In today’s article, I will provide you with a recipe to exponentially increase your bangs.


  • 1 Main Male (yourself)
  • 1 Main Girl you are fucking (preferably imported)
  • 2-3 Friends that have game

Preparation Time

Usually 1 – 2 weeks. May be shorter or longer based your skill level and experience in the kitchen.


1. Dress the Main Male with the appropriate clothing. Next, head out and find the Main Girl you will be fucking. Make sure she has not spoiled yet, as continuing to fuck her over the course of several dates will require her to remain fresh for that period of time.

2. Run normal game, peel off the clothes and have sex with Main Girl. As always, some light force should be used to make sure to extract all the juices.

3. Continue pounding Main Girl over the course of a few days or weeks. After you have made her juice a few times, she will be nice and tender, allowing you to ask her about her single friends.

4. Set up Main Girl’s single friends with your aforementioned 2-3 Friends that have game. Be direct and ask her which one of her friends are slutty. She will not punish you for being bold.

5. Friends will bang Main Girl’s single friends, because (1) your Friends have game, and (2) your Friends are “vouched” for by Main Girl [see explanation below].

6. Hand Friends this recipe, and they will now cook for you.

Why This Works

Putting aside this allegory for a moment, there are two main reasons this works and works well. First, if you have correctly wooed the Main Girl, she will be smitten with you and wants to lock you down. Now whether or not you want that is a different story, but her desire remains nonetheless. So how does she do this? By pleasing you. When you request that she set up her friends with your friends, she will not hesitate to do so. The happier you are with her, the more likely you are to stay with her. Additionally, whether on a conscious or subconscious level she believes that as more of her friends and your friends integrate, the more difficult it will be for you to leave her. And what girl doesn’t love to play matchmaker?


The other main reason this works so well is because your friends are already “preapproved” by Main Girl. Her friends — using solely hamster logic — will believe that your friends are more trustworthy, safer, and less “creepy” than the random guy she meets online or at a bar. There is no reason for this logic, but then again when does logic come into play with females? As a result her friends will feel more comfortable going out with your friends. And if your friends have game, sex should follow very soon.

One piece of advice — do not try to flip this recipe right away. What I mean by that is do not try to make your friends be the cook and you the recipient. Give first, and reciprocation will soon follow. Bang it forward. And if it happens to involve a friend with little game or who does not get laid often, you can be sure he will thank you even more.


This is not just a theory of mine.  I have done this repeatedly throughout my life as both the provider and the recipient. Some examples include:

  • From one Main Girl, having my friends bang three of her friends, all on the first date. Including one within 15 minutes of meeting after being set up on the date.
  • From another Main Girl, her friend agreeing to anal sex with my buddy before meeting him (my claim to fame).
  • From my buddy’s girl, me going through several of her friends in a semester’s time.

And so on. As Snoop Dogg correctly points out in his song Ain’t No Fun (which ironically all girls love), “it ain’t no fun, if the homies can’t have none.”  While it may not be as rewarding or fun as a fresh double bang on both sides, knowing I just got a buddy laid with minimal effort on both our parts makes me feel like a genuine philanthropist.  And girls people say I’m not nice…

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