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October 31st, 2013

How To Close With Women: Part 1


Gentlemen, now we finally get to the fun part: Closing. Closing separates the men from the boys, the players from the played and the Casanovas from the one-bang wonders. Crack open a Red Bull and take notes, this is going to be fun.

My last article left off with the Starbucks Slut feeling flirty with you. Because of the great escalation tips you followed, she’s now into you more than ever, so the million dollar question is: How do you get her from the bar to getting naked?

Unless she directly says, “Let’s get out here and go to my apartment”, then you have to put in some work. Odds are, most girls will want to be led and it’s your job to make it seamless and natural. The best way to warm her up to going to your spot or hers is to make a Location Transition. Simply put, take her somewhere else BEFORE the offer to hit up your spot or hers.

You’re at the bar with her and she’s being very flirty, touching you and you’ve already kissed her. Now some may disagree with kissing her at the venue, but based on my extensive experience, if she DOESN’T kiss you while at the bar, she more than likely will not be down with going to your pad. A girl’s interest level can be strongly determined by her willingness to kiss you while on the date. The key here is to LEAD. Here’s an example:

You: “Let’s check out XYZ bar. It’s a block away.”

Her: “Ok.”


Take her by the hand and walk to the next bar. Now you may be wondering why another bar? Why not take her to the tasty burrito shack next door? Hear me loud and clear: Food stops are the DEATH of the one night stand. Stopping for food after drinking, is like calling all your buddies to come to the bar right before you plan on taking her home. Why the fuck would you cockblock yourself? Food sobers people up and brings the excitement of the night to a close and quickly. Fuck food. If you want to go get food after you swoop her, then by all means go stuff your face with pizza after the dirty deed is done.

Taking the Starbucks Slut to the next bar accomplishes 2 very important things:

1. Builds Comfort

2. Grows The Experience

Building Comfort is key to getting her in the state of mind of having a one night stand. If she doesn’t feel safe with you at the bar, she sure as shit won’t feel safe enough to go to your pad. By taking her to another bar, you’ve created Comfort In Transient: the transition of one venue to another, while creating an enraptured experience.

Now here’s a tip that I rarely give out but it’s money:

When you walk down the street with her, make sure that she is walking on your side furthest from the street. If you walk out of the bar and make a right, she should be on your right side closest to the buildings and vice versa. This started way back in the day when you and I weren’t even thought of and stems from the streets being unpaved. Horse and carriages would hit puddles and the water would splash onto the sidewalks. The guy would walk closest to the street to block the water from hitting the girl.

Now you might think that that’s ‘beta’, but let me tell you something: having ‘gentleman’ traits that reveal themselves in glimpses through your Alpha state, is golden. And if you’re sincerely worried about getting splashed on, then you might need to move. Last time I check most roads are paved and free of massive pothole puddles.


If she is walking on the ‘wrong’ side and you physically guide her to your opposite side and she asks why you did that, tell her why. Do it in a fun and easy way. She’ll love it and don’t be surprised if you see that special look in her eyes where you know it’s in the bag.

When you take her to the bar, hold her hand or put your arm around her shoulder/neck. Drape your arm on her shoulders and pull her in close randomly to kiss her. Girls love this and it’s fun as fuck. Having a cute girl beside you while you walk down the street is one of life’s simplest joys.

When you enter the bar, immediately order a shot and do it with her. Kiss her immediately after the shot. By doing these exact strategic ‘moves’, you’re Growing The Experience. She will have had fun in the simple walk from one bar to another and her comfort will increase in knowing you’re not a pyscho killer.

There’s a million excuses you can say to get her back to your place, and I’ll cover a few here, however, there is one that stands above all others that has literally NEVER failed me. Say and do this.

You: “You want to be my girl tonight?”

Her: “Yes” (she may just nod her head yes, or smile and kiss you)


Give her a quick kiss on the lips and continue with your night. It might sound crazy, but this phrase, for some reason, is absolute gold with girls. I haven’t even figured out exactly why it works so well, but I believe it touches girls in an emotional way where they are completely aware of what you’re talking about, without you having to spell it out. It also cuts through alot of the bullshit that you may jump through, just to find out she’s not down to transition to your pad anyway.

Lets recap: You’ve successfully made the transition from the initial venue to the second venue, while building comfort and growing her experience. You’ve also asked if she wants to be your girl for the night and she’s agreed. Now, it’s time for you to transition her from the second venue to your spot. For the sake of simplicity, we will approach this scenario with you having your own spot. I’ll cover in a future article the possibilities if you do not have your own spot.

After the Starbuck’s Slut agrees to be your girl for the night, then you have a couple of options: Be direct or indirect. Experience will guide you in knowing which approach is the best one based on the girl. Direct can backfire, so choose wisely, but whichever one you choose, do it with confidence. Confidence is half the battle with what you say to a girl and it’s effectiveness.

Here’s some practical examples of Direct and Indirect Pad Transitions.

Direct Examples:


You: “This bar can’t handle us. Let’s go to my spot for a bit.”

Her: “Hmmm…and what are we going to do there?”

You: “Play checkers and write down our life goals”

Her: (laughing) “Okayyyy…as long as you bring me back to my car. I don’t want to get towed.”

You: “I got you doll.” (taking her hand and leaving.)


You: “Lets get out of here.”

Her: “And go where?”

You: “My spot. It’s more exciting.”

Her: “Ok”


You: “You down for an adventure?”

Her: “I love adventure. What kind?”

You: “It’s a secret. Yes or no?”

Her: “Hmmm, okay I guess. But have me home before it gets too late.”

You: “Done” (Taking her hand and leaving)

The adventure example is an excellent one when the chemistry is high and her interest level in you has skyrocketed. Simply take her to your pad. The act of going to your pad IS the adventure and when done properly she’ll be head over heels.


An Indirect Pad Transition (IPT) is one where an excuse is used to transition to your pad.

Indirect Examples:


You: “I just got this sick aquarium and I have baby sharks. No joke. Let’s swing by my spot quick and I’ll show you.”

Her: “Sharks? Really?? No way!”

You: “Yes way.”

Her: “I’m down”

You: “Cool, let’s go” (Taking her by the hand and leaving)


Let’s say that you mentioned on the date that you are an artist or a musician. Girls love artists and musicians and any display of your talent is generally a turn on for her. The key is to be casual about it and do NOT use it to impress her; instead use it as an excuse to transition to your pad.

You: “I just got this sick guitar and when I get buzzed I want to play music. Down for a mini-concert?”

Her: “I love guitar players (giggling). Yes.”

You: “Don’t turn into a groupie” (wink)

Her: “Can’t promise I won’t”

You: “Fine. Let’s go.” (Taking her hand and leaving)


This one is extremely indirect, but let’s say that you actually picked her up for the date. I don’t suggest picking her up, but perhaps she doesn’t have a car etc.

You: “Before I drop you off, I have to pick up XYZ at my spot.”

Her: “Ok.”

When you get to your spot, invite her in for “just one more drink”, and escalate from there. Girls are not stupid when it comes to this, BUT it provides a rational reason for them to come into your house and not feel like a slut.

Sidebar: IF you drove, take a cab to your spot. Do NOT drive drunk. Nothing will cockblock you worse then getting pulled over and getting a DUI. It’s not worth it. Take a cab and come back later for your car. Also, you can be escalating by making out with her while the cabbie drives, which helps keep the flow of physical touch moving along at a good pace. By the time you get to your spot, she’s ‘warmed up’ for the main event: getting naked.

Next week, Closing 2 will break down exactly the keys to getting her naked and having some great sex. Until then, check out and enter in the discount code of: ONSPUSSY to get it for only $19.99. The sale expires in 24 hours.

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