I launched ROK on October 16, 2012 because there was no general interest blog for masculine men that I liked. Since I’m not dependent on corporate income, I knew I could leverage my unique immunity to create a site that could weather inevitable attacks from easily-offended Westerners. Since launching, we have survived puny waves from those who think their angry tweets and “you have a small dick” comments will stop us. They feed us instead.

Here are traffic stats for our first month in operation:

  • 20,007 unique visitors
  • 141,220 page views

Here are traffic stats for September:

  • 541,807 unique visitors
  • 1,752,721 page views

There is demand for the content we publish, and since the mainstream media is not providing it, we will continue to grow. I have implemented many behind-the-scenes innovations that ensure ROK can run independently of my involvement.

I will make no bold proclamations for the next year; we will just keep doing what we’re doing. If you feel the urge to complain about our efforts, you are free to make the site better by contributing a guest post. Ask not what ROK can do for you, but what you can do for ROK.

Here are the top 10% favorite posts from our active writers:

Athlone McGinnis



Law Dogger

Black Knight

Emmanuel Goldstein

Western Cancer

Quintus Curtius



Check out our full archive.

I close out with a fun piece of news. Remember Fat Shaming Week? Well, an American news channel from Connecticut did a television report about it. Enjoy.

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