We have written here before about the mental benefits of going off the grid and unplugging for a while. What we haven’t mentioned is that this technique can also be a boon to your game.

The move itself is very simple: take a set time off from all communication with existing girls. Don’t schedule any dates, and cancel any that you have. Don’t reply to any texts from girls, and don’t initiate texts or calls. Approaching new prospects is acceptable, but do not call them during the window you have committed to. I find that 3-4 days works best, since it is long enough to be a conspicuous absence but not long enough for girls to forget about you. Here are three benefits from dropping this move into your repertoire:

1. Recharge Your Energy

Talking to multiple girls is time-consuming. Even if you’re a master of laconic text game, you’re devoting some brainpower to spacing them out, keeping leads warm, and showing up to dates/hangouts. Putting it all aside for a period of time helps you refocus mentally and reflect on what you want to do to improve. When you start spending too much time managing prospects, consider taking a break.

2. You Appear Scarce

This is the biggest game benefit of this tactic. Ignoring an attractive girl gives you the upper hand in the interaction and amplifies existing attraction (though it is important to note that it doesn’t create it from scratch). This works best for westernized girls who will skewer you for appearing too needy, and ensures that you’re erring on the side of being too aloof. This works if you have multiple girls, or if you have one girl you’ve been focusing on with regular communication.

3. Improves Focus On Your Other Projects

Gaming girls is fun. At the end of the day, though, it’s the investments you make into yourself in other areas that create a lifestyle that helps you succeed with women, and fulfills you when your game goes through inevitable dry spells. During periods of going dark I am more productive at work, concentrate better on my hobbies, and focus more on on my  meaningful friendships.

This is a move I like to use about once a month. Ideally, you’re spinning 3-4 plates with sufficient but varying levels of interest. A girl may actually ask why you’re ignoring her — if she does, congratulations. You’ve made yourself unavailable and increased her attraction for you. Though a newbie might find it painful to ignore a text or two, taking a few days off from the game is not going to ruin prospects that were otherwise invested in the interaction. When you return to the trenches, make no explanation of your absence, or at most a passing “I’ve been busy.” Though they protest outwardly, your girls’ lizard brains will respect you more for showing that they’re not as big a part of your life as they assumed.

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