When I go to the gym, I see men working out with good-looking women on a friends-only basis. I go to bars and run into a group of girls with a man friend in their midst. These situations are both toxic and unnecessary.  The man on a friend-date wastes his time with someone he wants to sleep but is unable to.  These actions must stop if American men are to come back to being as the men of old.

We’ve softened up due to less need for conflict. The USA is a miracle of God and because of unappreciated luxuries, we have lost ourselves in comfort. Men are so comfortable that even critical thinking is a chore, hence they can’t cope with the shame of rejection.  Rejection is a sometimes heavy, lingering, imprisoning sensation that overtakes you, but it is necessary.  How will you go enter death peacefully if you lived a life scared of pretty women?

Focusing on yourself rather than women takes effort but it’s the only way to become the type of man most women want.  There isn’t a lot of emphasis on the fact that women notice when men are too focused on them.  If you find yourself with high anxiety when you only think about cold-approaching fine women, then you need help reaching real confidence.

Real confidence is letting go of that which you can’t control and focusing on that which you can—yourself.  Start these three behaviors immediately to begin a more fulfilled life.

1. Stop having female friends

I do not care how long you have been friends with a girl—if it’s not platonic then you must cut-off communication.  That’s to say if you secretly like a girl you call a ‘friend’, give yourself ten lashes and delete her number.  You could admit your feelings but the chances of her liking your tepidness are low.

In the chance that you are not sure if you like a female friend, refrain from masturbating for ten days and then think about her sexually.  This will answer a lot of questions.  From now on, you’re only allowed one platonic female friend in your entire life.  Choose wisely. If you can’t handle going cold turkey, then you must slowly start backing away by finding a beneficial hobby.

2. Stop trying to script a pickup


Hollywood convinces men that even the way they meet their partners is important.  You won’t get that prom date unless you ask her in front of the whole school.  If you fail to propose to her in front of the Eiffel Tower, or other romantic landmark, your marriage is already doomed.

This extreme expectation of relationships freezes men when it’s time for them to approach.  Even when guys do find the courage to talk to a random cute female, they behave automatic and boring.  You can never convince a woman to sleep with you, much less be seen in public with you.  It’s far time to stop believing in fables.

3. Accept that it’s okay if you don’t have sex with a girl you like

In order to stop acting like a robot, you need to find comfort in yourself.  The most beautiful women fall for the more focused man.  Yes, pickup game does work in certain situations but you’re still going out with the intent to fornicate.  You waste precious amounts of life when you put your focus on relationships or sex. Instead, lose yourself in what interests you and you will see the women fawn over you without any of your efforts.

Men who perform elaborate gestures to impress a woman is likened to the guy who messages her on OkCupid.  She just enjoys the attention, but she won’t actually go anywhere with you.  Ponder the amount of time and effort you’ve put into a woman who didn’t like you back—you’ll never get that time back.  One way to end the madness emboldened by Hollywood is to ignore it.  If you do happen to run into a girl that can’t be ignored, then approach her as you.  Don’t try to be a Casanova, it won’t work mostly.


One truth you should ingrain is that you can’t convince a woman to like you or friend your way into her pants.  The three steps that I have presented you are just a few techniques that you can do to get yourself out of the friend zone and remain out of it for the rest of your life.

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