A common mistake in the blue pill dating advice manual is that a man should never try to sleep with a woman on the first date. In fact, he should be a “gentlemen” and wait until date number three. And if she deems him sexually worthy she will give up the ass on the third meet up.

Interestingly enough the men who follow this tactic later end up asking themselves and/or others questions like  “Why didn’t she agree to a second meet up?” or “Why haven’t I fucked her yet?? It’s been a month!”

The simple answer is because they didn’t try to fuck her on the first date which as a man you should absolutely ALWAYS do and here are two very good reasons why:

1. It exhibits your true masculinity

Girls not only want masculinity, they need it. Regardless of what they say on social media about “toxic masculinity” or “douchebag fuck boys” they want men who aren’t afraid to show their masculinity.

Laci Green can bitch all she wants to about “toxic masculinity” but the men bruising her cervix are oozing testosterone

Sure, there are markers of alleged masculinity and high testosterone levels. Things like muscle tone, facial hair, a zero fucks given attitude and other traits signal to females that you might be that high T dude she’s looking to let between her legs.

But I used the word “alleged” because all the things I just listed are things that can be developed. Hit the gym and you’ll get bigger and stronger. Don’t shave for a while and you’ve got a beard. Having a devil-may-care attitude doesn’t always come naturally.

Women have a sixth sense for sniffing out inconsistencies in a man’s presentation. They meet a lot of wannabes who look and sound the part but when push comes to shove and these “alpha males” don’t try to close the deal at the end of the night—she discounts him as a paper tiger.

You could certainly look and act masculine but that doesn’t mean you are actually masculine. Your actions at the end of the night have to mirror your actions at the beginning and middle of the date. Yeah it’s great to tease her, neg her, escalate sexually, and do all these masculine things but if you don’t try to engage in the ultimate act of masculinity which is trying to have sex with her, you’re no different than any of the other losers who tell her how beautiful she is and about how he can’t wait to show her a good time on his dime.

Just because he looks like this on the outside, doesn’t mean he isn’t as soft as baby shit on the inside

Furthermore, trying to sleep with her on the first date doesn’t mean you’re not a gentlemen. You can be the world’s most distinguished gentlemen all you want, but if you don’t try to fuck her, she’s not gonna remember you being a gentlemen. She’ll remember that you didn’t try to fuck her.

Even if she has no intention of sleeping with you, she wants you to try. She wants to know if you are who you presented yourself to be. Sexual escalation means nothing to a woman if you don’t try to see it through to the end.  This is a built in shit test you can fail without her having to deploy it.

2. It shows you are fearless, persistent, and can handle rejection

Of the many traits girls admire, fearless is at or near the top of that list. Females don’t want to be with men who are afraid or appear to be afraid… of anything. His boss, his mom, her cat, anything. Girls want to feel safe with you and a man who exhibits fear will not engender feelings of protection.

If you don’t try to fuck her on the first date, she might think you’re afraid to try. And if she thinks you’re afraid to try she’ll start to question whether or not you’re as experienced with women as you appear to be.

Women do not respect fear in men. The world tells us that we should show vulnerability and open up to women but this is always a huge mistake. Your girl wants you to be her rock. Her immovable object who fears nothing. If you break down emotionally and start talking about your fear of water because your step dad made you run wind sprints in the rain as a kid, she’ll lose attraction for you because she’s now aware of your fears. It won’t be evident at first but over time, that story will erode her respect and attraction for you.

One girl I was fucking for a few weeks asked me why I didn’t try to fuck her the first time we went to the movies. I gave her a bunch of lame excuses like “I was trying to respect you” or “I wasn’t ready yet” but she knew why I didn’t try to get the ass that night: I was afraid of her rejecting me.

But what most men don’t understand is that girls resisting sex doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t want to have sex with you. If she wasn’t thinking about having sex with you she wouldn’t have come back to your place to “check out your coin collection” in the first place.

Example Scenario

So you’re on your couch making out (you never even looked at your coin collection), your hands are all over her tits, grabbing her ass etc. The usual activities that precede sex. Then you make the one move that tells the girl that you are 100% going to try to fuck her: taking her panties off.


If a girl lets you take her panties off it is far more likely than not that you are going to have sex with her. I have seldom slid a woman’s panties off and not fucked her. So if you try and she lets you, sex is usually imminent.

If these come of it’s a wrap…and she knows it

“But what does it mean if she doesn’t let you take them off, Donovan?!”

Well that depends upon how you react and what you do in the aftermath. If she stymies your efforts to penetrate that poon, simply smirk at her shrug your shoulders and say “I’m gonna make another drink. Want one?” I’ve done this just about every time I’m rejected for sex for the first time.

What this does is that it shows her that you are impervious to her thwarting your efforts to add her to your trophy mantle. And guess what: Girls love this. A man who smiles in the face of rejection and lets it slide off his back as if nothing happened is a man women can respect and love.

If you react with butt hurt and say, “Hey! You sucked my dick! I thought you wanted to fuck! You’re such a cock tease!” or something to that effect, she’s going to lose all attraction for you and leave. At that point she’ll either never talk to you again or put you in the friend zone (which is worse than being ghosted on).

“Okay so she rejected you and you handled it correctly. What now?”

This is simple. If you try to fuck her and she rejects you, one of two things will happen: she will either stay or she will leave.

If she leaves, it’s obvious she didn’t want to sleep with you. But if she stays she wants you to try again. A woman who rejects you sexually, but sticks around is shit testing you. Her subconscious is telling her “Let’s see how he handles rejection. Let’s see how persistent he is.”

“But Donovan, what’s the purpose of that? Why does she want to know how you handle rejection or how persistent you are?”

Because appearing bullet proof to rejection then showing sticktoitiveness in the face of said rejection is what separates the Betas from the Alphas. Beta males give up after initial rejection. They feel the sting of rejection and they don’t want to feel it again. Sure, he did what a lot of men don’t by trying to fuck her on the first date but a lot of guys try to get the pussy on date number one. 99.9% of guys who get stopped trying to slide those panties off give up and never try again. They often never get a second chance… that night or ever.

Women respect and admire attractive men who don’t give up

But a man who gets refused, shrugs it off, makes a drink, takes his place next to her on the couch, and continues to escalate sexually with the intent of trying to fuck her again on the correct assumption that her very presence after the first failed attempt means she wants him to try again, is a man who has separated himself from most men she’s been with.

Now don’t mistake me. Just because she’s still there and wants him to try again doesn’t necessarily mean she is going to sleep with him. She may have zero intention of sleeping with him that night because it makes her look like a slut (which only concerns them if they actually like the guy and is thinking about a relationship with him). But that doesn’t mean she wants him to give up either.

Women love being desired and pursued. They love the flirting and the kino and the sexual innuendos that lead to sex almost as much as the sex itself (sometimes more as some women have told me). But that doesn’t mean they’re going to let you fuck them.

“So she wants you to try to fuck her… even though she knows she isn’t going to… but wants you to try even after she rejects you and if you give up she loses attraction? This sounds confusing and not worth it!”

Well that’s the game, gentlemen, at least if you want to sleep with attractive women. These are the things you’re going to have to deal with if you want to have success with high value (read: hot) girls.

Plus, if you don’t react well to rejection and show no persistency, she’ll assume you’re like this in all parts of your life. She’ll think you’re a pushover at work, with your friends, and your family. Women don’t want a man who gives up in the face of adversity or getting turned down. They want a man who pushes forward and doesn’t take no for an answer. These are the men who live better lives than the men who do not.

To reiterate, if she sticks around after your first attempt, she wants you to try again. She wants to know you have thick skin and can handle adversity and push through it to get what you want which is her. Maybe she sleeps with you, maybe she doesn’t. Either way, she knows you are fearless and that you will stop at nothing to get what you want and that is an attractive trait that women want and need in their lives.

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