as the vagina does these days. He gets bitchy after a while, now he’s got value, something others want. But his first has a huge hold.

It’s a theory for you to consider and experiment with. I noticed both my previous relationships got out of hand a few months after we stopped doing anal. If you want to hang on to her, try doing her in the ass a few times a month. Make her submit to you. It might make her settle down and lose some of the entitled attitude.

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is originally from London. He has traveled the world, speaks 4 languages and although sporting a degree from one of the finest engineering universities in the world, he's never done an honest day's work, preferring to live by his wits. He is a perpetual insomniac and rarely wakes up before midday.


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