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December 17th, 2013

How Women Use Love As An Excuse To Extract A Man’s Resources And Deplete His Life Energy


I came across this most excellent book called The Predatory Female. It is online for anyone who wants to read it. I almost feel that it’s wrong to write a review of it since that will make you less likely to read it. If game is the 9mm, this is the automatic shotgun. You might think you are a player, but please don’t take an air rifle to a gun battle.



Let’s start with one little quote:

A picture of James Bond trying to placate a shrieking wife while she threatens to have his wages garnished doesn’t fit the hero image. A married man is a cornered man. He is a man who has lost something and this makes it hard for him to be the classic, free thinking and independent hero.

As one reviewer on Yahoo so aptly puts it :

“Lawrence Shannon comes out with guns blazing in this relentless blitzkrieg attack on the female of the species. He is cynical beyond belief and shows no mercy towards them. While not vitriolic in tone, he matter-of-factly explains to his male readers why you should never marry a woman (a.k.a. the predatory female). You can laugh at this book, but I think the author is being deathly serious.”

I can’t seem to find much information about the author online; he claims to be a Reverend although he must belong to one of those Mayan churches that likes to practice mass human sacrifice, because surely no orthodox religion would tolerate such an affront to the social norms.

The book is written in a rather quirky question and answer format, that alerts the uneducated reader in an excellent way.

What about Love ?

Q. You haven’t mentioned love as an interest of the predatory female. Why ?

A. The predatory female never loves a man, she only loves the love. This is a basic rule.

We’ve all had those clinging girl friends determined to make us swear undying love to them, and as the matrix glitched around us, something was not right but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. Well much like Neo, Rev. Shannon not only puts his finger on it, but dismantles the entire mainframe. Women want to know if you love them so they can better manipulate you. They are never interested in loving you, only in using you for their ends. It is you that must love them.

In times gone by they promised to honor and obey, which was a good trade off. These days those promises mean nothing once the divorce attorney files motions against you. It’s a shame more husbands don’t trot along to court with copies of their marriage vows. That is a verbal contract. Think into it logically: women say they are ‘in love’ but that does not imply they have love to give. A fish is ‘in water’ a bird is ‘in the sky’ but neither have anything to do with the object they are ‘in’. It’s a man that provides the love women feel they are ‘in’.

A woman will do anything to snare a man

Lawrence goes on to explain how the predatory female on the hunt will lose weight, dress up, wear make-up (which he describes as part of the lie), and once she has snared her man, she then adopts the strategies of the chameleon to fit into his world most perfectly. Although this is uncomfortable for her and she is occasionally prone to slip into her default state, she will maintain the charade for as long as it takes to completely get a man.

As the relationship progresses (and goes down hill) the man starts to believe catch phrases like; “we’ve grown apart”, when in reality he was never together with the girl he believed he was. She had made every effort to adapt herself to his world, like one of those science fiction aliens adopting human form, even becoming president, but behind closed doors, slipping back into its natural grotesque lizard creature appearance.

He also likens married women to the deadly wasps that use their sting to paralyze the tarantula. She then uses the poor living spider, a once ferocious and powerful hunter, as a host for her nest. As the venom wears off the poor creature is (denied sex and pussy whipped) stung again and again, but of course never manages to escape and finally dies as (a withered pensioner, whose kids hate him) the baby wasps hatch out on his back. Nasty! How many married men with children do we see in this decrepit state?

We’ve always had a matriarchy

Lawrence takes a hatchet to the patriarchy and declares it never truly existed in the first place, that women always ruled the roost.  While he is absolutely brutal, you will find yourself laughing at his words -  there is really nothing more you can do when the full light is shone on the ants nest of feminine humanity. Everything you ever thought, felt and summarized about women is laid bare in his book. No stone is left unturned and many innocent female behaviors we brush over, he turns his guns on and as men we can only agree. What’s more he’s used a slightly old fashioned writing style and language, that gives it the air of authority and seriousness you find in many Victorian era authors from the late 1800s. I tried to find something in his work to argue against, but I have to say he presents the most convincing points.

Roosh outlines in his blog recently how he let a number of “the ones” slip away and just couldn’t quite muster the will to commit to them. Rev. Shannon pats him on the back and explains that moment was most likely the zenith of their relationship. He confirms what Roosh only touched on, that it was going into decline from there. As someone whose been down the rabbit hole of the LTR several times, I can say I concur and congratulate Roosh on his will power and self restraint. Lawrence explains the indulgence of continuing into an LTR and marriage as nothing more than that, and goes on to expose the folly and outright life threatening danger of marriage to any man.

He brings to light the example from the garden of Eden where the devil most easily tricks and persuades Eve the female to bite the apple, but Adam fearing being alone in paradise bites the apple of his own free will. This is exactly what has drawn me into long term relationships. I didn’t want to be alone. I wanted my companion and sex buddy at my side. Yet looking back on more than 20 years of adulthood I see the years that I abstained from relationships were the happiest and most relaxing by far.

A woman can not increase a man’s happiness

If a women doesn’t drain you financially she will most certainly drain your sanctity and peace of mind, which of course reduces your productivity and soon leaves you financially drained just the same. What’s more I see my father whose been divorced since he was 50, now at the age of 71 with his new girlfriend picking him up at the airport at 1am,  after a flight came in late. He’s never looked to remarry, just bounced from one woman to the next. Muscled through the lonely times and avoided ‘the one’. Admittedly he is a man that likes his peace and being on his own, but don’t we all ? If you haven’t mastered the art of your own company you are most surely not close to any kind of alpha male.

Shannon goes on to explain that women never really commit to relationships they just use the man for the time he is useful. A classic example he gives is that of the invisible man.

The Invisible Man

Q. Who is the invisible man?

A. Any man the predatory female has deemed to be of no further use. Although she’ll go to extremes pleasing and cultivating a man when she’s in the acquisitive mode, she views him as untouchable once his purpose is served. He totally ceases to exist in every way. He becomes a nonperson and is fair game for the carrion birds of society.

Q. How can the male fall so low in her esteem?

A. He never achieved any other status. He is commonly misled though his failure to grasp the predatory nature of the female. He may have been a victim of the chameleon syndrome. Indeed, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for men, especially those reared by women, is the understanding that no women will ever love them, particularly in the manner they desire.

Q. Why do you say that?

A. A woman’s love is like a hand powered grinding wheel. If you pump furiously and wind it up, she will do the job, make noise, even throw off sparks. She will respond, but only respond. The minute you release the handle . . . she begins winding down. She can only respond in a temporary manner. That’s why an adult female will rarely call you or initiate anything. They are only constructed to respond.

Q. And the invisible man?

A. He is not allowed to crank the handle. Once the charade is over, and that day comes for every man, the female has no feeling, no remorse, no conscience, and no empathy for the discarded male. He becomes the invisible man.

This of course also explains the sexless marriages. She doesn’t feel like sex, but he’s useful in many other ways; so long as he hangs around begging for pussy she has no need to drop her draws. However should she get horny or be turned on by a passing alpha of course she will gladly use him as her dildo regardless of the poor husband desperate for even the lowliest hand job. Should the lover be foolish enough to fall into her trap, soon he will be wheeled in to take the place of the almost invisible husband that is shown the door forthwith.

We all have zero status with women and are ultimately invisible

Rev. Shannon agrees with my own finding that as tacky as it might seem, one of the most honest relationships you can have with a woman is simply paying for sex and taking it for what it is. His book is certainly an eye opener and whilst the truth can often be bitter and cause offense, you cannot help but agree with just about every line he writes.

I think the most important thing we can learn from this book is that it doesn’t matter if we are young 18 year olds in our first year of college, or guys in our 40s and 50s that have been married and divorced a couple of times—we are all aboard Morpheus’s hoover craft The Nebuchadnezzar. The question is not how long or why we were tricked. We must cast off our shame and anger, forgive our mistakes and move on the task at hand of pulling down the matrix. Since this is not a movie, most likely there is no ‘one savior’. Rather the combined ‘one’ of everyone who sees the truth in the sea of lies we swim in. It’s our job as brothers in arms to start covering each others backs, not just bitching on forums like feminists, or gaming each others girls because we can.

When you look at a woman who’s with her boyfriend or husband, you start to see not a lovely couple with the man at the helm but an entitled female plotting and manipulating the poor sucker at every turn. It might not start out like that but it sure as hell ends like that. Visit your grandparents and see how your grandmother treats and talks to your grandfather. See girls out with their boyfriends, read their minds and body language and observe what is really going on.

Understand the social dynamics that are taking place in every male-female interaction. It’s nothing close to what an ‘innocent’ man believes. In every relationship I’ve ended I felt like the girl stole my innocence, chipped away at a piece of my soul. Instead I see now that what I was experiencing was the bitter truth, nothing more and nothing less.

Men built this planet. We tilled the soils, mined its resources, developed the technologies, fought wars against oppressors, died for our loved ones who in times gone by honored, respected and obeyed us.  Are we just soldier ants or is it time we took back what is rightfully ours. Today it seems the animals control the zoo and the patients are running the mental hospital.

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is originally from London. He has traveled the world, speaks 4 languages and although sporting a degree from one of the finest engineering universities in the world, he's never done an honest day's work, preferring to live by his wits. He is a perpetual insomniac and rarely wakes up before midday.


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