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October 17th, 2013

How To Escalate With Women: Part 1


You approached a little hottie and her perky tits and bubble butt are fresh in your memory, after getting her digits that Monday afternoon at your local Starsluts, I mean Starbucks. Now what the fuck do you do?

Pick up the phone and call her right NOW! I kid. Don’t do that.

Send her the after-meeting text as I mentioned before:

“It’s Christian the sexy muthafucka u met at starbucks. let’s grab a drink soon ; )”

Unless she responds IMMEDIATELY with “Heyyy!!! Come over to my dorm room tonight, lets get drunk and play twister”, then don’t respond to her texts. Odds are she’ll write something back like this, “lol, hey it was cool meeting you too”

Ignore it. Text her 2 days later with a Call For Action:

You: “Drinks tomorrow night. 9pm. XYZ Bar. Try to look sexy ; )”

Note: Unless you have a club ON-LOCK, and I mean to the point where you could pull her in the bathroom and fuck her in a stall without ANY problem; then go to a bar. In the bar you’ll build comfort. Another important reason to have a couple of bars ON-LOCK. It builds MASSIVE DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value) when you walk into a bar and are The Man there.


You’re assuming the sale. NEVER ask her. Don’t do this:

You: “Hey Starbucks Slut, would you like to meet for drinks tomorrow night at 9pm sharp? No problem if you can’t…”

I’m fucking puking even having just wrote that. How fucking gay is that beta text I just wrote? Assume the sale, assume the sale, assume the sale.

You must ALWAYS be operating from a High Value Man position. This is a part of Frame.

Now assuming you sent the Alpha text, then let’s say she responds with this:

Starbucks Slut: “lol! Of course I’ll look sexy. duh!”

You: “koo”

SS: “Are you picking me up?”

Note: Now depending on logistics of where the bar is to your crib, then this can get tricky. I would have her drive her car to the bar. I’m basing this on her being able to have a ‘legitimate’ excuse to tell her parents/roomate if she winds up at your crib and spends the night. If you pick her up, then you’re obligated to drive her back to her house (generally speaking).

If she drives her car to meet you and she decides to stay over, then she can tell her parents or roommate that she’s spending the night at “a friend’s house”. Plausible deniability. Make it easy on her to get nasty with you and rationalize her hamster. Plus, if she winds up being a cunt, you can always stay at the bar, ignore her and game other sluts. At the least you won’t have to endure a drive to her house with the ‘date’ having gone bad and both parties miffed.


You: “nah, just meet me there. if you’re secretly crazy I’ll need a quick way to escape ; )”

Her: “lol okay. See you at 9″

You: “kk”

Alright, now you have the ‘date’ scheduled. You’ve cleared the first hurdle: Approaching and setting up a ‘date’. Now to actually meet her and get her comfort built, while subtly escalating.

Goes without saying, but dress in what you feel best in and God forbid you wear the same outfit you were wearing when you met her.

You set the ‘date’ for 9pm, BUT you’re not going to show up UNTIL she texts you that she’s there at the bar. Trust me, she will. No girl’s hamster can handle being stood up and IF she actually gets to the bar on time (highly unlikely with girls tendency to be late + ‘getting ready’ etc) then cool, that’s great; she might actually be a relatively decent girl. Sit in your car, but not in an obvious place.

Starbucks Slut: “Heyyy…are you coming?? I just walked in”

Note: It’s 9:15pm

Wait 2-3 minutes and text back:

You: “ya. grab a seat almost there”

Her: “Ok”

Wait 3 more minutes and then walk in the bar. Now I know you’re thinking, “How the FUCK can it be this much of a science??” Well gentlemen, it is, because our current generation of women LOVE to play games and are in constant competition with men to one-up them and be ‘better’.

It’s called Game for a motherfucking reason. Play or be played like a fiddle.


In The Bar

Walk into the bar like you’ve got the biggest dick in the world and could give two flying fucks what people think; you’re THE MAN. Confidence, confidence, confidence. Walk up to her, give her a hug, and order a drink. Odds are she won’t have ordered a drink, she’ll be waiting on you to buy one. Now there are a million schools of thought regarding this. I’ve bought and NOT bought girls drinks on the first ‘date’ and have had ONS’s in both scenarios, BUT for this scenario, let’s say that you do buy the drinks. Remember, you’re shooting for the Path of Least Resistance into her panties.

Make it smooth. When you order the drinks, be fucking casual and boss like. Bring CASH. Don’t hand your Bank of America card over hesitantly wondering if you’re going to overdraft. Take cash so you know what the fuck you’re working with and there’s NO chance of it being declined. Toss the cash on the bar casual like. Meanwhile she’ll be jabbering about something that doesn’t really matter. Half-listen. She’s in your world; NOT the other way around. Take a sip of your beverage, savor it and then open her up.

Cats get worried about meeting a girl for a date and let me tell you something; it’s actually easy. You know why? Because all you really have to do is ask her fucking questions. By the end of the date, she’ll be drunk, you’ll know a ton about her life and interests, what buttons to push to get the desired affect and she won’t really know much about you, which is KEY.

Literally as I’m typing this right now at a Coffee Bean, a couple was in front of me on their first date and holy fucking shit the dude just blabbed and blabbed his ass off. It’s no shock when I went outside for a smoke, the girl on the date eye fucked the shit out of me. The date was a disaster by all accounts and the dude was an idiot because the girl is clearly wanting the dick, but his lack of basic social skills ended it before it could begin.


Here is a handy little guide for conversation while on a date with a little hottie:

Ask, Listen, Comment.

Ask, Listen, Comment.

Ask, Listen, Comment.


You: You like school?

Her: blah blah blah

You: Yea Math sucks dick

Her: blah blah blah

You: Teasing insult disguised as a comment

Her: laughter

Get it? Now when she asks you questions you CAN answer some of them sincerely, because nothing is more obnoxious than a cat who answers every fucking reasonable question with a joke or dig. It’s fucking gay. There is a balance. Example:

Her: So did you go to college?

You: Yea, Harvard

Her: OMG! Really??

You: Nah I went to IU

Her: Oooh party school. How was that?

You: A lot of partying and an hour here and there of studying

Her: (laughing) I’ll bet. You’re such a bad boy! (Lightly punches your arm. Great sign.)

See what just happened? She lightly punched your arm. That means Young G, that you’re doing something right…

Understand the difference? You can be light and playful, but yet still communicate like a normal fucking human being. If you respond to every reasonable question with a complete joke and don’t revert to truth, or some semblance of truth, it’s not going to flow. You want the date to float along smooth, fun, playful and with one goal in mind: Getting her naked by the end of the night.

In a perfect world, every date would end with you bending her over and fucking her little tight pink pussy so hard that she walks funny the next day, but alas, it’s not a perfect world. She might take 2 dates, or even 3, and that will depend if you have the tolerance to drag it out that long. Some cats are cool with 5 dates before they shag her; some just 1. The point is, you’re going to do everything in your power to seduce her into getting naked the FIRST date.


Next week you’ll learn how to take this up a notch, in Escalation: Part 2.

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