So you are planning on doing an academic exchange program to a University in Brazil and you want to know how to become the Latin American version of Chad Thundercock with Latina college students. This article will give you all the insights you will be needing to become the next hotshot with girls inside college majors already totally contaminated by cultural Marxism and left-wing ideals. The tricks shown in here will also work with little to no modification in other Latin American countries besides Brazil, they all suffer from the same cultural Marxist fungus.

Time to pack your bags

Warning: This guide assumes you want to bang Latina college chicks so badly that you are willing to blend in and disguise as one of our left-wing socialist enemies. It also assumes you’re not planning on having any relationships with those chicks, since they will never be good girlfriend material and are already totally brainwashed by Marxist ideals and feminism.

The techniques we will cover in here are mostly for gaming chicks from humanities majors like arts, journalism, language, history, social studies, psychology, design, philosophy and others. So the techniques described in here might not be very effective with women from STEM fields, fortunately the cultural Marxist fungus has yet to totally infect the STEM fields in here.

Step 0.01: Pretend that you don’t support Trump

I think this one is so obvious that I don’t have to describe it in a lot of detail. Also if your liberal arts professors or colleagues ask anything about your political views, say to them that you voted for Hillary, that Fidel Castro is the greatest man on earth, that you love Karl Marx and that Trump is the devil and that everything about Western culture is “bad and wrong.” Say what they want to hear not what you really think and you will soon become a popular figure among those left-wing simpletons in no time!

Also if any liberal arts Brazilian asks you what do you think about Bolsonaro (The Brazilian Trump), tell them that you think he is “evilzzz” as well. After all, as I said before: say what they want to hear not what you really think. This is called the art of blending in when inside enemy territory.

Step 1: Dress like the biggest hipster/hippie ever

Making the conversion from American chad to Latin America´s chad isn’t that hard. The Brazilian Marxist version of Chad Thundercock is basically a hippie version of Ellsworth M Toohey if he was born in Latin America.

Always walk in the University Campus holding in your hands a copy of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto to look “cool” in their counter-culture social circles. Don’t worry! You wont have to read that pile of shite! Most Marxist liberal art students probably never read it anyways they just keep parroting what they hear from their Marxist college professors and you can do that as well. Sometimes talk about some new age stuff like astral signs, Buddhism, and Woodstock culture. It will make you look cool in their group.

Step 2: Have a hipster playlist in your Spotify

John Lennon from heaven: “Peace n luv brah lets smoke some pot!”

Bands like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Marley, and others from the 60s Vietnam War/Woodstock era is a must if you want everyone to appreciate your musical taste.

Also don’t forget to throw in some Brazilian bands from that era as well such as Legião Urbana, especially their song Geração Coca Cola, which is basically Brazilian Marxist Elite Academia’s anthem. Those simpletons Marxist left-wingers will never suspect you are just faking to be one of them in order to game their hot, but crazy, chicks.

We ask you to do all of this because Latin American Marxists and Brazilian Marxist elites are stuck forever in the 60s as if they were trapped in a time machine that keeps sending their minds to the counterculture of that time forever.

Step 3: Get good at talking counterculture/hippie gibberish

Liberal Arts Student 1: Bruh why hit dah bookzzz!!  Smoking pot is dah real dealzz it gives us dah real knowledge.

Liberal Arts Student 2: Dassss Riteee!!!!!!!


Liberal Arts Student 1: Shieeet I dont even remember what I was saying anymore.

Liberal Arts Student 2: Shieeeet!!! Its those evil capitalists trying to control your brain brah!!!

Liberal Art Student 1 and 2: Shieeet put on “Geração Coca Cola”! DAS RITEEEE!!! DAS RITEEE!!!! DAS RITEEE!!!!!

All you have to do is basically adopt a  Ellsworth M Toohey persona. Say things like:

  • “Individualism is bad!”
  • “Money turns people into evil greedy assholes!”
  • “Collectivism is the greatest thing people can do!”
  • “Dah Police and Dah Military are evilzz man!”
  • “Lets fight against dah man!!!”

Also every now and then mix your Woodstock/anti-capitalist counter culture socialist rhetoric with some mumbo jumbo talk about new age stuff like chakras, spiritual energies, aligned planets, crazy conspiracy theories about the government, and East Asian religion stuff. Then just watch as everyone cheers you up and the college chicks go wild for you. Soon those left-wing chicks will all be wanting to get inside your pants in no time.

Bonus points for:

Step 4: Become the biggest Hipster ever

Hippies be like: Brah where is the Weeed!!! Make love not war maneeee!!!!

Step 4 is basically mixing of all the other steps in order for you to adopt a total hipster left-wing counter culture facade persona to get all the hot liberal art chicks into you. They will be liking you so much that soon they will be inviting you to their parties, activities and way of life.


Liberal Art´s chicks from Brazil/Latin America will go crazy for you  if you have one of those.

You score bonus points with your fellow Latin American Marxist college students if…

  • …you know how to play the guitar. Make sure to sing counterculture songs from the 60s or romantic songs in the college campus. Liberal Arts college students here love guys who and play romantic songs or anti-capitalist/counter-culture anthems.
  • …you tell everyone that you hate Paulo Coelho’s books and Orvalho de Carvalho’s ideas. Brazilian liberal art students and Brazilian Marxist elite’s favorite hobby is to spend their time hating and cursing on them.
  • …what you say to them doesn’t have to make sense at all. All you have to do is talk the same old speech used by socialist politicians/dictators and make it look believable by using Aristotle’s art of rhetoric tactics.

But be careful to not become one of them

AAAAAAARGH!!! It´s too much wickedness I cant handle it!!!!                                     “When you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” – Nietzsche

Never forget what the manosphere really stand for. Spending too much time with those kind of people, even if you are just faking it, might brainwash you into becoming one of them in the long term. Make sure to have on hand some books from Ayn Rand, Thomas Paine, Socrates, or Adam Smith in your baggage or Kindle. Or just bring the Holy Bible (KJV preferably). Hearing God always heals the soul. This way you can read about real wisdom, character, and virtue to keep your mind sane in this socialist hellhole country/continent and to not let yourself succumb into their SJW PC culture madness.

As Nietzsche would say, “if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you,” so even if your intention was only to have some fun with hot, wild, left-wing liberal arts Latinas, you need to be careful not to allow them to convert you.

To sum it up. If you follow all the tips in my guide you are most likely to get at least some hot liberal art college girls during your stay in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

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