Time and time again underage guys  bring up the topic of going to bars and clubs underage with a fake ID. In my opinion, getting a fake ID is a stupid move. Instead, I decided to use a real ID of somebody with similar features to myself, frequenting venues with a young demographic.

Don’t Use A Fake ID

Unless you have a family member or close friend who is a DJ or manager in a venue (and even then that’s just one place) young guys will need to get an ID to be able to meet girls in clubs or bars or take them out for drinks. Young guys typically get fake ID’s, but there are a lot of downsides to doing this.

Bouncers check every ID they get to see if it is real and since they’ve thousands of  drivers licences before, they know what real ones look like. Using a fake ID might work occasionally  but if you plan to go out regularly over a long period of time at some point you will wind up with a bouncer and a venue that will not take the chance of letting you in with a fake ID. They will take the ID off you, get the cops, ask you who you bought it from and slap you with a fine. This is why I decided to use a real ID.

Find Your Doppelganger 

I’m an ethnic minority and did not know young people who looked like me. Virtually all the friends I did have of my racial background were female. I asked a hot one who hangs out with (and rides the cocks of) a lot of older dudes of our background to help me find somebody who would be willing to claim they lost their drivers licence and get it replaced, with me taking care of the replacement costs ($20 where I am) and using the original.

People I asked myself were wary of giving their ID to a person they do not know very well, but using a hot girl to do the asking for me seemed to get around this by activating a supplicating, “white knight” response in the guys. Within 30 mins of inboxing guys on Facebook, she’d found three willing to do it for me, although in the end I chose to use the drivers licence of one of my wingmen’s best friends because he resembled me the most of out of all of my prospects.

Bouncers Don’t Care About The Picture


While bouncers always checked to see if my ID was  real, they do not do so nearly as much for the face. With the exception of a casino I’ve been to and the bars and clubs attached to it, all bouncers I’ve come across have primarily inspected the ID to see if it’s real and squinted at the date of birth. Since the hair and eye color and skin tone matched and the face’s shape was not radically different it fooled all of the bouncers, most of whom did not even look at the photo anyway.

People tend to look quite different in their drivers licence photos, so bouncers expect the photograph not to be an exact match. When I became “legal” I returned to the same venues I used to go to underage and the same bouncers who’ve seen me many times before did not even notice that I was using a different ID. They really aren’t paying attention to things like the name or photograph, just the authenticity of ID and the date of birth.

Hit The Young Clubs

The last thing I did while underage was to predominately go to venues (mostly clubs) with a reputation for having young crowds. For young guys, a quick Facebook search of a venue and an inspection of how many of your peers have “Liked” it’s page is a good start, but the best bet is to simply ask hot girls your age which places are easy to get into.

I’ve met girls in nightclubs who pretended to be old enough later on turned out to actually be as young as 16 who’ve borrowed an ID from an older friend or sister for the weekend. If 16 year old teeny bopper girls can get into meat market clubs with somebody else’s ID, you can only imagine how simple it was for my wingmen and I to get in when we were underage, even for venues with older crowds.

By using a replaced authentic ID instead of a fake one, I was able to confidently gain access to bars and nightclubs without having to run the risk of getting busted with a fake ID or having to rely on somebody else to let me borrow their ID every time I needed it. Thus making it possible for me to consistently go out and meet hot girls instead of sitting at home and masturbating on my weekend nights if I didn’t have a party on.

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