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September 27th, 2013

The Art Of The Approach: Part 2


My last article covered the mindset and attitude that one needs in order to be successful in approaching girls. Today’s article is a guide on the practical side of the approach, a nuts-n-bolts breakdown.

One of the myths of game that has been purpotrated for a longass time is that you can approach ANY girl and get her in bed if your game is tight. Hold the fuck on a minute. It’s impossible to pull every single girl you approach. Some will simply not be into you physically, despite your game, some will be married and loyal to their hubbys, some will not like your shoes and nothing you say can change her mind. That’s ok. Who the fuck wants to be with a girl who you have to convince to that extent that she should be with you? It’s a waste of time.

I’m going to let in you in a little secret that will increase your successful approach rate by ALOT. You ready?

Get an IOI (Indicator of Interest) from her BEFORE approaching

The casual eye glance that lingers on you, the moving her and her friends closer to you on the dance floor, the talking loudly for no apparent reason but to get your attention, and of course the ever trusty hair flip and ‘fuck me’ eyes that a girl may give you.


Now you might think that getting an IOI BEFORE you approach isn’t game. Wrong. It’s knowing how to maximize your potential until you’re a magnet for the girls who are MOST into you. The girl who is already attracted to you, or interested in you will be MUCH easier to game then the girl you walk up to who has shown you NO interest. Later after you’ve become better you can focus on approaching the girls who are not displaying interest and pulling them. Also, the girl who shows you IOI’s initially is the girl who you have a much better chance of having a ONS with. Fact.

Let’s use a club as an example.

After skipping the line and not paying cover because you utilized the Club Lock-Down outlined in my book, you make one pass around the club, hit the bathroom and then post up at the bar. In your initial pass around the club spreading good energy, what did you do? Oh that’s right, you made Soft Approaches. By high-fiving girls, making quick comments and being upbeat and having an authoritative presence, you already made it known that you’re a fun guy and a man of high value. You set the Framework for your Hard Approaches.

As you post up at the bar, you notice a couple of different girls checking you out, dancing closer and giving you the eye. As Shakespeare would say, “The Stage is set so go and pull the lass into your lair”. Half the work is now done. These are your targets.


Now, I want you to understand something: You must crawl before you can walk and you must walk before you can run. If you’re new to game, do NOT expect to hit the club and start pulling 9′s and 10′s. Unless you have extremely good looks and natural charisma you will be blown out. You have to start somewhere and no that doesn’t mean you have to nail 4′s and 5′s, but your initial Middle Ground is 6′s-8′s. These are the ‘easiest’ girls and the ones where you will practice. Call them Practice Girls. Once you’re great at those, you can start focusing on 8+’s.

As you pick a target who’s giving you the eye, now is the time to remember the Greatest Pick-Up Line In The World: “Hi, I’m Christian…” (wink/half smirk)

What?! But it can’t be? It’s that simple? Yes. In the club guys are CONSTANTLY dropping bullshit pick-up lines to the point where it’s completely been done a million times and it’s ineffective. By being a normal fucking man and giving her a greeting with your name, you’re establishing Confidence and Frame with the girl.

Confidence: By stating your name, you’re already being open with her about something regarding you. Now it could be a fake name, but it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t know that. You have to remember, she doesn’t know you from Adam, so some comfort building is necessary.

Frame: You’re setting a no-nonsense tone from the get-go. If you truly want to get great at having one night stands, then learn to cut the bullshit and eliminate steps that will only drag out the process and kill the momentum of taking the girl home the first night.

After you’ve introduced yourself to her, now is the time you can drop something witty or clever.


“Is this guy really a dj? My fucking ears are bleeding” (opens a whole stream of topics regarding music etc etc)

“I noticed you staring at me…I know it’s not everyday you see a guy this good looking” (Funny if you’re NOT good looking and if you are good looking say it with a smile so she knows you don’t take yourself to serious. Self-deprecation is ok, but in SMALL doses. Better to be Cocky then a Clown)

“You do know it’s rude to stare right?” (It’s flirty, puts her on the spot and she will probably shit-test you at this point. Hold fast and firm that she was staring at you)

There’s a million different replies to her and responses she’ll give you, however, the ONLY way to become a master at approaching, is what Roosh has advocated for years and I have concurred: get in the trenches and approach your ass off. Get out to the club and approach until your legs fall off.


Next week I will cover approaching in Starbucks, on your campus and in non-party environments. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and check out my book: Night Club Bible.

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