Sometimes things in this world just don’t work out. One of these things can be relationships with women.There are many reasons why a man would want to end a relationship with a woman. How he does it is important. In this day and age, the traditional means for breaking things off might not be in the best interests of men. Here are some ways to end a relationship or change it to a situation that benefits you.

1. Ghosting

This is for those liaisons where dealing with the woman can be difficult and embarrassing. Did that fatty you had a one night stand with find you on Facebook? That girl from the bar turn out to be a psycho? Easy, just ghost it. Don’t answer their calls, texts or knocks on your door. Do not be at the usual spots where she could find you in public. She should get the hint after a few days.


2. Downgrading

This is where you downgrade a woman’s status in your rotation. That Friday night thing getting a little too comfortable at your place? You getting weary of your main girl’s techniques? Easy, just down grade her to “side bitch” status and see if she improves or not.

3. Revisionism

This one is a loan word from the history department. Its your life, you write the history. Your girl trying to get you to propose and you don’t want to? Easy fix, rewrite the history. Tell her that she was a good friend and not the soul mate she thought she was. That should get her to find some other sucker to marry her.



4. Unilateralism

This is the one sided ending of the status quo in a relationship. You unilaterally cease being the monogamous partner in a pair bonding situation. You can tell the woman of this change of status or not, the choice is yours. You get the benefit of that steady access along with the benefits of being single again, if she plays along.

5. Amnesia

This is a surefire way to end things. Just never acknowledge her existence. When she asks questions, just give the standard “I dont know what you are talking about”, “I have no recollection of those events”, and the greatest: “Who are you”. I have yet to see this one fail in ending a relationship.



Some might say these techniques are inconsiderate. While they could be construed that way, a man has to do what is good for him. If he puts her condition above his own for consideration he is not thinking rationally and is treading toward beta country. In today’s world  there is a reason why nice guys finish last.

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