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November 7th, 2013

How To Close With Women: Part 2


My previous article left off with you taking a cab to your spot and today concludes this 7 Part Series from Approaching to Closing. This is the big kahuna of vital information. The good news, if you’ve made it this far with the Starbuck’s Slut, is that half the battle is over and now the real fun begins. She may have a great personality and she might be a blast to hang with, however, the ultimate reason for going on a date with her, is to see what she looks like naked and have a good, sexy, mutual agreed upon romp in the hay.

You arrive at your pad and for simplicity sake, let’s assume that it’s an average apartment. If you have a mansion, then the work got even easier, however, I don’t have a mansion and most guys don’t, so an average apartment it is. If you followed my 11 Step Prep For A Night Out, then you already have cleaned your apartment and it’s in perfect condition for a sexy guest. Here are the 5 Steps To Sex once she’s inside.


5. Get Her Comfortable

From the moment you walk in, have her take her shoes off. You want her to be comfortable and you don’t want your carpet fucked up, so tell her shoes come off at the door. Congratulations! She’s already getting undressed and you just opened your front door. Also, this gets her in the mode of taking clothes off. Progression Gents, progression…

Tell her where your bathroom is so she can freshen up, or whatever the hell it is that girls do in the bathroom.

4. Pour Her A Drink

Don’t ask; assume she wants another drink. Having been observant at the bar, you’ll remember the type of drink she likes and pour her one accordingly. Do a cheers with this toast: “To beautiful women with dirty thoughts”, followed by a kiss. If she responds to this, then you may continue to escalate to sex. Yes, it can happen that fast, but let’s say she needs to be ‘warmed up’ more…


3. Turn On Background Noise

This could be you turning on some music, to throwing on a Netflix show; the point is, you need to have some type of sound in the background. When all is quiet and you’re getting your freak on, it’s weird. It’s like sex in a funeral home: there’s nothing sexy about it. Throw on some Marvin Gaye, Young  Jeezy, Tupac, Rolling Stones, or whatever the hell it is that you like. Stay away from extremes with highly emotional topics and obviously stay away from sappy love songs.

2. Physically Escalate By Testing Her

Let’s say you’re sitting on the couch with her watching House of Cards on Netflix and she’s resting her head on your chest, well unless you want to become a pillow for her you have to make a move. Offer her a massage to warm her up, or ask for one. A massage can get a girl wetter than Niagara Falls when done smoothly. Another one is to have her pour you guys shots and after doing one, start making out with her. Don’t be like a 12-year-old boy and grope her madly. Be smooth and non-needy about it. Grab her ass, lightly graze her breasts, hold her face in your hands and mix it up. IF she’s responding positively, then amp it up and go with taking her shirt off first, then her bra.

Another GREAT move to test her receptiveness, is while you’re making out, to put her hand on your cock. This is literally the best move in the world. It immediately sets the tone for your interaction, as well as giving her the opportunity to take it out. If you have an extraordinary cock, don’t be afraid to whip it out and gently place her hand on it. Any girl who has an inkling of wanting to fuck you, will then start giving you a handjob or immediately go to town with a blowjob. This move has literally NEVER failed me. It’s money.

Irina Shayk-1276501

1. Fuck Her Like A Pornstar

There are few things in life as joyous as boning a new hot girl for the first time. This is your reward for the rejections and flakes. Enjoy it and don’t let her forget about you easily. As you guys have consensual sex, pull her hair, give a few good smacks on her ass and pound her pussy like it’s the last pussy on earth you’ll ever have. Don’t focus on making her cum. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that while you’re getting your enjoyment she will conform to you and to pleasing you. Girls are born pleasers and when they have the opportunity to sexually please an alpha male that they are attracted to, it becomes a major turn on for them.

Pound her good and cum on her face. Finish by standing up and having her suck your cock on her knees. Then get vocal as you cum by holding her by the throat (gently of course), and blowing your load on her face, by saying this: “You want my cum? Take my cum. Are you my slut? Good girl.” By saying this you’re starting the psychological game of Deep Conversion, should you decide to keep her around for more than just one night.

Lastly, keep your word of getting her home, by getting her a cab or dropping her off. After you drop her off, send her a text like this:

Sample Texts

You: good times tonite, had no idea you have such a sex demon in u

Her: lol! I’m normally a GOOD girl

You: i’ll bet. you have fun?

Her: Tons! : ) Lets do it again soon

The point of this, is to get her texts CONFIRMING her good time with you and the consensual sex that you two had. This is in case she gets a case of Buyers Remorse and cries rape later. Heed my advice: The after sex texts are extremely important.

This concludes the 7 Part Mini Series: Approach to Closing. I hope you enjoyed it. Study it, use it and let me know about your experiences:

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