The benefits and rewards of practising day game have been covered many times on this website and it is generally accepted as a superior way of meeting women than online dating or Tinder. Furthermore, it is a tough, courageous activity in which fewer than 1% of men ever manage to take part.

Day game, however, can be far scarier and riskier than other forms of game: there is the ever-present social stigma attached to it which one feels when doing it on the street; it can be long and arduous compared to the quicker, more thrilling environments offered by night game and the learning curve is so steep, that 80-90% of men drop out before 1,000 approaches.

I have been practising day game for the last two years in Scotland. In this article, I shall share three off-putting experiences I have experienced on the street, how I managed to get over them and why I decided to persist with day game despite the highly unpleasant scenarios in which I found myself.

1. Approaching the same girl three times and getting threatened with police action

Edinburgh, yesterday.

One niggling question I keep hearing repeatedly is: “What if I approach the same girl twice?” Day gamers fear that they will be perceived as sleazy pick-up artists and creeps if they use the exact same line on the exact same girl in the same city by mistake.

I, and just about every day gamer I have met on the road, have made this mistake and will continue to do so in the future. Unfortunately, the truth is that especially in small Scottish towns, it is highly likely that a day gamer will approach the same girl twice. It is simply not possible to remember the face of everyone you’ve approached, trying to do so will only hinder the day game experience.

In my case, I was particularly unlucky when I chanced upon a sullen-looking brunette who proceeded to threaten me with police action after I had approached her on three separate occasions. I cannot lie and say that I was unfazed by the matter: the incident affected my vibe and I suffered from heightened approach anxiety for weeks afterwards.

Me getting rejected, yesterday

Fortunately, nothing ever never came of it and I believe I have not approached that girl since. I learnt that threats like these are often hollow and just the result of the girl’s own personal problems, whatever they may be. It does not help to dwell and over-think on such scenarios and the quicker incidents like these are forgotten and overcome, the better.

2. Being stopped by the police and having my address and contact details taken

The scariest experience I had whilst day gaming was being stopped by three police officers in set on a cold, autumn evening in 2017. After successfully taking the number of a charming and attractive student on the street, a police officer took the girl to one side and proceeded to subject me and my wing to a long interrogation. We were accused of acting suspiciously and lying when I told them what I was doing.  Our details were then taken and we were told that we could not approach girls in this manner on the street again.


The police, yesterday

Somewhat naively, I did not expect that doing day game would attract the attention of law enforcement. I also did not know that they had the right to take the address and telephone number of anyone they wished without arresting them. I cannot lie: this event struck fear deep into the heart of me and I did not approach for two months afterwards.

Despite the stern warning and my trepidation, I resumed approaching women after a break and have not had any trouble from the authorities since. I have since concluded that this was an isolated incident, a black swan event where I just happened to chance upon a moody set of bored police officers who had nothing better to do than harass me. When doing day game, it is critical to accept the very worst along with the best, there will be rejections, cockblockers, nastiness and unexpected turns of events. The only way to overcome them is to plough through them.

3. No successful sets in 2017

In 2017 I did over 1,000 approaches and got no successes at all. None.

The reason for my poor results was largely down to the fact I became too robotic and mechanical in my approaches. I had done so many that I started to look at day game as a chore and that came across in my vibe.

The way I managed to overcome this problem was to take a break. When day game gets too repetitive and monotonous, it is essential to take time out or to at least change things up a bit. I decided to try a bit of night game and immediately noticed the difference.

A Scottish club

In a single instance, I managed to kiss a girl and then sleep with another two weeks later whom I had met that same night, ending a dry spell of over one year. I firmly believe this was down to my change in vibe and scene. The novelty of a new situation gave my behaviour the injection of spontaneity which it desperately needed.

I have recently resumed day game on the first weekend of the Edinburgh Festival and no longer feel the same sense of monotony and boredom which I felt before taking a break.


Disasters and misfortunes are inevitable in life, especially for straight, white men in the 21st century. The only way to deal with this is to soldier on without faltering. It is not good enough to let failure and bad luck sucker you into idleness and inaction.

I suffered through a massive dry spell and have been threatened by the law for practising game, yet through sheer persistence I kept going and finally got some success. The key is to exhaust all the possibilities available to you: switch things up, try new environments to keep the spontaneity fresh and just keep going until you succeed.

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