Regrettably, low-T men and soy boys appear to be on the ascendance in Western culture. This has a great many ramifications for society at large too numerous to get into here, but when it comes to game, the results are plain to see: game denialists and sexless keyboard jockeys who sit in their bedrooms endlessly rehashing the same old refrain.

Game doesn’t work. The only thing that works is money and looks. And so on.

Of course, such individuals would be merely laughable were it not for the fact that their naive and untested ideas infect the minds of others. Hopefully you are not so far gone. Perhaps you have read some negative comments along these lines, but you remain optimistic that the doomsayers are wrong.

Well, they are.

All you have to do is go out and investigate for yourself.

Here is my 4-point plan for avoiding the soy mindset and getting the results you want with women.

1.Think about the motivations of game denialists

First off, if you are reading an article or a Twitter thread or blog post about game, and you notice someone critiquing the techniques espoused in unusually negative terms, consider carefully why the author might feel compelled to voice such opinions.

Usually if I disagree with an article—which happens pretty often—I generally don’t tend to bother commenting. This is because I have a life and I’m busy and I would consider it an inconvenience at best. So the people that do this kind of thing must have a pretty strong motivation.

Now, think about it. If these people were happy an enjoying full and productive lives, as well as sexual abundance, then would they be posting crap online? No, of course not.

As such, we can deduce that the people promulgating such views are in the main low-value individuals who most likely haven’t seen success in their dating lives and whose ‘advice’ is therefore worthless. And it is always better only to take notice of those who have succeeded, rather than those who have failed.

2. Stop having conversations on social media with low-value individuals

Continuing on the above theme—and it should be pretty obvious to you by now—if you run into such people online you should certainly avoid conversing with them, or otherwise encouraging them.

The truth is that negativity is catching. Spend too much time with negative people and you will almost certainly pick up their negativity.

And that in turn will limit your personal growth.

There is a very pertinent saying—‘Don’t feed the trolls.’ The more attention you give to soy boys who seek to deny the efficacy of game as a cover for their own inadequacies, the more they will carry on. This is not doing you any good, and it’s not doing them any good either. If their audience dissipated then perhaps they would feel the need to go out and actually work on themselves rather than infecting others with their ‘flat earth’ theories.


There is also another pertinent saying: ‘You are the sum of the five people closest to you.’ This goes for online as well as off. If you consistently surround yourself with losers then inevitably you will become a loser yourself over time.

Do yourself a favour and avoid this.

3. Work on improving yourself

The time and energy that you have saved feeding the trolls should be put into a strict regimen of self-improvement. As with everything, there is a grain of truth in what these soys say about game. Yes, looks help. Yes, having a good build helps. Yes, having money can help (although positioning yourself as a provider won’t).

OK then—set about acquiring those things for yourself.

Game is not, and has never been (except for scam artists and idiots) a catch-all that does away with the need to improve one’s value. A high-value male will always do better with women than a low-value one. It’s just that game is the necessary glue that sticks it all together.

Believe me, I’ve known plenty of wealthy, good-looking men without game whose results in the field have sucked.

To ensure you have the best chances of success, you really must cover all of the bases. Make sure the product (you) is of the best quality possible; and attend to the marketing (your game skills) with equal diligence.

4. Go out and talk to girls

Regardless of where you are along the path of self-development, the next step is unavoidable: you must go out and talk to girls.

Just think about it. That hour you spent online reading PUA blogs and the negative comments beneath could have been spent doing a daygame session where you talked to ten girls. From these you could have got a few phone numbers, a couple of dates, and maybe even more.

Finally, remember that negativity is soul-sucking because in the short term it can actually feel good. But when you zoom out and look at the bigger picture of your life it is not doing you any good at all.

In fact, engaging with the soy game denialists will actively hurt your progress as a man since it will stop you going out there and taking social risks.

And a man who gives up on taking risks is scarcely a man at all.

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