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September 6th, 2013

The Feminist Attack on Steve McQueen


Steve McQueen was one of the greatest actors of all time and was known for his off-screen lifestyle just as much: car racing, partying, motorcycle racing, trips cross-country with his buddies and generally living the dream that most middle-aged men only wish they could live. Oh yes, he liked women too. A lot.

Perhaps not too shockingly, anything that a man does that is out of the realm of work a 9-5, provide for his family and God forbid, have ANY time with his pals or even a ‘man-cave’, feminists must attack. An article was brought to my attention by a friend just recently, and although it’s from 2011, it’s never too late to call out a feminist on an idiotic, incongruent attack on a passed away icon. Steve McQueen is dead last time I checked, but leave it to an embittered feminist to STILL attack a dead man, even when he cannot defend himself.  That’s ok though, because yours truly, Christian McQueen, will defend the name and legacy of our deceased manly alpha male brother.


The full article link is here:

However, I will be inserting portions of the article and my rebuttal below.

The article starts off with a snarky attack on Steve’s alleged behavior towards his wife Ali McGraw:

Whenever Ali MacGraw’s agent called, her  husband would slam down the phone.

No way was he going to allow his young wife  to resume her career, even if she was the hottest female star in  Hollywood.

As far as Steve McQueen was concerned, Ali  was better off barefoot and pregnant, serving him up meat and potatoes at 6pm  precisely, which he’d devour alone in front of the TV.

Rebuttal: Apparently, if your husband doesn’t answer your agent calls, there is simply NO way to get in contact with your agent and set up a meeting. Could it actually be that Ali was enjoying living the good life, WITHOUT having to act anymore, and she actually did not desire the career anymore?

Feminists absolutely HATE when a woman chooses a traditional role of child-rearing, homemaking and being a supportive force BEHIND her successful husband. This very definition cuts away at what they want to undermine. According to them, it’s NOT really a woman’s choice. Every woman MUST have a career and choose that career over a providing husband and raising kids.

The statement “barefoot and pregnant”, is a clear dig on the women who choose to stay at home, rear children and cook a good meal for their man who is PROVIDING for the entire family. And God forbid, that a precise meal time be set in the home! Doesn’t everyone know that having inconsistent meal times is actually better for kids? Oh the horror.


No one could understand why the sophisticated  former model, at the peak of her career, had chosen to marry McQueen, whose  antediluvian attitudes  to the female sex were widely known.

Even the gossip columnists knew he was  cheating on Ali — by renting a suite  at the Beverly Wilshire in LA for  quickies, though no one quite dared  put it that way in print.

Sometimes, too lazy to go out looking for  women, he’d arrange to ‘interview’  potential starlets in his suite for a movie  that didn’t exist.

And such was power of his macho movie image  that girls half his age ignored his growing paunch, falling willingly into the  convenient bed.

He was never all that fussy where sex was  concerned. If models and starlets weren’t readily available, he was perfectly  happy to sleep with prostitutes — the more the merrier.

Indeed, a few years earlier, while making The  Magnificent Seven, he and his co-star Robert Vaughn had spent the whole of Good  Friday in a Mexican brothel.

After getting drunk on margaritas, they  echoed the film’s title by sharing seven girls between them in one  silken-pillowed room.

Rebuttal: “No one could understand…” Really? I know it’s shocking for the man-jaw, fuzzy lipped fat feminist cunts to understand why in the fucking world gorgeous women would desire an A-List alpha male movie star known for being a man’s man, but newsflash feminists: Attractive women actually do DESIRE men of value. The higher the value the more attractive his pursuers actually are. It’s science sweeties. Called pre-selection and maybe you should do your research.

Fact: A women would rather choose to share an alpha male, then to have a beta bitch ass dude all to herself.

It’s such a shame gentlemen, that a man would desire sex with multiple different gorgeous women? Who did Steve McQueen think he was? And once again we have the attack on prostitutes. Funny coming from feminists where it’s all about female ‘empowerment’, however when a woman CHOOSES to exchange sex for cash it’s morally reprehensible by Steve McQueen to have committed these heinous acts.

I’m starting to wonder if feminists are actually mildly retarded. I’ve never seen such blatent hypocrisy and illogical arguments presented by any one group of people more than feminists. Maybe the state should have mandated IQ tests for any girls majoring in Women’s Lib etc.


Not only was McQueen openly and repeatedly  unfaithful, as author Marc Eliot reveals in a new biography, but he also  ingested vast quantities of drugs, regularly getting high on cocaine, peyote (a  hallucinogen made from cactus), LSD and — to pep up his bedroom activities —  vials of amyl nitrate.

Being a bad boy, of course, was a crucial  component of his popular appeal. But what this book reveals for the first time  is the sheer scale of his appalling behaviour, in both his private and  professional life.

In person, McQueen was a short, boorish man  of few words — sometimes choosing to communicate only in grunts.

Rebuttal: Can you believe Steve McQueen? He actually took amyl nitrate, TO PEP UP HIS BEDROOM ACTIVITES! Holy fuck. Who did he think he was doing anything to spice up the bedroom?

I pray to God you never do, but if you happen to fall into bed with a feminist, due to a drunken night where your judgment was impaired, and she pulls out a vibrator, immediately condemn her to hell for bringing out anything to spice up the bedroom.

I’ve tried amyl nitrate before actually and it’s a helluva drug when used in small doses and not repeatedly. Kudos to Steve.

Of course we have the attack on Steve’s height. So now being short is an excuse to attack men. “We know it’s completely out of your control men, but damn you for having been born short.” Another idiotic statement that has NO bearing on the character of a man, but provides this cunt author with ‘ammunition’ for her attack on Steve.


Paul Newman, who starred in more hits than  McQueen, was a particular bugbear. So when the two men were given equal billing  in The Towering Inferno in 1974, McQueen insisted that each was given exactly  the same number of words — and that the final shot and sentence spoken in the  film would belong to him.

Hard to believe now that he was widely viewed  as the most attractive alpha male of his time.

Rebuttal: Dammit Steve, how dare you fight for your right to retain leading man status! Once again, an attack on any man who actually FIGHTS for his career. Take a look at your closest corporate workplace and show me a man who actually can fight for his right in the workplace and not get brutally attacked by feminists for trying to undermine women and having ‘anger issues’.

In this cunt author’s mind, the statement “Hard to believe now…”, is a testament to her feminists camp’s mindset that they have undermined everything that real raw men were and stood for years ago.

Fact: Feminists WANT men to lie down and be bloody dogs, getting fucked in the ass and not complaining about it.

I say “Fuck The Fems” loud and clear.

For years, as his career failed to ignite, he  leeched off a successful dancer called Neile Adams — spending her earnings on  new cars, drugs and other women.

Rebuttal: Oops, did Steve do what women have done for years? Did he dare provide sex and companionship for a woman and in exchange she helped him stay on his feet while he pursued acting? Wait, which one is it feminists? I thought you lasses WANTED independence to make your own money and do what you wanted? So which one is it? A women CHOSE to help Steve and he should be tarred and feathered for this.



That night, when they were alone together, he  turned on his devastated wife, asking repeatedly whether she’d ever had an  affair. She denied that she had. Then, suddenly, he leapt up to dig out his  supply of cocaine from a drawer and insisted that she share it with him. 

Being a bad boy was a crucial component of his popular  appeal

With her tongue loosened by the drug, Neile  at last admitted she’d had a fling with an actor. Saying nothing, McQueen got up  again and went into the other room.

A few seconds later, he returned with a  pistol and pointed it at her head, insisting she tell him the name of the actor. 

When she didn’t answer, he cocked the trigger  and pressed the tip of the barrel hard against her temple.

Finally, she cracked: she’d had sex with the  Oscar-winning actor Maximilian Schell, she admitted tearfully.

Rebuttal: Gee, so a husband cannot get upset when he finds out his WIFE FUCKED ANOTHER MAN?! The audacity of Steve McQueen is unbelievable. He actually got MAD at his wife for cheating. WTF was wrong with him?

Another double standard by feminists in that it is NEVER okay to show anger at your significant other, especially when she’s caught cheating. It’s her RIGHT you know to go have another cock shoved up her vagina and you as a REAL MAN should be ok and not INTIMIDATED by it. Cunts.


His next movie, The Getaway, was produced by  Robert Evans, a Hollywood bigshot then married to the coltish Ali MacGraw — and  Evans decreed she should have a starring role. It was an order he’d live to  regret.

Almost immediately after meeting McQueen in  1972, Ali became another notch on his belt.

Later, she recalled: ‘I was obsessed with  Steve from the moment he stepped into my world, and there was never enough air  for me to breathe to change that feeling. He was very taken with me, too,  although I wasn’t necessarily his dream lady physically.

Rebuttal: I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY Ali was into Steve…can you guys? Note: the DHV Steve must have displayed “although I wasn’t neccesarily his dream lady physically”. Laugh my fucking ass off, Steve knew what the fuck was up.

Knowing he meant it, Ali scrambled to prepare  for her wedding the next day, presided over by a justice of the peace whose name  McQueen had found in a phone book.

At the very last minute, her lover produced a  pre-nuptial agreement. If she didn’t sign, he said, there’d be no wedding. Ali  signed.

Rebuttal: Feminists HATE the idea of a smart man who would protect his assets from a woman. Smart move McQueen, smart move. Note how she signed it. : )


Steve McQueen was a Boss among Bosses. Period. He was a man’s man, loved by women and envied by men. He was successful, pursued what he wanted despite having being born on the wrong side of the tracks and the wrong side of advantage and did it all with a sardonic smile. May the King of Cool RIP, despite the feminists cunts who only wish they could have had the chance to fuck him. Wouldn’t have happened: Steve only went for the hotties.

McQueen to McQueen: You’re the fucking man, dead or alive.

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