Midnight. You spot a fine blonde thing in the corner of the bar – giggling with her friend.

Taking one last sip of your drink, you put one foot in front of the other and head over to say hi.

“Hey, I’m…” she cuts you off – “We have boyfriends – bye.”

Welcome To Rejection

Rejection is common when it comes to game. And that’s why it’s so great. I love it.

Rejection is an essential part of life –  it’s essential to accomplishing anything worthwhile, at least. Whether it’s at the bar, at an interview, or trying to sell something – you will get rejected. And this notion horrifies most people. It stops some dead in their tracks – paralyzing them for life.

After all, if the fear of rejection is enough to stop you from doing something, you may never approach a girl or have sex. You may never apply for your dream job. Or worse, you may never quit your miserable job to try something new – for fear that your plan will fail.

You will never leave your comfort zone. You will live a stagnant, boring life.

Game As Rejection Therapy


One of the best things about game, aside from getting girls, is that is offers a quick and efficient way to get rejected. A lot.

If you embrace game and head out to the bar, it is normal to approach 10-20+ girls a night. And unless you bring one home (or get a number, I suppose) – you will be rejected just as many times. The exception is, of course, if your fear of rejection keeps you from approaching or attempting to close. This is a heavy dose of rejection, especially if you go out 2-3 times a week.


What this does is powerful. It doesn’t necessarily desensitize you from rejection as some will say (most still deal with some degree of approach anxiety even after years of gaming). Rather, it teaches you that you must face your fear of rejection to prosper. It teaches you the cycle of learning from rejection. It teaches you that even after you have almost perfected your skill, rejection will be a mandatory part of the process.

Why You Should Embrace Rejection

Because without failure, success would not be meaningful. If you went through life, and never failed at anything – how boring would life be?

This would mean that either you never tried anything outside of your comfort zone and died a depressed hermit – or that you were an unbelievable success at everything. But this doesn’t happen. Even people like LeBron James, who the general public would never consider a failure, failed at many points along his journey. Most recently, by losing in the playoffs and NBA finals many times before getting the W. And that’s what made it so special for him.

Game is the same. If you took home every girl you approached – that would be awesome, right? No, that would suck and you would find no gratification whatsoever in the process.

Without failure, success would not be meaningful.

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