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October 24th, 2013

How To Escalate With Women: Part 2


I hope your week is rocking and you’re implementing the advice I’ve doled out in the previous articles. Feel free to email me questions and I’ll answer them:

When we left off, you were on a date with Starbuck’s Chick and she had just lightly punched you on the arm. Now this is a defining moment: you can pull back or escalate.

While I’m a proponent of Push-Pull, now is the time to Escalate. She called you a bad boy and punched your arm. Agree and Amplify the hell outa that.

You: You have no idea

Her: Oooooh…tell me more!

You: Punch me again and see what happens (half-smile)

Her: Fine. (lightly punches you again in the arm)

You: (pulling her in close to you as though you’re going to kiss her) Do that one more time. I dare you.

Her: (she knows where this is going but understand, girls ENJOY the process) Okayyy (lightly punches you again)

You: (pull her in and kiss her firmly on the mouth)


Let me clarify, it is NOT always the case that a girl will punch you 3 times in the arm before you kiss her or escalate, however, I’m showing you an example of how an interaction can go. It’s very common for a girl who has some interest in you to get ‘rough’ with you, in order to give you an opportunity to ‘overpower’ her and assert your dominance. Remember, this is the chick who was reading 50 Shades of Grey.

When you pull back from the kiss, wink at her and order another drink. You’ve now escalated the date in a positive direction and now it’s about keeping the momentum going.

Remember, the entire time on your date, you want to be having fun and guiding the date towards a one night stand. Leave the serious talk, especially politics, religion and fiances for another day, or perhaps never.

In the previous example I used, the Starbucks Slut already had a high level of interest in you, but let’s say that she is going to take more ‘work’ to warm up to you on the date. Now this is key, it’s never about investing more of yourself into the date, in order to get her affection and attention; it’s about you presenting her with opportunities to QUALIFY herself to you.

Flip the table: generally girls and society paints the date as the guy’s responsibility, in that he has to impress the girl and then maybe, just maybe, it’ll be good enough for the girl. Hell no. That’s why I suggest going for drinks to a bar. It’s low cost to you, it’s low key and if after a few drinks she’s not into you, then my friend, she will never be. Alcohol is a truth teller and the social lubricant of our society. A girl’s tongue will loosen with each sip of her sugary-alcoholic drink. That’s a good thing.


Here’s an example of her not being as warm to you and how you would combat that.

You: Yea I drank alot in college, good times.

Her: That’s not good. My ex used to drink alot. I hated that.

You: Drinking is good for you. (sardonic smile) Perhaps he just couldn’t handle you…

Note: You have never met her ex and you have no idea if the was the baddest player in the world, or a total loser, but the angle you’re playing is planting the seed of doubt in her mind. Girls are very intuitive and by dropping a response like this she will think one or more of the following, which will help get her in the ONS mindset even more:

(Thoughts to herself)

-Yea, he never really fucked me that good, in fact I rarely came.

-This guy is perceptive, how could he tell?

Her: Hmmm maybe. Tell me more…

(she leans in and sizes you up again)

This is where you want her: curious, physically leaning in with open body language and wanting your opinion.

You: I can tell when a girl is pent up. You have that tension in your shoulders.

Her: Whaaat?! What do you mean?

You: Here (lightly touching her shoulder by her collarbone. This is an erogenous zone on a woman, plus it’s initiating touch and warming her up)

Her: Hmmm yea you might be right (small smile)

You: Of course I’m right (wink)

Then order shots for the two of you.

Next week we get into the really fun part of this series: Closing 1. In the meantime check out

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