With all the hoops a man must jump through in order to achieve moderate success with women in this dysfunctional sexual marketplace, it’s no surprise a lot of men are dropping out of the game.  The aspiring Casanova is faced with many obstacles as is; your social media accounts are probably not doing you any favors.  Below are four reasons why social media is inhibiting your success with women, and why you are better off without it.

1. It’s Not Masculine

Masculine men have little use for social media.  Nothing says beta cuck more than a man that gets satisfaction from uploading and sharing unoriginal pictures of his cookie-cutter existence.  Think about some of the premier alphas of old.  Would a modern-day John Wayne have any use for an Instagram account?  Absolutely not.  Real men don’t need to showcase to the world what they ate last night or what concert they attended.

Social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram catalog their users’ activity for the world to see.  It’s easy to identify which types of users have little going for them.  Choosing to spend your free time seeking validation from strangers and stalking insta-whores that you will never touch is not only beta, but is also a complete waste of time.

2. It Invites Scrutiny

“Only 600 followers. He must be a loser”

When you meet a woman through day, night or online game, the first thing she is going to do before she considers going out with you is carefully go through your social media accounts with a fine-tooth comb.  What she is doing is looking for any incriminating evidence she can use to disqualify you.  She is also, albeit, not always an accurate method; appraising your social and economic standing in society by the number of followers, likes, and extravagant vacation pictures you have on your timeline.

She might even seek the opinion of a jealous and bitter friend who more likely than not, will find something negative to say about you, in hopes of dissuading your prospect from going out with you.  You might think you have an impervious social media presence, but trust me; if you put your stuff out there in public, you are inviting some degree of negative scrutiny.  Not having a Facebook or Instagram makes this a non-issue.

3. Cultivates Male-Thirst

It is widely known in the Manosphere that social media is one of the core reasons for the lopsided dating market we see today.  Social media has devolved into a platform for women to attention whore, boost their egos, and con thirsty beta men out of their hard earned money.  It also, subconsciously makes you more thirsty and needy.


There was a time in my life in which I was addicted to Instagram.  I would spend countless hours scouring through the feeds and stories of attention whoring skanks; marveling at all the edited half-naked pics. It took me a while to realize this unhealthy obsession. One day it finally occurred to me that Instagram was essentially a Pornhub lite.  It was distorting my perception of beauty and causing me to pedestalize degenerate and phony women.  There is already enough desperate men in the world who choose to naively validate these damaged women—don’t be another sucker.  When you like or comment on a woman’s picture you’re effectively relegating yourself to beta simp status.

4. Not a Worthy Use Of Your Time

Social media game is only worth it if you’re that guy.

What utility does social media have for heterosexual men?  There are other methods that can be used to stay in touch with family and friends; such as text, email, Skype, or a phone call.  When you really think about it, unless you are using it as a marketing outlet with a monetary incentive in mind, there is really no point in having it.  You are better off allotting your time to self-improvement, honing your game by throwing yourself in the trenches, or pursuing some other form of enrichment.

A person I use to work with told me his obsession of social media became so severe, his job was put into jeopardy due to low productivity and performance.  He was forced to put a locking feature on his account to limit the amount of time he could spend on Facebook to no more than one hour per day—that is pretty pathetic, don’t be that guy.


All things considered, there is very little benefit in having social media.  If anything, it limits the amount of time you could be spending pursuing more worthwhile endeavors, further skews the dating market, increases male thirst, and offers another medium for disqualification.

If a woman you are pursuing inquiries about your Facebook or tries to bust your balls about you not being on social media (I have had this happen before many times), shrug your shoulders and tell them that social media is for little kids who require validation, that the people close to you in life know how to reach you, and that well-to-do people like yourself have little time or utility for such brainless recreation.

Disclaimer:  If your social media contains pictures of you with models, bottles, weekly trips to exotic places or over ten thousand followers, disregard this advice.  For all other men, you’re better off just ditching social media; the return on investment just isn’t that great.

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