There is a residual belief among game-denialists (and regular guys) that money trumps everything when one is looking to meet girls, but the picture is much more nuanced. Yes, of course, money can be attractive but it is not the cure-all that many believe.

It is well known that with the growing feminization of men in the west, and a greater incidence of soy boys, there is a subsector of game denialists who, rather than seeking to improve themselves or make an effort to actually talk to women, would prefer to believe against all evidence that an average-looking guy who is not rich cannot possibly have sex with an attractive girl. These men would prefer to fantasize about their ideal alpha crush (Chad Thundercock) and vilify those who don’t share their cucked views.

Those with a more rational, masculine perspective can also get hung up on the money question, though. Women are attracted to security, right? They like the nice things in life? They appreciate power. So surely it makes sense that the richest man in the club on any given night of the week will do best?

Maybe. But then again, maybe not. In reality, intergender dynamics are far more nuanced than the denialists—many of whom lack sexual experience—would claim.

Go to any nightclub in the Mayfair district of London. These clubs are packed with some of the richest men in the world—the city’s population includes not only rich Brits, but also Chinese and Russian men (still!), plus others from all over the world of enormous wealth. In the denialist’s simplistic view the nightclub becomes a kind of auction house where the most affluent guy automatically walks out with the hottest girl.

If only it were that simple. In fact, you will regularly see wealthy men sitting alone at their £10,000+ tables completely ignored by all the women. Why? Because they lack charisma, humour, and social ability. They lack game.

At the same time, you will regularly see barmen in the same clubs—who get paid a pittance, comparatively—going home several nights a week with truly gorgeous girls.

Attraction v. Arousal

How can this possibly be the case? Very simply because there is a huge difference between attraction and arousal. Yes, a woman may well be attracted to a man’s wealth. After all, if a man offers to buy you expensive gifts and take you to Dubai then that is not something to be sniffed at. Don’t be a fucking hypocrite. Put yourself in her shoes. What would you be thinking?

But is that girl necessarily going to be aroused by such a man? No. Arousal, born of animalistic desire, is something else entirely.

I know a girl who works at one of the big, expensive London department stores. She told me that many of the girls there—young, Eastern European beauties—have sugar daddies. Men who will buy them presents and take them away to exotic places. But almost all of these girls also have regular boyfriends on the side: guys who are not rich, but who they actually fancy.

I do not condone such behaviour or claim that it is representative of all women. But here’s the thing. Real arousal is created in the hindbrain. At the core. Money may be an extremely alluring ‘nice to have’. But it’s not what lights the sex fire.

Why do you think the meme about the rich woman sleeping with the pool boy exists?


Why do you think ‘hot felon’ Jeremy Meeks is reportedly to marry billionaire’s daughter Chloe Green?

Actually, if money really were all then it would make things a lot simpler. Instead of thinking about pesky trivialities like one’s social skills, grooming, dress sense, humour and so on, one could simply work 20 hours a day on some boring business idea, make a few million bucks and automatically have an Instagram model girlfriend.

But of course, it’s not that easy.

Lover v. Provider

Now, no one is claiming that rich dudes don’t wind up with hugely attractive wives and girlfriends the whole time: of course they do. But the question is, is it necessary to have these advantages to do well with women?

In actual fact, it can be detrimental to your chances of quick sex to appear to affluent. Why? Because if you position yourself as the sugar daddy then you automatically put yourself in the ‘provider’ box. You are potential boyfriend / husband material. A man to look after her. Someone she will date 25 times and take to meet mother before having sex with.

The lover, on the other hand, is the bad boy she would never introduce to the family, but who she will sleep with fast. The plumber. The electrician. The tattooed biker who’s only in town for a night and who doesn’t give a fuck. The no-hoper who has no cash and sits around smoking weed all day.

Ironically, it is these archetypes who will have sex with her more rapidly than their more refined competitors.

So reliable is this apparent contradiction that one top London game coach I know tells his rich clients to take off their Rolexes and expensive clothes before approaching girls, and to play down their wealth when talking to them. Putting oneself in the ‘rich provider dude’ category carries very real costs, and not merely financial. It means you’re less likely to be intimate with her in the short term.

So next time some snowflake tells you that only money counts in the sexual marketplace, take it with a huge pinch of salt. Even someone like Dan Bilzerian is successful a large part because of his game—his cocky-funny demeanour and his huge Instagram social proof. And the whole point of ‘game’ is that by learning enhanced social skills and being bold and unafraid, guys are able to bypass what blue pill society (and game denialists) think is necessary to be attractive. For myself I can say that in all my time doing game the amount of money I make has never come into question, and I have dated the daughters of millionaires and celebrities, amongst others.

So don’t believe soy boys who are too weak to man up and take control of their dating lives—look around and see what is actually happening out there for yourself. You’ll be amazed, and you’ll be glad you did.

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