Big girls need love too. Yet everyday, millions of BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) go to bed hungry and alone,  forced to please their starving vagina with corndogs. There just aren’t enough men out there that are hardy enough for the big girls. If you describe yourself as adventurous guy that loves extreme sports and challenges, consider the ultimate challenge: hunting down the largest game in the land! The big wild beasts that roam the vast American wastelands are the allegorical descendants of the buffalo that once roamed the great plains. You need Big Game to take out the Big Game.

Big Game is a dangerous business.

But this danger is what makes it so exciting. It’s nothing short of an adrenaline rush when I stuff my big black cock in a BBW’s soft, cellulite riddled ass. It feels like splitting a giant stump with an ax; and If I manage to find that hole, it cracks and bleeds, it’s like discovering a lost pirate booty (pun intended). Anyway, despite the softness of a BBW’s ass, even I have to keep my guard up to avoid injury. If you have a small build or a small cock, basically if you’re an Asian/Jewish guy, then forget it—not trying to sound racist here, just how it is. You have to have the equipment for the job. By equipment I mean much more than just a huge cock. You’ve gotta be built like Hercules with the will and stamina of a slave.

If you have a good robust frame, get your ass in the gym and lift HARD.

I recommend dead lifting a few hundred pounds, as this best simulates the doggy style position with a BBW. Remember, you have to beat that pussy like you’re in the UFC, and every fighter knows the battle is won in the gym. Gotta pump yourself up before you pump it in a rotund marshmallow-hoe like Lindy West. You’ll need every muscle fiber you can muster to lift and grease every slab, so lift hard.

McDonald's game

When it comes to approaching, you must have a Big Game plan in place that builds attraction.

My strategy is to follow them from behind, within earshot, until they fart. Everyone farts, but BBWs do so with greater frequency and intensity because their intestines are larger, so there’s more gas build up and pressure. Once the fart is released, this is the green light to approach. My typical approach is to walk up to her and immediately take the blame, smiling as I fan it away from her and saying something like, “Excuse me baby, my bad. I’m here to rescue you from myself.”


What’s so clever about this move is that it’s not just an excuse to approach, but it’s also a Neg and a Demonstration of Higher Value all in one. At first she feels insecure because she knows she’s the one that farted, but then I spin it around by taking the blame and helping her deal with it. This shows her that I’m a gentlemen, and makes it easier for me to move to the comfort building stage. Later when we’re in the bedroom, I’ll reuse this gambit again to start a farting contest, because it’s also a great way to get her to remove her pants.

Always remember to smile throughout the process. It works wonder for me at least, because there’s nothing brighter than a black man’s smile.

BBW in a wheelchair with a Big Game man

Next we have logistics, which is mandatory in Big Game.

If your logistics aren’t planned out right, even a measly 170 pound girl will get tired of walking and complain about it, collapsing before you can get her to your sex location. You have to circumvent this with meticulous planning. This requires taking into account every nearby elevator and ramp, because you want to get your BBW into a wheelchair as quickly as possible. Walking is tiring work for heavier women, so it’s important to allow them to reserve their precious energy for sex. Invest in a good, sturdy extra large wheel chair. You can never get one that’s too big, and a wheel chair that’s too small will just make her feel fat. When you pull out a wheelchair for thicker women, they’re always impressed that you were thinking of them.

feed your bbw

Last but not least, you gotta feed your bitches.

This isn’t as simple as you’d think, as a lot of amateur chubby chasers make the mistake of feeding their BBW with junk food too early in the game. BBWs are constantly hungry and easily seduced by food, and any skilled Big Game player knows how to use food as bait. He doesn’t ruin his game plan by feeding them too early, because a BBW that’s not hungry is a BBW that won’t give good head. Also, a quick breakfast in bed is all the plausible deniability she needs to rationalize a trip to your place, especially if that breakfast involves double-fudge ice cream with pancakes, and a healthy side of Big Black Cock.

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