In case you haven’t paid attention to popular music for the past few years, electronic dance music (EDM) is taking the United States by storm.  As a fan of the genre, I really can’t complain.  Although many of the pounding beats are admittedly repetitive and uncreative, the high energy and positive emotions created by the sound tend to make it great party music.  Whether your like it or not, EDM is not going anywhere anytime soon — even if all of the DJs across the world never make a single new track.

The reason is simple: EDM’s party culture, filled with Molly (MDMA) and other inhibition-reducing drugs, assists young people to have to the time of their lives every single time they go to a rave.  Even the most awkward or shy people, male or female, suddenly gain the ability to confidently approach and effortlessly escalate when Molly is in their systems.  And you’d best believe some people are using this information to make A LOT of money.

The Music Festival

Organized mega—raves like NYC’s Electric Zoo continue to pop up all over the world.  These multi-day outdoor music festivals feature the same collection of DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs, have very similar stage set-ups, and generally charge $5 for a bottle of water.  Interestingly, ticket prices for these type of events can be greater than $500 and often sell out in just a few hours.  In return for these steep prices, concert organizers provide the horny, half-naked partygoers a relatively safe and hassle-free environment to do Molly and interact with one another.


The much anticipated Electric Zoo festival celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary this weekend on Randall’s Island in New York City.  Unfortunately, the final day of the three day event was cancelled by Mayor Michael Bloomberg after two concertgoers died and an at least four others were hospitalized in critical condition — all from reportedly overdosing on MDMA.  It is easy to predict the intense outrage that will be aired in the media by mothers and politicians over the next few weeks.  Blame will be thrown at event organizers, poor parenting, the drugs, Miley Cyrus, and everything else under the sun.  However, no one is going to point any fingers at the true cause of these tragic events — this generation’s lack of social skills.

A Quick Fix for No Confidence?

A frightening percentage of today’s young men does not have the ability to approach a girl and face a potential rejection.  Instead, they rely on drugs, alcohol, and the internet to reduce virtually all risk.  Every guy has a friend who needs to get completely obliterated every time they go to the bar, just so they can gain the confidence to approach a fat, gargoyle-looking woman for sex.  I believe the tragic events that happened this weekend at Electric Zoo are simply a more extreme example of this behavior.  (Try to picture a guy who was always the life of the party in college but never got laid — then find an image of the young man who died this weekend.  Is it just me?)



For normal, responsible men who are looking to meet someone, taking heavy doses of MDMA every night out to help his “game” is socially unacceptable in addition to being extremely unhealthy.  Alcohol, on the other hand, is not frowned upon – this is why every college bar in the country has dozens of blacked out dorks slurring pick up lines to below average women and wasted girls who will soon have regrettable one night stands they will barely remember.  However, as soon as Electric Zoo or the next festival arrives, this same crowd jumps at the opportunity to do Molly (a much better inhibition blocker) and interact with each other the way they truly want to.  Just as with alcohol, some people over do it.  But with hard drugs, hospitalization and death are clearly not impossibilities.

Don’t get me wrong — I enjoy both alcohol and MDMA (from a trusted, safe source) in moderation.  When used reasonably and responsibly, both can truly enhance certain experiences.  My message to you is this: do not use drugs and alcohol as a solution to your poor social skills or fear of rejection.  Not only does it make you a loser, it can ruin your life.


Go out today and talk to a stranger.  Say whatever comes to mind and get rejected.  Then check your pulse.  I promise you will still be alive.  Hell, you may not even be rejected.  Once you work to improve yourself and stop using drugs as a social crutch, you’ll realize just how tragic and unnecessary the deaths of these young people are.

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